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Your business? Your competitors? Nothing at all? Using Magento SEO/SEM, you can boost your visibility online and drive more customers to your website.

Search engine traffic is now crucial to most businesses and at MageCloud we specialise in optimising websites for the best possible performance. Our approach to search engine optimisation is performance and results-driven.



Why you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO determines how well your site is set up to rank highly on search engines such as Google. Optimising your website for SEO gives you the best chance of getting the precious top link spots in Google’s search results.

The closer you are to the top of Google’s search results; the more visitors will click through to your site. Nobody wants to scroll down to find their answers, let alone click three pages into their Google search. SEO is therefore one of the most important ways to get visitors to your site.



Why you need Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The second key to attracting search engine visitors to your shop is SEM or Search Engine Marketing. SEM is important because high rankings on Google doesn’t directly lead to more sales. Although you might get loads of visitors to your site with proper SEO, it means nothing if you can’t convert those visitors to customers. SEM is the art of turning search engine visitors into loyal customers.



Using Magento SEO/SEM to your advantage

Successful Magento SEO/SEM involves creating a sales funnel that leads to your Magento shop. Proper SEM utilises multiple pieces of content that are search engine optimised. These pieces of content attract visitors from search engines and direct them towards your shop.

You’ll want to target specific keywords and phrases that get high traffic and low competition on Google. There are specific tools to help you do this research. As you master the process, it becomes easy to rank highly on Google as well as reach relevant customers.



Building a multifaceted SEO/SEM strategy

The most basic form of Magento SEO/SEM is optimising your base Magento shop. Tuning your Magento description pages and product listings for SEO greatly increases your chances of getting discovered on Google. However, there are endless opportunities to constantly improve.

A great way to build external links to your products is through the creation of “best of” articles. These highly informative blog posts are written specifically for your target audience and help them make an educated buying decision. As an example, if you sell outdoor products, you might write an article for the “Ten Best Camping Tents This Year.” You can use Amazon to get a feel for popular camping products, then find spots in the list where your Magento tents fit in. However, you need to have a truly unbiased view that will genuinely add value to your readers. Google’s search engine takes the reliability and usefulness of web pages into mind within its ranking algorithms.

Your Magento SEO/SEM web can get as complex as you want it to. You can create dedicated SEO campaigns for specific social media outlets. Furthermore, you can utilise multimedia content to further drive visitors to your page. Getting videos ranked high on YouTube can be another lucrative avenue of traffic you can target via SEO/SEM.

You can also run Google and Facebook ads for Magento SEO/SEM. The most effective Google and Facebook ads will target specific keywords and demographics that are most likely to buy your products.



Turning Your Magento site into a powerful sales funnel

A common mistake many people make is creating aimless Magento SEO/SEM campaigns. The goal should be to create sales funnels that lead to either a custom landing page, your Magento page, or directly to products on your store.

You need to start by defining who you are targeting and where this target audience spends time on the web. Understanding the demographics that are most ready to buy your product will help you decide the type of content to create, which ads you need to run and where this collateral should be posted. There are plenty of keywords and search phrases that have huge demand and are already saturated. Conversely, there are also plenty of keywords that have really low search traffic but are easier to get traction with due to less competition. You have to find a balance between low competition and high search volume.



Know When to Call in the Experts

If all of this sounds confusing, it’s understandable. Magento SEO/SEM is highly complex and requires extensive knowledge of both SEO and digital marketing. Our team has expertise in eCommerce development, management, and marketing. We’ve built and managed eCommerce sites that bring in millions of dollars in yearly revenue. We provide comprehensive solutions for your Magento SEO/SEM needs. We’re happy to assist you whether you prefer to keep your marketing in-house or outsource it in part or completely. We can provide you with Magento SEO/SEM consulting or can manage your campaigns completely for you.



MageCloud’s SEO/SEM Services


Cutting Edge Online Marketing Services

We combine our ecommerce experience together to bring you the latest Magento SEO/SEM solutions. With more than a decade in the industry, we can confidently say we know what works and what doesn’t.






Uniquely and automatically make your online store more accessible to the leading web search engines. As a result, you’ll notice better search engine visibility and more qualified traffic to your Magento site. Our team has expertise in driving conversions and can create effective pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns.




Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing channels. We take care of integrating the best email marketing software into your site for you. By analysing customer purchase behaviour, we’re able to determine when to send your email campaigns so they have the best opportunity to convert.




How can you get started working with us today?

Implementing effective SEO/SEM campaigns for your Magento store takes both expertise and experience. At MageCloud we’ve created and managed successful SEO/SEM campaigns for customers generating seven-figure revenues for online store owners operating in highly competitive markets. We know what it takes to rank websites, attract customers and run campaigns that boast strong conversion rates. Our team is ready to help take your business to the next level so get in touch today to discuss what we can do for you.


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