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status message Feb 28th 2022

Hi everyone


1) we started operations

2) please please please book hours with your project manager if not yet booked – thanks to those who stay with us in that situation and still have trust in what we do

3) I want to say thank you personally to Claudia from and her husband Karan for the donation!!! If you guys even plan to get some vintage bags from her collection – you are welcome



You know the whole world is supporting Ukraine these days – football players, stars, etc.

How about your company support it by adjusting the logo on your site by adding a Ukrainian flag – see what we did on our site


I feel this might raise your conversion rates as your visitors will appreciate your support of Ukraine.

I’ve heard it can boost it by 20% !!!!


Maybe we can all add a small message about support with a link to the donation page.

Would be great, but it’s optional.


Pls talk to Slava, Roman, and Alex if you want to do it for your site.

That is the overall situation.

Thank you for being our clients.

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