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Shopify Speed Optimization

If you’re looking to improve your Shopify user experience, Shopify speed optimization should be your top priority.

Agonizing loading speeds scare visitors away faster than a bad review. How can you expect visitors to make a purchase if they can’t even look at what you’re selling? That’s why Shopify speed optimization should be your top priority.

We at MageCloud are here to help. With more than a decade of working on eCommerce stores, we have the experience needed to improve your Shopify site.


Are Slow Loading Speeds Hurting Your Sales?

In a competitive market such as eCommerce, every factor matters. If your Shopify page is lacking in any department, it’ll hurt your profits.

Today’s age is one of speed and convenience. This will only become more prevalent. As adults who grew up with smartphones enter the market, their expectations will come with them.

Furthermore, as computers, tablets, and smartphones increase in processing speeds, your Shopify page will need to keep up.


Plenty of Other Fish

Shopify speed optimization is essential for your Shopify page. Have you ever paid attention to your browsing habits?

For instance, let’s say you click on a YouTube video. If it takes more than 30 seconds to load an ad, you’re onto the next video. Or imagine you’re looking for a review for an app you’re considering buying. You click on the first link and the only thing you see is a spinning cursor. You already know there were three other links for the same review, so of course, you’re going to the other sites.

The same applies to Shopify. However, rather than losing a few page visits, you’re losing sales. Slow loading speeds can even impact your Google search ranking. That further compounds the issue at hand.

If you don’t even get a chance to have visitors find your page on Google, you’re losing more potential customers.


Problems May Be Lurking Deep Within Your Site

Increasing your Shopify page’s speed isn’t a matter of simply changing a few widgets. You need to inspect your website inside and out for Shopify speed optimization.

Issues impacting loading speeds can run as deep as the source code of your site. These problems require a thorough inspection of your Shopify page to weed out. Trial and error is one way to find the issue, but that’s like saying you can guess a combination lock by trying all the combinations.

It takes extensive knowledge of coding, website optimization, server configuration, and more to meticulously inspect your site. Thankfully, that’s our specialty.


We Inspect Your Site Through and Through

We’ve been in the eCommerce industry for more than a decade. That’s why you can trust we know what it takes when it comes to Shopify speed optimization.

Within that time frame, we’ve been recognized as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud technical partners. Along with that, we’ve been named a UKFast support partner. Our experience ranges from building, managing, and marketing eCommerce stores. We’re experts at coding, marketing, server configuration, and much more.

If there’s anyone that can improve your Shopify site, it’s us. Our programs, methods, and practices are on par with current industry standards. You can be sure you’ve got the right professionals for the job on your side when you work with us.

We tackle Shopify speed optimization from multiple angles, ensuring your page will load fast for years. We don’t slap a bandage on the problem. Our team of experts analyze your site and fix the problem at its root.




Shopify Speed Optimization Solutions


Analyzing and Troubleshooting Your Site

We use state of the art performance tools to make sure your site’s running at full capacity. Whether there’s a problem lies deep in your code or in the servers you use, we’ll figure it out.

Our troubleshooting services will discover exactly where any problems at hand may lie. If problems lie in your source code, we’ll weed them out.

Looking through your code, we’ll find out if there are any bugs that are holding your website’s speed back. After that, we’ll get straight to work fixing the issue.

Additionally, due to our experience, we can look for more than just loading speed issues. We’ll look through your code for potential security breaches or abuses as well.

After our site audit, any issues with your website will be laid out in the open. Once we know the issues, then it’s just a matter of using our expertise to fix up your site.

By the end of the process, your site will be faster as well as more secure. 




Conducting Server Configuration Review

Another factor impacting your Shopify speed optimization and site lies within your server configuration. We inspect your server configuration to root out any dormant issues.

Our review looks over your network’s architecture and security. We compare your setup to current industry best practices and security recommendations. Doing so ensures your site is running the best it can and with no potential flaws in its security.





Optimizing Your Site for Peak Performance

Even after a thorough inspection of issues impacting Shopify speed optimization, we’ll want your website to be able to handle duress. Our team provides stress testing to ensure your site is ready for anything.

These tests are another way to gauge your site’s efficiency and durability. We put your site under intense pressure to find any underlying issues or weaknesses. 

During these stress tests, we look for availability and error handling, as well as any other outstanding issues. We then identify and solve these performance issues.

Once all’s said and done, you can rest assured knowing your site is ready for anything that gets thrown it’s way.








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