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The Best Magento Resources to Follow

The fact that Magento is rich-featured and fully-customizable helps this platform stand out in the eCommerce world. However, it also means an ocean of knowledge you might swim in. Understanding all Magento 2 features, let alone making the most of them for your business, is such a challenge that can take years!


Sound like a headache you just want to get out immediately? – Hold on a second!


Magento is reasonably straightforward in the main – but like all full-featured platforms – it can get overwhelming. So the question is where do you turn when you get stuck? To help with those moments, we present a round-up of the biggest and best Magento blogs and resources out there.


Below you can find a list of t great Magento resources to start following right now to become the MAGENTO SUPERHERO!!



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Top Magento Resources to Follow

In this post, we’ve gathered the best resources about Magento 2. If you are looking for important information related to the platform, you will find the most reliable Magento 2 resources below.


The Holy Grail remains the official Magento resources, that continue to publish high-quality Magento tutorials and articles.


✅ Official Magento Resources

First and foremost, the Magento team knows their platform rather than anyone else. If you are looking for the most basic and high-quality documentation about Magento, set your search at Magento’s official resources.



Magento User Guide

Magento Release Documentations

Magento releases user manuals for all Open Source and Commerce versions with merchants in mind. It means if you are store owners, those tutorials must be your very first reads. In case you are a developer, this Magento resource is also for you to know what Magento supports and what to improve.

Magento User Guide covers every functionality in Magento backend and frontend with step-by-step instructions, comprehensive explanation, visible screenshots, and reliable references.

Magento team must be thanked for their continuous effort to improve the Magento platform to be better and better with Magento release information and Magento patches.

The release often includes multiple enhancements to Magento security, plus bug fixes, technical bulletins, and backward-incompatible changes.

Remember to check the latest release frequently and get upgraded if needed.

Magento DevDocs

Installation And Upgrade Guide

Magento DevDocs is a developers’ all-encompassing resource that presents all the essential development guides and Magento related information.

“How-to” knowledge about extension development, frontend or backend design, installation, and configuration, etc. is available to help developers launch and maintain Magento stores with ease.

You must refer to this Magento resource to update yourself on the newest Magento 2 installation and upgrade guide to build a productive site from the ground up, join the extension developer’s environment, or contribute to the Magento codebase.

Honestly speaking, Magento Installation and Upgrade documents are suitable for developers or tech-savvy merchants. If you are not among those, just skip them.


Other Magento Resources

The following Magento resources are not urgent to read, but very useful to broaden your knowledge.

Magento Resources Library  – Address your business needs by exploring webinars from Magento experts, videos on the trending eCommerce topics, and white paper publications.

Magento U – Magento U is highly recommended for taking all the right Magento courses (On-demand Training and Instructor-led Training.). They provide Magento 2 developer training that covers all aspects from development to marketing.

Magento Certification – Mark your efforts and highlight the Magento 2 developer career with several cool badges. Take the challenge, study for it, and get certified!

Magento Blog – Favorite place for merchants and marketers to stay informed of the latest news, tips, official information, best practices, developers’ tips and advice, etc. as well as get inspired by successful customer stories.

Magento Community Forums – The official Magento community forum is the go-to resource for Magento developers and users. This is the place where expert contributors offer tips, tricks, and support. This is a must-follow resource for everyone interested in Magento. Moreover, you may navigate your way to Magento website, Magento Marketplace, Magento Community and enjoy your interest.



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✅ Magento Resources On Contributors’ Websites

When searching for Magento, you can see thousands of sources writing about Magento. Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of participants from all over the world, and such the figure will definitely stop expanding.


Magento development agencies often publish dev focused articles that showcase solutions to popular Magento issues. These blogs and articles are written by veteran developers with years of experience in Magento development.


Since those Magento resources are based on practical experiences with Magento, they are worth being taken into account. You even possibly obtain valuable knowledge that you cannot find easily in official Magento resources.



a. Blogs About Magento  

The question now coming to your mind: Among thousands out there, start where? You can refer to blogs of well-known Magento partners finding the right extensions and solutions to enhance your business performance:


Follow @inchoo


Follow @mageworxteam


Follow @AmastyTeam

At Inchoo you will find out about the issues that they are facing on a daily basis, from new trends (for business managers) to sharing re-usable Magento code (for developers).
The good thing about this blog is the detailed tutorials on Magento 1 and Magento 2 development that caters to all skill levels from noobs to expert.
Mageworx has built its reputation by offering top-rated extensions and services to the Magento community. Their blog is a great resource for all your Magento development needs. Amasty is an excellent Magento extension development company, with a range of awesome extensions (We use them a lot!) They also produce a good blog where you can find information about their extensions, tips for your Magento store and hot topics related to the Magento eCommerce platform.


Follow @Cloudways


Follow @mageplaza


Follow @Aheadworks

Cloudways is a powerful & easy-to-use managed Magento hosting platform. Cloudways blog offers a range of articles related to Magento tutorials, different tips & tricks for Magento developers.


Mageplaza is a leading Magento extension provider, well known for their Magento products. The Mageplaza blog explores a wide range of topics from development, to marketing and much more. Most technical articles are well-laid out with a table of contents, making them easy to follow and informative even for the less savvy reader. Magento extensions and themes provider. If your interest lies in eCommerce tips, news, updates and checks what opinion leaders think then will be your blog.


Follow @magestore


Follow @magenticians


Follow @BelVG_com

Magestore provides a highly customizable POS, dedicated for Magento merchants. It offers great Magento training material on its blog with some worth-your-time eCommerce tips, Magento tutorials on store development and optimization, site management and general programming features. Magenticians is a well-known blog with a regular publishing schedule that covers all aspects of the Magento platform as well as industry news and influencer interviews. 
This blog contains Magento tutorials for all kinds of users.
BelVG is an eCommerce development company with more than 85 extensions in its portfolio. The company’s blog is full of useful materials about Magento 2.
When you’re looking for detailed Magento how-to tutorials, you can’t ignore Belvg’s blog, cause it is full of such tutorials.


Follow @landofcoder


Follow @magenestjsc


Follow @CMPlugins

Landofcoder helps online business owners to grow their e-commerce stores. They offer tutorials, articles, and marketing tips on their blog to boost eCommerce businesses. This company offers expert eCommerce solutions by WooCommerce and Magento. The latest news and top-quality tutorials on Magento and eCommerce, created by CreativeMinds specialists.

FireBear Studio

Follow @fbeardev


Follow @atwixcom


Follow @yireo

FireBear Studio is Magento 2 development agency and. They are blogging about Magento ecosystem and eCommerce in general.   Atwix is an eCommerce agency that specializes in Magento development and marketing services. They have a nice looking blog that regularly shares Magento training manuals, tutorials and tips. Yireo is another great resource for Magento tutorials and how-tos. If you are interested in understanding the latest in the Magento industry, this is a must-follow blog that adds value to your Magento development journey.


Follow @BSScommerceIT

Classy Llama

Follow @classyllama


Follow @DCKAP

Another good blog by a Magento extension provider.  The blog covers an extensive range of topics – usually up to date with seasonal trends. It is focused on how to optimize and enhance and existing Magento stores, using a range of approaches.  This e-commerce agency consists of efficiency-driven veterans. They have pledged to deliver more while doing less. DCKAP is a Magento Agency that specializes in creating thriving eCommerce storefronts.


Follow @SimiCart

Swift Otter

Follow @swiftotter_joe


SimiCart is an expert in eCommerce with over more than 9 years of experience. SimiCart provides a complete solution to build mobile apps and headless PWA for Magento. This web-development studio shares a collection of technical articles written on topics including Magento development, continuous deployment and continuous integration, security, etc. 

Also, you may check out our
MageCloud Agency blog or MageCloud platform blog where we share some useful tips on Magento development, eCommerce business and digital marketing.




b. Magento 2 Training Sources

As Magento development is hard, cause the platform has a complicated structure that requires deep knowledge. That’s why for many beginners it is too difficult to customize their Magento stores because they are not trained properly to do that.


Online training courses are essential for detailed insight into the ins-and-outs of learning Magento. These courses are delivered by experts who have dedicated a significant chunk of their lives to Magento.


Here are some of the best Magento online training channels that you need to master the popular eCommerce platform.


Get the answers to your problems right now.





Max Pronko YouTube Channel

Udemy is a leading online course repository with a special focus on eCommerce development. As such, it offers expert-level Magento development courses that cover topics such as theme development, module development and more. All Magento 2 training courses for developers are available in the range of $10 and $200. Max Pronko is a well-known figure in the Magento community. He is an entrepreneur, advisor, consultant and Magento trainer for leading development companies. His YouTube channel is a goldmine of development advice and is a popular destination for many Magento developers. 

Mage Mastery


Mage Mastery is the ultimate Magento 2 training resource. It provides FREE Magento 2 courses to get up to speed with Magento 2 development and best development practices.

Whether you would like to start with Magento 2 platform and develop e-commerce applications or you are a seasonal Magento Expert, the Mage Mastery gives you a unique opportunity to master your development skills.

MageTraining is another great resource that offers Magento training development courses. They are passionate about providing hands-on, effective Magento development and platform-handling training courses.

MageTraining is a Magento merchant training business, but on their blog are a range of useful articles looking at aspects of running your eCommerce store with the Magento platform.

c. Magento Forums

You’re looking for the best forums for Magento developers?



Magento StackExchange

Magento Slack Channel

It’s every developer’s favorite Q&A site. The huge volume of information on this Magento forum means that developers can easily discover appropriate solutions by reading and following specific threads. Magento Slack channel is where all the action is! This channel is perhaps the quickest way of getting answers, connecting with influencers or generally saying hello to fellow developers. So if you haven’t already, get a Slack account and start talking.

Magento Developers and Experts Forum

Magento Expert Forum

Developed by Go-Mage, this helpful Magento forum is slowly gaining a reputation among the community of developers, users and website owners as one of the most reliable and informative Magento forums. Among the most popular topics are general questions about Magento, extensions, programming HTLM, XHTLM, CSS and design. Magento Expert Forum is an extremely informative Magento forum, covering such Magento topics as Magento products and services, Magento technical support, platform announcement, documents and tutorials, Magento Hosting, etc.


Some more links to check out:




d. Magento Experts You Need To Follow

Still, want to find other helping hands to get you out of information overload?


The Magento community is extremely huge, powerful, influential, and friendly to its members.


Over the years, a number of developers have dedicated their time and lots of effort to become Magento experts. Thus, nowadays there are Magento superheroes who understand this platform in-and-out with a pack of hands-on experiences.


So you can always get the maximum from your interaction with them. Fortunately, in the age of social networks, their Magento wisdom is available right on Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.



Some of the experts to follow on Twitter are:




Ben Marks

@benmarks (10k followers)

Guido Jansen

@guido (11k followers)

Sherrie Rohde

@Sherrierohde  (8k followers)

Alan Storm

@AlanStorm (7,5k followers)

Ben Marks is a Magento Evangelist and experienced developer. His blog is an excellent source of information on Magento and PHP, from Magento trends to inspirational insights on Magento development.

Guido is the founder of @Dutchento. and the famous author of publications ‘What is Magento?” and “Persuasive e-commerce” as well as the owner of the “Community Builder Award” for his contribution. Magento Community Manager: The lady with a warm smile is willing to support you on Magento Community as well as on Twitter. Alan Storm is known as a creator of Commerce Bug (Magento extension) and an author of the book “No Frills Magento Layout”.

He shares practical Magento tips and bug fixes info on his personal weblog.

Phillips Jackson

@philwinkle (7,5k followers)

Bobby Shaw

@bobbyshaw (5k followers)

Brent Peterson

@brentwpeterson (5,5 k followers)

Kalen Jordan

@kalenjordan (4,5k followers)

Magento 5x Certified Developer: Phillips Jackson has nearly 6,000 fans on Twitter. Follow him to keep updated on valuable knowledge.

Ecommerce Evangelist: This young man is the co-founder of Meanbee, an eCommerce development agency built upon Magento. You can get inspired by his dedicated career and useful advice on Magento. Peterson is one of the original moderators of Magento’s Forums. Many consider him an expert in the Magento community. Kalen Jordan is the founder of Mage-Mail. Mage-Mail is easy-to-setup, and it saves time and money. It helps business owners to keep in touch with their customers.

Kimberely Thomas

@magentogirl (4,5k followers)

Paul Rogers

@paulnrogers (4k followers)

Max Pronko

@max_pronko  (3k followers)

Marius Strajeru

@MariusStrajeru (3k followers)

Kimberely Thomas is a real Magento influencer, a well-known female Magento developer, and a speaker. Being the Practice Lead at Magento Service, she knows all about the platform and will keep you updated on the Magento trends.

This blog provides professional, enterprise-level Magento consulting, and other services. An experienced eCommerce professional and certified engineers deliver these services. Max Pronko is another prominent member of the community.

Karen Baker

@wsakaren (2,5k followers)

Kevin Schroeder

@kpschrade (2k followers)

Fabian Schmengler

@fschmengler (2,5k followers)

Alessandro Ronchi 

@aleron75 (1,5k followers)

Karen Baker knows a lot about Magento 2 and always shares useful posts in a blog. There are some useful Magento 2 articles about migration from 1.X to 2.0. You can find all these and other materials on

her blog.

In addition to being a sysadmin, programmer, and consultant, Kevin Schroeder is now the Technical Manager for Education and Consulting for Magento at MagentoU and ECG. You may find his blog useful. Ronchi is a Magento specialist. He does backend development, software design, and training at Bitbull.

Carmen Bremen

@neoshops (1k followers)

Antonio Carboni

@antoniocarboni_ (1k followers)

Thomas Fleck 


Nathan McBride

Magento has been Bremen’s passion since 2010. She is a Magento Certified Developer. She also helps to organize the MageUconference and the Magento Köln Meetup.

Carboni is an early adopter of Magento. Early on, he began work on the Italian translation of the platform. He is a front-end developer with 10+ years of experience. Fleck founded the Netresearch company and is now its CEO. He is well-known for his knowledge of several domains. Nathan McBride is a certified Magento developer with a huge experience and an interesting blog

Danny Verkade 


James Lee 


The CEO and founder of Cream has over 15 years of experience in Magento. He’s a grandmaster of the platform.

Lee has been sharing his knowledge with the Magento community since 2008. He’s the President of a high-performance Magento hosting provider – Aspiration.


CHECK OUT: At MageCloud, we regularly take interviews with Magento business owners to show the eCommerce business on Magento from the inside. They share their experience and many eCommerce business tips that can help every online store owner.



e. Other useful Magento 2 resources and blogs


  • Mage2.PRO – this blog offers tons of useful Magento 2 tips, tutorials, and articles by Dmitry Fedyuk;
  • Magento 2 Developer’s Cookbook – check out this guide created by FireBear Studio for more advanced coding tips;
  • Magento 2 tutorials by Mage World – here you will find reliable Magento 2 tutorials;
  • Magicento – PHPStorm plugin for Magento coders with a full description of Magento 2 installation;
  • Magento 2 Sample Modules – to start practical explorations, use this GitHub source;
  • Magento 2 GitHub Repository – the source of Magento contributions from worldwide, in the form of new components or features, changes to existing features, tests, documentation, bug fixes, optimizations, or just good suggestions.




NOTE: Follow These #hashtags to Learn Magento

Social media is a great resource for discovering the freshest and latest articles and blogs published by top-rated resources. Instead of going through messy newsfeeds and timelines, just subscribe to #magento, #magento2, and #realmagento to get the latest news and Magento tutorials as soon as they are published.



Wrapping Up

The right set of resources can add a huge boost to your Magento development learning curve.


We give you a shortcut to access the best Magento resources. No need to search around all day wondering which to read. Just save this article to digest pieces of valuable knowledge whenever you have time.


The first step in learning how to develop awesome Magento stores is to gain in-depth knowledge through courses. Once you have that, you can dip your toes in-store customizations with the help of Magento tutorials. If you face any issues in store development and customization, there are Magento forums where you can get solutions directly from the experts.  Last, but not the least, you should follow experts to learn insider tips and tricks.


If you want to tell us about your favorite blog or Magento expert and want them to be added to this guide, let us know and we will get back to you ASAP. 


The list of the Best Magento Resources to Follow will be updated with the appearance of new resources related to Magento 2.





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