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What is Involved with Website Development?

Website development describes creating and building the technical parts of your website. It refers to the back-end of your website and how your website functions to perform for your business every day. Performing web development takes some knowledge and expertise. If you need help making changes to your business website, you might want to reach out to an expert about it. You can get someone who has the skills and experience to help you with website development in Sheffield so that you do not have to worry about fixing the website yourself. At MageCloud, we can help your business with its website development. Learn more about how we can do this below. If you want your website to look good and function well for your business and your customers, you need to think about investing in website development. Web development is all about the back-end function of a website, but it also includes how the website functions for your customers. There are a lot of different things that go into this, but you can check out a few aspects MageCloud can focus on for you below.

Back-end Development

When you are talking about a business website or online store, there are a lot of things that your website has to do. It has to allow customers to make orders and purchases, and it has to correctly deal with pricing, inventory, and more. The back-end of your website has to function in order to make that happen. We can help you with developing the back-end of your website so that it works for you.



Front-end Development

This is what your customers see when they’re on your website, so it should be both eye-catching and functional, no matter what device they’re accessing your site from. Our developers design mobile-dedicated sites that are specifically tailored for mobile phones, integrate third party widgets and extensions, and offer advanced front-end customization.


Mobile Optimization

Is your website working on a mobile device or tablet? This is an important part of web development and design. Mobile optimization is essential for a few different reasons. One reason is that many people spend a lot of their time on their mobile devices, so they want to access websites that are easy to use on a mobile device. Another reason is that search engine rankings can be partially based on whether or not a website is mobile-friendly. If it is not, the website is likely to rank lower in a search and not be as easy to find. That is why it is important for mobile optimization to be high on your list when it comes to website design and development. At MageCloud, we can optimize your website for tablets and mobile devices so that you can get more customers enjoying your website.


Plugins and Platform Integration

Does your current website have the functionality you are really looking for? There are different plugins you can add to your website to increase its functionality. There are plugins to help with SEO for your website and so many other things. You also may want to integrate different platforms into your website to increase functionality for your customers. For example, you can integrate shipping platforms into your website, and you can integrate payment platforms into your website to make it easier for your customers and your business when people buy your products.