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We provide full-stack Shopify development and support service San Francisco with a primary focus on month-by-month improvements to store resulting in better performance, rankings and revenue.

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MageCloud Development Services

Hello and welcome to MageCloud! We’re different from other Shopify development providers in that we are committed to our clients’ continued success, not simply the delivery of a single project. Our team of professional developers sees the big picture of how your business could grow, what your business could be. While other agencies might build a Shopify site for you and leave all of the maintenance and upkeep to you and/or your team, at MageCloud, we offer continuous support to our customers, with the intention to continue to grow your San Francisco eCommerce business long after your site goes live. By using monthly analytics, we first propose and then implement solutions customized to fit your business’s needs, to solve your business’s specific problems, so that your profits can continue to grow.

Back-end Development

Back-end development is what you or your team sees when logging into the administrative side of your website. The MageCloud process allows our customers to maintain their physical inventory, that is if they sell physical products, across multiple showrooms. We’re able to track the movement of items from location to location. We give our patrons the ability to segment the price creation process into three basic elements: defining pricing rules, assigning rules to create specific pricing actions, and designating pricing controls. We also assist our clients in creating multiple stores, each accessible on different URLs, but under the same installation using a shared shopping cart. This can then be shared on the same backend, including inventory, which makes the administrative aspects simple to manage.



Front-end Development

Front-end development is what your customers see when they log onto your website. The design of your shopify site should be both eye-catching and user-friendly, no matter what device your customer is accessing your site from. Our developers and design work diligently to create mobile-dedicated sites that are specifically built for mobile phones, which is how most people access websites today. They’re also able to integrate third-party widgets and extensions and offer advanced front-end customization.Whatever you can imagine, we can create!


Platform Integrations

The more integrations a web platform supports, the smoother the eCommerce store will function and the less time our clients will need to devote to the technical side, thus freeing up more time for them to focus on business development instead. Some of the platform integrations we offer are: shipping platforms integrations, payment platforms integration, inventory management integrations, and Salesforce integration.


Plugin Development

Our team can create extensions from the ground up, or we can specifically build off of existing extensions, depending on what your business’s specific needs are. These extensions are then tested through the latest stable version and all possible web browsers before we deliver or integrate the extensions to your shopify store. This means you’ll never have to worry about a malfunction slowing your website down.