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Magento to Shopify: How we doubled the conversion rate for the client


SINCE 2020


Industry: Women’s apparel

Based in London, the UK, The Shirt Company is an independent female-founded luxury shirting brand dedicated to producing unique and exclusive women’s shirts and blouses, using only the best Italian fabric and great manufacturing.


Project manager, Magento developer, Shopify developer


>35K Monthly Visits


Shopify, Klaviyo

About the client

The Shirt Company brand started because Donna Middleton, the company owner and product designer herself, noticed that men always have shirting specialty stores for their suits and shirts for work, but there were very limited options [as well tailored as for men] for women to use for work wear.

As a result, she started the company off for workplace wear by herself in 2007. The Shirt Company is totally eCommerce brand with expertise in tailoring for women.

Challenge #1

The client’s shop was working on Magento 1 from the get-go. When Magento 2 version was released, local Magento 1 experts from the UK migrated the store to Magento 2. 

Since Magento 2 version was pretty new at that time, there was some stuff that didn’t apply the same way as while running on Magento 1. Moreover, constant updates of third-party extensions by Magento partners, and thus permanent breaks on the website became a barrier to conversions.

The challenge came from having difficulties with a new website, so the client decided to look for Magento 2 experts to help out with the existing M2 website.

Why the client chose us

While sourcing multiple pages on Google to find every single pretty Magento expert match, the client stumbled upon Magecloud Agency London.

And within the first few days of sending requests to chosen contractors, MageCloud turned out to be the only company that provided an in-depth website audit and offered to arrange a call to share the issues we found on the website and go through all project details before creating any estimates.

We had that confidence that Magecloud Magento experts were gonna be able to help us with our Magento 2 site. And, we felt we were going to be taken care of by Magecloud account managers. So, we decided to onboard with Magecloud.

Bettina Dargie


Challenge #2

Magento 2 maintenance

We had a bunch of work done on the Magento site. It was functioning better than it was before. But our team highly recommended the client move over to Shopify as the easiest fix for all of the problems that the client kept raising on Magento.

Being on Magento, we did find that it was a bit too complicated and difficult to manage for the small type of business that we have. We just need a very simple eCommerce solution where both the customer journey is very seamless and it’s easy for us to manage, without having to get so much development work just to make small tweaks and small changes on the website.

Finally, though we realized it might be an expensive thing out front to develop the Shopify website, we believed it would probably be better for us in the long run. 

Bettina Dargie


Migration to Shopify

The client decided to be in touch with Magecloud to develop a new website on Shopify. And the experience was pretty flawless.

Based on the direct instructions from the client and knowing the project inside-out, the team provided the solutions that are available on Shopify for all those friction points that the client had in the first place on the Magento website.

We launched the Shopify website within two months.

Now, we are doing some Shopify maintenance work for the client, with little tweaks here and there, and additional extension installations that would go well with their business strategies. 

The development was quick. It was an easy transition and we were able to work within the budget that we set. Afterward, we were very satisfied with the website that we had. 

Bettina Dargie



  • Shopify template customisations to meet the client’s business needs.
  • Product page customisations and custom products grid layout development.
  • Custom coding of additional options on the checkout page and for filtering.
  • Klaviyo integration for the Shopify store to make it simple to send abandoned cart emails, add a newsletter sign-up to the website, etc.



email list


conversion rate



1. Sales and conversions

As a result of moving over to Shopify, the client sees that traffic has been consistent every single month and sales doubled to what they were doing before. The client also noticed a lot better performance of Google ads and SEO in comparison to what they had on Magento, even with barely any tweaks and adjustments to the budget.

We are a very small team and being on Shopify and having it very user-friendly is great for businesses of our size and our level of expertise. The ease of use is very helpful because we can do some minor changes here and there by ourselves. The Admin panel is much easier to navigate. It saves us a lot of time and energy to just figure out what’s wrong with the website, if anything is wrong, which doesn’t happen very often anymore.

Bettina Dargie


2. Marketing efforts

Due to bots clean-up [a common issue of Magento stores] during the migration and migration itself, the results of email marketing also improved: open rates increased, click-through rates increased, and in general, all the email automation and popups started to perform better. The client has noticed substantial email signups and as a result, has grown the email list by 30-40%, and it hasn’t even been a year of using Shopify.

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