Site speed is crucial to your eCommerce success.

It has a direct impact on your conversion rates, search engine rankings and volume of repeat business.

Are slow loading speeds hurting your sales?

Is your website slow? When was the last time you ran a speed test? Every second counts when it comes to eCommerce and if your Magento store is sluggish and unresponsive, it can seriously damage your profitability.

There are many factors that can affect your site’s speed. Issues impacting loading speeds can run as deep as the source code of your site. These problems require a thorough inspection of your Magento page to weed out. MageCloud’s technical team can analyse your Magento store using the latest site performance tools and troubleshoot outstanding issues to address any bottlenecks and increase site speed.


Our eCommerce credentials

With over a decade of eCommerce experience, we know what it takes when it comes to Magento speed optimisation. We’ve been recognised as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud technical partners and are a named UKFast support partner. Our experience includes building, managing and marketing eCommerce stores and everything in between.

We combine our extensive knowledge of coding, website optimisation, server configuration and more to meticulously inspect your site. Our programs, methods, and working practices are in line with the latest industry standards. You can rest assured you’ve got the right professionals for the job on your side when you work with us.

We tackle Magento speed optimisation from multiple angles, ensuring your pages will load fast for years to come. We don’t look for easy, quick fix solutions. Our team of experts analyses your site and fixes problems at their root.




Magento speed optimization solutions


Analysing & Troubleshooting Your Site

We provide a comprehensive analysis of source code in order to identify bugs, security breaches, or instances of code objects that don’t adhere to established programming conventions.




Conducting a Server Configuration Review

A security configuration and architecture review will reveal if your network architecture and the configuration of its components are compliant with current industry best practices and security recommendations. 




Optimising Your Site for Peak Performance

Performance optimisation should always be a top priority, especially if you operate in a competitive marketplace. We use stress testing in order to determine the robustness of a site beyond the limits of normal operation. Stress tests commonly put greater pressure on resources to test availability and error handling under a heavy load, such as during peak traffic periods. This is the best way to identify and solve performance issues before they materialise.







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