UKRAINE, We Stand with You!

Dear Friends!


MageCloud headquarters is in Ukraine, and most of the team is here. For now, our Ukrainian team is SAFE. And we try to do our absolute best as an agency to continue undisrupted service to help our country to the maximum possible extent right now.


  • “One day everything will fall into place just the way it should be.”


1. We are THANKFUL for those clients who stay with us in these difficult times for our country and still have trust in what we do!!!


2. We are THANKFUL for those of you, who’ve already donated to help Ukraine!!!


3. MageCloud agency and team members individually are donating funds to various humanitarian and defense organizations.



Below there are some ways you can also contribute to Ukraine in this heartbreaking time. For sure, it’s up to everyone!

Humanitarian Donation

We understand not everyone wants to contribute in some way to the war effort and it’s okay, and we don’t ask you to do so. You can support our refugees, especially children, by donations (PLEASE donate whatever you can to help them!!! Even $20 will feed a family!!!) or support our country in other peaceful ways! 



The Red Cross Ukraine Emergency Appeal

All funds will be used to help those in need, affected by armed conflict, blood collection, mobilization of volunteers and resources, and emergency activities.



The National Bank Of Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine has decided to open a special fundraising account for Humanitarian Assistance to Ukrainians affected.



Nova Ukraine Humanitarian Aid

The goal of this fundraiser is to provide humanitarian aid for Ukraine and soften the impact of the crisis on the lives of ordinary people.

Join the Fundraiser


Military Donation


NOTE: Your urge to support the country of Ukraine is on track. Your best approach is to work with organizations you’ve already supported in the past (in any) and see if they’ve created financial support channels that go directly to supporting refugees, citizens, or other charitable organizations at work in the country. While the temptation to sponsor military actions is strong, anyone should fight that militaristic urge and make sure their donations are geared toward relief and aid efforts.

If you want to make military donations:

The National Bank Of Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine has decided to open a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Come Back Alive Foundation

Come Back Alive is a charitable foundation providing aid to the Armed Forces, military training departments, veteran associations, and independent media.



Other Ways to Show Your Support

Support Teammates / Employees Living in Ukraine

If you work on a large enough tech team, you have Ukrainian colleagues. You want to help your teammates, but you don’t know where to start. Check out the practical ways to help your Ukrainian colleagues in crisis. Some Tech Organizations are supporting Ukraine via different ways available.

Ukrainian flag as a symbol

We see numerous businesses overseas are supporting Ukraine by adjusting two horizontal bands of yellow and blue representing the Ukrainian flag on their websites (for example, see what we did on our site) and business social media accounts > How to add symbol to your Facebook profile picture.


Below there are some examples from different companies, supporting Ukraine.




Use this hashtag on your social media to indicate your support and drive the world’s attention to the cause.

Thoughts Are Not Facts

  • “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” 
    [William Shakespeare]
  • .

It is certainly true that the Universe is amoral. It knows neither “good” nor “bad” just particles and fields existing in space and time. Events happen because they must, be governed by probabilities and the laws of physics.


Maybe, this is nothing but an excuse for bad behavior. But, maybe, it has sense. We’re only Humans, we know nothing about Universe Laws.


Here, in Ukraine, at this very moment, sometimes there is no way but to believe that Universe definitely knows what all this is for, and hope for the best. We hope the PEACE will come not only to our homes but hopefully to our hearts soon. We will work together hard to rebuild our Ukraine. She’s been just so lovely, but will be better and will prosper as never before!!!


But now, we need a clear mind and open heart, available to love and respect, not hate.
That’s why sending a memo to people during these heartbreaking times. PLEASE!


Quick memo


  1. Any war ends. (We HOPE, this one ends soon!)
  2. Every nation is made up of people of diverse backgrounds. Not everyone participates in military actions or supports them. You shouldn’t insult others.
  3. We are all liars. The war is no exception. Try not to spread any kind of information unless you’re sure at 100% it is true. (Populations don’t like wars… Our number one enemy is ignorance – Video, Jullian Assange, 2011)
  4. The politicians and business empires will quickly come to an understanding and find common grounds sooner or later. And you’ll stay with all that hate and anger against ideological opponents.
  5. Relationships between people are very complex. It’s much more complex between states. Don’t make up your mind so soon!
  6. Everyone must remain HUMAN. Keep your dignity and be true to yourself. And remember Point 1.

  • „All humanity is one undivided and indivisible family, and each one of us is responsible for the misdeeds of all the others.“
    [Mahatma Gandhi]
  • .




Let’s pray for PEACE together! ???
And the sky will be blue again soon…


Wheat field under cloudy blue sky in Ukraine Stock Photo by e_mikh


MageCloud Team
We #standwithUkraine

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