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3 Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales by Leveraging Your Customer Reviews [VIDEO]

eCommerce product reviews directly impact conversions, but this isn’t their only benefit. User-generated content in the form of customer reviews can naturally expand your site’s organic keyword footprint as well.


Even negative customer reviews can be helpful. According to some surveys, 68% of people trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores. In addition, the conversion rate is 85% higher for people who seek out negative reviews.



In other words, it should be clear that product reviews are a must-have for every eCommerce site, and yours is not an exception. But who should provide them? There’s no shortage of tools to choose from.




Trustpilot Software:

One of the top 10 best product reviews software is Trustpilot. In short, Trustpilot.com is a Danish consumer review website founded in 2007 that hosts reviews of businesses worldwide.

  • If you want more power without the work and have a budget to sink into reviews, you could look at the Trustpilot platform.
  • Trustpilot’s eCommerce integrations allow you to easily automate sending review invitations. Trustpilot currently has integrations available for most eCommerce platforms, including Magento 2.


That is to say, now it is your turn to increase your sales by leveraging customer reviews.




Want to increase your sales using your customer reviews? 

While product reviews directly impact conversions, we decided to partner with Trustpilot to bring you a webinar.


Even if you missed the webinar, you still have the opportunity to learn from our speakers how to use or start using your customer reviews with an ROI objective.



Topic: “3 Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales by Leveraging Your Customer Reviews”.



Questions covered in the webinar:

  • Increase CTR on Google Ads campaigns or Facebook ads
  • How to increase your conversion rate on-site
  • How to use reviews in your loyalty program 
  • Product and Merchant review: what is the difference?
  • How to collect reviews: best practices
  • How to push your reviews into SERP 





Watch the video below.



Thanks for watching! We hope you will find this webinar recording useful and get something out of it for your business.





To sum up, it should be clear that product reviews are a must-have for every eCommerce site!


If you need a hand assessing your Magento store with conversions, please contact us to start discussing your requirements. We’re always happy to help.

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