Magento Site Audit

Over 5 years we performed more than 300+ audits for the potential clients. 100% of our customers started with that audit as a first step.

Magento Site Audit

As business owner you probably getting to the point when team that originally build your site is no longer available or pro-active. You think that all is working just fine and that you don’t need anything else to be done. That how its all started for all of our existing clients. 


We do believe that fresh look into the site might be a historical change for the entire business. A lof of customers that asked for audit was not even aware about issues that they were having. 


We are not a big fans of fancy reporting – so we perform our audits in real time by recording an actual video of your website by going thru our checklist. 


To start we don’t ask for access to Magento admin or server backend – we analyze structure of the site, base features and as a result provide that video at no cost. 


Once you receive video – its up to you if you want to pass it over to existing agency that you work with or you want to use our team with our month-by-month improvements business flow. 

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