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Time to Upgrade to Magento 2 is NOW [Webinar with Amasty]

Summer has finally come! As a result, Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration is getting even hotter topic these days. All versions of Magento 1 will become the end of life (EOL). This means that no quality fixes or security patches will be deployed for Magento 1 after this date.

Consequently, if you are using Magento 1, you will need to migrate to Magento 2 or another platform before June 30, 2020.

Consequences of not migrating:
  •  – Increased risk of data breaches, with possible damage to your brand and reputation.
  •  – Exposure of becoming a security target without any upgrade or security patches.
  •  – Falling out of compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). These global standards are set by card entities and apply to all merchants that process payments.


Meanwhile, Visa and PayPal are urging merchants lately to migrate their online stores to Magento 2.x before the Magento 1.x EOL to avoid exposing their stores to Magecart attacks and to remain PCI compliant.




That is to say, it’s hight time to migrate to Magento 2! Do it right NOW!!!


Want to migrate to Magento 2 easily?

While there is not much time left for the migration, we held a webinar in partnership with Amasty.

Even if you missed the webinar, you still have the opportunity to check out the basic steps required to get Magento 2.3 store – check the webinar recording.


Topic: Migration from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.3 with industry experts”.


Questions covered in the webinar:

  • Server configuration and Magento setup;
  • List of most critical Magento extensions;
  • The step-by-step migration process walkthrough.


Watch the video below. 



Thanks for watching! We hope you will find this webinar recording useful and get something out of it for your business.



To sum up, the retailers with eCommerce sites that are running Magento 1.x should upgrade, but that is step #1 on the path to providing the right security and safety for their users.


If you need a hand assessing the Magento 2 migration, consult with your agency or developer. If you need one, you can find  Magento developers on Design Rush. Or you can contact us right now to start discussing your requirements. We’re always happy to help.


To get a free video review of your Magento store – click the button right now.




Stay SAFE!

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