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How to know if this audit is right for you.

  • Your site’s performance is poor.
  • You face the risk of a security breach.
  • You’re unsure how to grow your e-commerce business using your platform (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce).
  • You’re spending a lot on maintenance with minimal impact on your business results.
  • You want a fresh perspective on your site to identify new opportunities.

Why do you need this audit?

Much like you need regular health check-ups or your car requires an annual inspection, your website’s health can deteriorate without proper maintenance. Here’s why a comprehensive technical audit is essential:

Enhance Security and Privacy

It’s your responsibility to protect your customers’ information. An online store audit provides insights into the key areas to prioritize, ensuring your site remains secure and resilient.

Boost Site Performance

Every 1-second delay in page load time can result in a 7% loss in annual revenue. A technical audit identifies and resolves issues, leading to faster load times, easier navigation, and improved mobile-friendliness.

Improve SEO

Online store audit services identify issues like missing page descriptions or alt text for images. Addressing these errors promptly is crucial, as they can negatively impact your search engine performance and ranking.

Follow Google Algorithms

Google frequently updates its algorithms, around 500–600 times a year. Regular website audits ensure your webstore stays current and aligned with the latest algorithm changes.

What Do You Get?

Our comprehensive free webshop audit encompasses a variety of elements designed to help boost your conversion rates, including:

  • Webshop overview / summary
  • Audit
  • Video report
  • Quick wins and longer-term suggestions
  • Recommended plugins and extensions
  • Post-audit support

Once completed, we will send you a video report and arrange a call to review the results, offer advice, and answer any questions.

What service do you need?

We can help you with anything!

Frequesnly asked

    1. Submit the audit request form.
    2. Schedule an initial qualification call via the link sent to you in your email.
    3. Provide access to your site admin, code repository, and Google Analytics.
    4. Wait 5 days for us to complete your audit.
    5. Get your video, review the audit, and learn your next steps to maximise your web store.
    6. Let us know if you need any post-audit support.

Without proper audits and maintenance, your website’s health can deteriorate over time. However, we understand that many merchants don’t want to spend money and time on an unnecessary audit.

Consider a complete site audit if:

  • Your search engine rankings are poor
  • Your site loads slowly
  • You frequently receive error messages
  • Your online store crashes during peak sales times
  • Upgrades aren’t functioning properly
  • You need ongoing maintenance and support
  • You want to test your website’s functionality

At MageCloud, we provide comprehensive ecommerce site audit services that won’t disrupt your customers or business operations.

  • Our skilled ecommerce experts have assisted hundreds of clients in thoroughly auditing their sites.
  • We share actionable recommendations to help you identify and understand issues.
  • The entire process is transparent and straightforward.
  • Your site audit report is delivered within 5 days and is totally FREE of charge.
200+ satisfied clients

Initially, we hired Magecloud for a single issue, but their exceptional service led us to rely on them for everything, from speed improvements to internationalization. I don’t think there’s anything we haven’t done.

David Lenehan

The company grew a lot and revenue increased alongside the different features that we’ve added over the past two years. The Magecloud team is very good and always available, which is great. So whenever we need them, they’re there for us, very communicative. 

Ayal Ebert

It was an easy transition, and we were able to work within the budget that we set. As a result of moving over to Shopify, we saw that traffic has been consistent every month and sales have doubled compared to what we were doing before. 

Bettina Dargie

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