status message Feb 27th 2022

Hi everyone


Status update:

1) we are safe – for now, we plan to start working on Monday

2) sorry we didn’t send any emails yesterday – we were moving some office equipment to Ukrainian Army.

3) had to prepare generical things like water, products

4) few of our members successfully came from Kyiv (thank God – Max and Oleg are in our region)

5) project managers might not be checking your messages or emails as they have to care about family over the weekend but to reply again – everyone is safe

6) there are many people who came to the West of Ukraine from the east, the center of Ukraine – so we are also helping them out as we can

7) some of our guys joined Cyber sources



1) please can you share on your network – especially tagging people in Israel “Israel refused Ukraine Iron Dome sale to avoid ‘crisis with Russia'”

Russian military doing an attack of civilian

you can also tag under my post


2) any donation to Ukraine can be done here – even $50 will make a deal just to showcase your support

3) I want you all to read how awesome our country is and what great people live here but reading this one single article

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