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MageCloud Development Services

With more and more business being done online, companies with lagging online performance, clunky layouts and or uninformative data can fall behind. It’s more important than ever to have an up-to-date website as customer expectations continue to rise and physical storefronts face dwindling returns. Welcome to MageCloud, your one-stop shop for all your web development needs. At MageCloud, your success is our success, and we’ve dedicated considerable time and effort to be the premier provider of web development services to Bristolians. We can step in to provide help wherever you are in your online operations with highly effective strategies and services to make your life simpler and the task of website administration less burdensome. Whether we are strengthening what you have or helping you start from scratch, our experience and knowledge will help guide you to a better, more productive online storefront.

Back-end Development

Keeping track of physical inventory can get tricky, but with our advanced catalog and inventory management, you’ll always know where your inventory is, even if you use multiple warehouses and showrooms. Our advanced development allows you to track the movement and location of all your inventory with up-to-date data. We combine three elements of pricing (defining pricing rules, assigning rules to create specific pricing actions and designating pricing controls) to deliver a sophisticated pricing tool that will help you through many pricing scenarios. While the elements of pricing remain the same among our clients, we’ll work with you to specifically tailor controls set to your preferences and needs. We pride ourselves on delivering quality experiences to our customers, but we take extraordinary pleasure in customising those experiences for each customer. While not every website uses this function, we can also help you utilise a multi store configuration. While having multiple stores accessible through different URLs, we can install multi store functionality to help you navigate multiple sites while using the same backend to ease your administration duties.



Front-end Development

In today’s quickfire world, a website isn’t ready until it’s mobile-ready. We can help with just that. While many developers use “responsive sites” to make a website work on mobile, we design mobile-dedicated sites specifically designed for mobile phones and devices. Regardless of how your customers access our site, when you work with MageCloud, they’ll receive a truly optimised experience.


Platform Integrations

Platform integrations are essential elements of a practical and useful site. The more integrations your platform supports, the better your platform will operate. We prioritise your site using order management integrations to gain a better understanding of customer trends and conversions. Using our services, we’ll help you have more time to spend on business development while we help you with vital shipping platforms, payment platforms and inventory management integrations.


Plugin Development

Using well-tested extensions, we can help you create or update your extension depending on what you require. We also test the latest stable version and confirm all current web browsers work with your site before we ever deliver a thing.


The MageCloud Difference

Unlike other developers, we maintain consistent and reliable communication with our clients to share adaptable, extensible and cutting-edge solutions. We guide our clients through the entire development process so they always know what to expect and our goals are completely aligned. Depending on the client’s goals and objectives, we define realistic plans that meet their KPIs, design views, and layouts, and then create their desired product but we don’t stop there. We then continue to constantly check and test the site to ensure high-quality results every time.