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Shopify SEO: 4 Easy Tips For More Organic Traffic

Shopify SEO is one of the most important ways to get visitors to your site.

In this article, we will tell you what actions you need to take to ensure a constant increase in organic traffic from Google and other search engines. The article will be useful for Shopify store owners since upon reading it you will learn how to increase your Shopify store traffic.

Create new categories and subcategories pages and display relevant products on the site. These recommendations will be useful in 99% of cases. They can be applied to almost all niches.

1. Add a maximum number of categories and subcategories

During the development of the semantic core, your SEO experts may have offered you to expand the list of target pages – categories. Collect search queries for category pages that are on the site, and learn about by using which queries you can create additional pages. Almost any product group can be divided into several subcategories.

Of course, dividing the category into subcategories is necessary only when there is such demand. For example, people look for “scooters for babies & toddlers” or “buy a city scooter” and so on. Your SEO optimizer at the stage of creating a semantic core site should check the possible options to expand the number of subcategories of the site. The more target pages will be created on the website, the more search terms can be covered. Moreover, the more search queries will work for a website on Google, the more traffic and orders will be received by it.

Add new products to the site or break down 1 product into several pieces. In order to expand the amount of traffic, you have to regularly add new products to enlarge the range. In the case when you have added to the site all the products and there is nothing else left to add, do as follows – divide 1 product into several. But such a strategy is not suitable for all cases.

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2. Add or improve relevant SEO text for each category and subcategory page

It might not be the brightest idea to break down the site into a bunch of subcategories whilst, at the same time, saving on SEO texts for these pages. As you know, keywords from the semantic core will work only if:

  • They are on the target page in the SEO text.
  • They are in the title tag and meta description.

Therefore, on each page of the category and subcategory of the site should be SEO texts of the size that allow us to use all the words from the group of queries. In such a way all 100% of search queries would work and bring visitors to your site.

Without a doubt, it is difficult to write a unique technical description, however, on the bright side, there is no need to do this. You can write unique texts for products that will describe them in general terms:

  • Advantages.
  • Why it is better to use the product.
  • When the visitor does not need to use it.
  • Interesting stories about the product.
  • Facts or curious moments about the product.
  • Tips to encourage visitors to buy it.

In general, the text should be informative and useful to the user. Additionally, a good text should help to unwind, leave a reader in good spirits, as well as give useful information that is not available elsewhere. In this case, it will be possible to keep the person on the page longer. Below are the benefits a copy with a unique description of the product gives to you:

  • The product page will be ranked higher in Google.
  • Behavioral factors for this product will be improved.
  • If the text is informative, the conversion will be increased.
  • Don’t have to pay for backlinks. You have the ability to get free backlinks (visitors can start to share a link to the product if the text is informative).
  • More search phrases in Google will work.

3. Constantly increase the link profile to the main page of the site

It is necessary to work on constant growth of the number of links to the site without interruption to develop the link profile of the site. You need to maintain links to the main page of the site. In such a way the domain will gain links weight, which will be distributed evenly among all categories and subcategories of the site. The more links will be placed on the main page of the site, the faster will be the result in the form of a constant rise in traffic to the site.

Keep in mind, however, that it is necessary to develop links profile without noticeable leaps in order to avoid getting under the filters.  Based on our tips, you can start making changes in your Shopify store. This will help you to boost up your business by successfully selling your products.

Search robots are guided through the links on the site. The easier the structure of the site, the less a search robot spends its resources, hence faster exploring the resource. This directly leads to the faster indexing of the site. Moreover, correctly and logically placed documents on the site can get to the index of the search engine the next day. So, long story short, the structure directly affects ranking: the better it is, the faster the indexing will occur. This is an essential factor for SEO promotion.

Do not forget about the distribution of internal links weight by pages. Without internal weight, pages may be poorly indexed and ranked because search engines may find these pages to be of poor quality and low authority. Besides, the most important pages should receive more of this weight. A site with the right structure distributes the weight of the internal links to all pages according to their importance both for the user and for promotion. Thus, it also affects the ranking.

The search engine creates a direct link between a site and the user’s attitude to it. It is that simple: the more attractive the resource is to consumers, the more attractive it is for search engines. If Google’s algorithms discover that the visitors stay on the site for only a short period of time, the site gets a bad click rate and will perceive the resource as one of poor quality, which is awfully unbeneficial for the promotion and search engine output of the site.

If the user enjoys spending time on the site, he or she is increasing the chances of placing an order, the search algorithm is sure to notice it and increase the rating of your site in the form of an improvement in the search output.

The right structure focuses the user on the main actions on your site. It eliminates the complexity of a person’s search for the page he needs. Otherwise, it will irrevocably reduce the conversion, as the user may not find what he or she is looking for, and will not become a client.


As we have shown, there are numerous effective ways to efficiently increase organic traffic to your Shopify site. No matter what products or services you sell, you will definitely get new clients. Logical site structure, development of link profile, SEO texts, and the user-friendly division into categories can greatly boost traffic to your online store. As might be expected, there is a lot that may be done in order to significantly increase traffic but we have discussed the most efficient. Following our simple, however effective recommendations, you will get more organic traffic than ever before.


Author bio:

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.




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