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At Magecloud, we specialise in crafting tailored digital solutions for the furniture & garden ecommerce sector.

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Selling furniture online sets you apart from many eCommerce niches. Unlike disposable products, furniture is long-lasting and costly. Online marketing helps you reach consumers beyond physical stores but poses challenges, notably in today’s environment.


Online communities facilitate the exchange of secondhand goods, impacting furniture sales. Rising online marketing costs intensify these difficulties during a prolonged buyer’s journey.

For online furniture businesses, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Understanding the latest market trends and implementing effective strategies is essential for boosting sales and remaining competitive.

Furniture industry: top trends

With the increasing influence of social media and platforms like Pinterest and Instagram in people’s lives, consumers are paying more attention to modern decor, mood boards, and interior design. This trend has given rise to emerging trends in the furniture ecommerce industry. Explore some of the latest trends below:

#1. AR and VR

Advanced AR and VR technologies are transforming the online furniture shopping experience, allowing customers to view and interact with 3D models, ensuring they can try before they buy. Around 66% of consumers express their interest in using AR while shopping online.

Establish a strong presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to enhance product visibility and engage with your audience.
David Lenehan
Managing Director | Northern Industrial
#2. Personalized and tailored products

Personalization is key, with 91% of consumers preferring businesses that offer tailored product recommendations. From personalized emails to product suggestions, customers want to feel that products are curated for their unique needs.

#3. "Buy Now Pay Later" (BNPL)

 In light of financial concerns, online shoppers are more inclined to split their payments into smaller, manageable amounts. Implementing BNPL options can influence customers’ decisions and encourage them to make purchases.

#4. Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)

The DTC approach, where brands sell directly to consumers without intermediaries, fosters emotional connections with customers. This approach allows brands to better understand their audience and deliver personalized experiences.

#5. Modular furniture

Offering flexibility, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, modular furniture is becoming increasingly popular. It enables customers to create unique designs and styles according to their preferences and needs.

Proven strategies for furniture ecommerce success from industry leaders

1. Enhance customer service

Ensure your customer support is well-prepared to answer any questions your customers might have. Buying furniture is a significant decision and often involves many inquiries. Consider implementing a live chat feature on your website to assist customers promptly.

2. Streamline furniture assembly

Provide customers with the option for convenient doorstep delivery and assembly assistance. Many people are willing to pay extra for this service.

3. Harness User-Generated Content (UGC)

Online shoppers extensively research products before making a purchase. They rely on information such as user experiences, product reviews, and ratings to inform their decisions. Incorporating photos shared by customers is an excellent idea.

4. Simplify deliveries and returns

Having a straightforward system for package delivery and returns is crucial. If it’s too complicated, it might deter potential customers from making a purchase.

5. Automate merchandising

Managing and tracking everything in real-time can be overwhelming. Utilize highly automated merchandising tools to respond swiftly to emerging trends and seasonal assortment changes. The more relevant your product recommendations, the better your chances of boosting sales.

6. Craft comprehensive product descriptions

Ensure your product listings feature detailed descriptions, including measurements, colors, materials, and other essential information about the furniture.

7. Embrace omnichannel marketing

Provide a consistent experience for customers, no matter which channel they choose to visit. Implement omnichannel marketing to seamlessly promote your e-commerce store across all relevant platforms.

8. Integrate Augmented Reality and 3D Visualization

Online furniture stores aim to offer convenience, but customers often want to try products before buying, which can deter them from online shopping. To address this challenge, ecommerce sites can integrate augmented reality (AR) features.


For instance, IKEA uses AR effectively. You can also allow customers to visualize how your products will appear in their homes, . Use 3D visualization tools to enable virtual product trials in a customized and personalized manner.


Additionally, 3D visualization is a valuable tool for helping shoppers envision products. Instead of relying on 2D images, consider incorporating 3D product visuals on your website. 


9. Diversify payment options

Expand your range of payment methods to cater to a broader audience. The easier you is for people to make payments, the more revenue you can expect.

How MageCloud can help

With years of experience, we’re well-equipped to guide you through the intricacies of the furniture ecommerce industry. We understand the unique challenges you face, from managing diverse product lines to staying on top of ever-changing design trends.

Ready to transform your online furniture business? Our team of experts is here to assist you. 

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FAQs for MageCloud

– We specialise in developing tailored ecommerce platforms for furniture businesses, ensuring seamless user experiences and optimized sales funnels.
– Our team excels in creating responsive and visually appealing designs that showcase furniture products in the best possible light across various devices.
– We have extensive experience integrating inventory management systems, CRM platforms, payment gateways, and other third-party solutions to streamline operations.
– MageCloud employs effective SEO strategies and digital marketing campaigns to drive targeted traffic, increase conversions, and improve overall online visibility for furniture retailers.

We understand the nuances of the furniture industry, including the importance of stunning visuals, detailed product descriptions, and a smooth checkout process. Our goal is to empower furniture retailers to succeed in the competitive online landscape.

For over a decade, we’ve provided proactive insights into Magento 2 coding standards, emerging technologies, security measures, and best practices. Our engineers, mostly Magento 2 certified, demonstrate our commitment to expertise and excellence. Moreover, our certified experts in Shopify and WooCommerce are well-equipped to handle other renowned platforms.

We are consistently available during office hours, offering communication channels such as Slack, Skype, phone, or email. In case of emergencies, we extend our support 24/7.

At MageCloud, we prioritize a personalized approach by assigning a dedicated team member – PM to your project. We kick off with a thorough and well-documented discovery process, a pivotal step for project success. Moreover, we provide transparency throughout the process. Clients have visibility into all tasks through Trello and can easily track hours, ensuring open communication and accountability.

How MageCloud empowers furniture businesses

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