Can your Magento store be trusted?

Bugs, long loading times, and broken links scare potential customers away.

The Importance of Magento Maintenance

etting up a Magento eCommerce store is not a one-time operation. Technology never stands still, the threat landscape is constantly evolving and you need to commit to a continuous maintenance process to ensure your site stays up to date, remains secure and operates at peak performance levels.


Working in a constantly changing environment

Adobe constantly releases new Magento patches and updates to fix code vulnerabilities and improve the platform’s performance. Furthermore, if you have any third-party applications installed in your shop, they’ll have to be kept current as well. If you ignore these your site quickly becomes outdated, performance will start to suffer and your store will likely be at risk from cyber attacks. The longer you leave it and the more plugins you have, the bigger the risk and the more complex and costly it will be to diagnose and repair issues retrospectively.

An ongoing Magento maintenance plan helps keep your store in peak condition, safe from hackers and ensures your business reputation is protected. Along with your shop’s front end, you also need to keep the back end up to date. Bugs, security vulnerabilities, and random issues frequently pop up within your site’s infrastructure. When you install multiple themes and widgets, they become prone to incompatibility. Third-party developers don’t always keep their apps up to date with Magento so who’s looking out for you and your store?



MageCloud has you covered

With over a decade of eCommerce experience, we know what it takes when it comes to Magento website maintenance. We’ve been recognised as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud technical partners and are proud to be a named UKFast support partner. Our experience includes building, managing and marketing eCommerce stores and everything in between.

We combine our extensive knowledge of coding, website optimisation, server configuration and more to meticulously inspect your site for vulnerabilities and code conflicts. Our programs, methods, and working practices are in line with the latest industry standards. You can rest assured you’ve got the right professionals for the job on your side when you work with us.



MageCloud Magento Maintenance Services

Our team of designers and developers have expertise on all aspects of Magento maintenance and management. From server security to coding, we have you covered. Let’s take a closer look at just a few of our support offerings.



Server Secure Upgrades

Web server security ensures the protection of information assets that can be accessed via a web server and is important for any organisation that has a physical or virtual web server connected to the internet. It requires a layered defence strategy and is crucial for organisations with customer-facing websites. MageCloud have implemented effective multilayered security solutions for Magento customers to keep their businesses and sensitive data secure.




Magento Security Patches

Our team installs security patches to keep your data safe and code up to date. This is a primary method of fixing security vulnerabilities in software and avoiding future vulnerabilities before they arise.





Technical Support

We help our clients diagnose and resolve both functional and visual issues in their Magento sites. Our responsive team will ensure that every support issue is resolved to your satisfaction as quickly as possible. You’re never alone when it comes to technical difficulties that may arise.




Do you have any questions or need more information?

Our technical team is on hand to discuss Magento site maintenance with you in more detail. We’ll be happy to explain things in simple terms, address any concerns and answer any questions you may have. Get in touch today.



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