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MageCloud Development Services

From startups to multi-billion dollar companies, online functionality and eCommerce have become minimum requirements, so the importance of a streamlined and strategic approach has never been greater. As customer expectations continue to rise, selecting the right team to help you with your web development needs has never been easier thanks to MageCloud. Beginning in 2014, our team has spent the past six years building a reputable name in the industry while staying at the forefront of innovation. Our expertise and understanding of how to promote eCommerce has helped us develop a trusted standing among our clients. As the founder of Rainey’s Closet Rental states, “MageCloud took the time to understand my business and what I was looking for. MageCloud proved to be more competent than the previous developers and were very affordable and extremely responsive.”

Back-end Development

With MageCloud, you can benefit from effective back-end development features designed to streamline and simplify your process and that of your customers. With advanced catalog and inventory management, we can help you retain awareness of your physical inventory, even if it’s in multiple locations. We’ll make it easy for you to track where your items are at each stage of the storage, purchase and transporting stages. With the advanced pricing and shopping rules we have on offer, we provide a practical and flexible framework designed to help you handle nuanced pricing scenarios. By breaking down the price creation into the three basic elements of defining pricing rules, assigning rules and designating pricing controls, you can offer the tailored pricing solutions your customers likely expect. For multi store configuration, we’ve got you covered as well. We can help you configure functionality across multiple stores while utilising the same backend which includes inventory to simplify the administration of your operations.



Front-end Development

Just as important on what’s going on at the back-end, having the correct set of functionality and features on the front-end can be a game changer. With so much eCommerce business being conducted on the fly, it’s never been more important to ensure your online presence looks just as good on a mobile device as it does on a computer screen. We create responsive sites designed with mobile functionality in mind and can also integrate certain 3rd party widgets and extensions. Whatever your website requires, we’ll be there to help you achieve it.


Platform Integrations

With the need to focus on business development, utilising sophisticated platform integrations is vital to your platform’s ease of use. We work to gain a deeper insight of customer trends and conversions and offer solutions to help you integrate more web platform supports to increase functionality. With our tailored analysis and support, we can help you find solutions for your shipping, payment, and inventory management integrations.


Plugin Development

Depending on your individual needs, we can create new extensions or customise an existing one per your needs and according to best practice development guidelines. Our extensions are tested against mobile devices and various web browsers before we ever send our deliverables.