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The Future of Omnichannel & Inventory Management [Webinar with Linnworks]

We live in a world driven by the omnichannel business model. On the other hand, some retailers haven’t figured out in omnichannel & inventory management to perfectly balance multiple sales channels.


Omnichannel inventory management is the management of all inventory across all the channels you sell on. This includes your brick and mortar store, online store, social media channels, etc.


In short, investing in the right software to manage an omnichannel approach is critical.



Linnworks is an effective system that automates the entire multi-channel sales process and saves you time and money. Above all, it handles everything from order management, stock control, shipping, listing, repricing, and much more.

Moreover, Linnworks is highly affordable. To clarify, Linnworks gives smaller and medium-sized online retailers the same powerful tools as the big corporations but at a fraction of the cost of custom systems.



Quick facts:

  • Over 4,000+ online sellers are already using Linnworks’ inventory management software to stop overselling, reduce expenditure, and grow their business.
  • Over 150+ channel and courier integrations including Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Magento, Royal Mail, and many more.


Consequently, your business definitely can grow and reach new heights with the help of this company. So how exactly can your growing business benefit from using their services?




Let’s look closely at your omnichannel strategy!

We are partnering with Linnworks to bring a webinar about key things to consider when creating a strategy to make your omnichannel efforts a success. 


Topic: “The Future of Omnichannel & Inventory Management“.


Questions covered in the webinar:

  • The current state and future of omnichannel;
  • As an eCommerce merchant or someone looking an eCommerce model, what you should consider;
  • How inventory is a big piece of this;
  • Demo on what it looks like to have a consolidated inventory platform for omnichannel.


Watch the video below. 



Thanks for watching! We hope you will find this webinar recording useful and get something out of it for your business.



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