BUSINESS CHAT WITH: Roger Firth, CEO at A&E Leisure [VIDEO]

To continue our new video series called “Business Chat With”, we’re pleased to introduce our next guest – Roger Firth, CEO  at

A&E Leisure is a company based in Cheshire that sells caravans, campers, and motorhomes and accessories to the whole UK, as well as offers repair and more services.


Social distancing drove interest in the humble motor home

Airlines, cruise lines and hotels are still suffering from a sharp reduction in demand from travelers. At the same time, people are, perhaps now more than ever, seeking to escape the mundane confines of their homes as much of the country remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. And so they are renting — and buying — caravans, campers, and motorhomes in order to safely explore new territory while maintaining their social distance and staying secure.


Thus, companies from this industry are starting to benefit from one effect of the coronavirus.


In view of the above, it’s a great experience to have a chat with a person, has been running the Caravan and Motorhome service and repairs business successfully for 10 years. 



What this business chat is about?

  • Roger’s story on how they originally started almost 10 years ago and how moved his business to a bigger space;
  • COVID impact: how March lockdown make them put more efforts into eCommerce and why the UK business shifted massively to online;
  • Business secrets on marketing strategies  and the most lucrative channels for driving sales and revenue to date not for the competitors to know;
  • Expanding business plans and why he doesn’t even think about franchising his business as well as selling internationally;
  • And now for the icing on the cake, Roger shares the lessons he learned from that mistakes were hard but valuable. As well as, gives some business advice to inspire eCommerce entrepreneurs.


         “… if it doesn’t feel right – it’s not right…”

         “… it’s about the people… and splitting the business out into different areas of responsibility… “

         “… successful business is not about winning the lottery, it’s about working hard and being a specialist in your field…”

         “… the more you practice – the more you get…”



Are you intrigued? Then, watch the video ⬇️⬇️⬇️



Thanks for watching! I hope, you will find this talk useful and get something out of it for your business or at least for yourself. ?



BTW, in case you accidentally missed our previous chats:




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