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How to Hire A Certified Shopify Developer for Your Store

Are you considering starting an online shop? – or maybe you are planning to migrate your current one to another eCommerce platform? Are you looking for a Shopify developer? Magento developer?

It is critical for your online business to get the right eCommerce platform for your webshop from the start. That’s why we created the Ultimate Guide to Magento and Shopify to help you get the most out of your decision-making process.

Actually, Shopify and Magento are the most popular platforms for eCommerce.

As you may know, MageCloud is a team of eCommerce experts, certified Magento developers and core Magento contributors. Since having started developing Magento solutions in 2007, we have got enormous knowledge and experience of what makes a great Magento site.

But, eCommerce is changing, and new game players are on the horizon.  Shopify is one of them.

After long deliberations, we decided to delve into the Shopify development process to diversify our web development services to satisfy our existing and potential clients.

For now, you do not necessarily need to add worrying about developing a Shopify store or theme on top of that. This is where a Shopify certified developer comes in.

Shopify: Next-Generation Powered eStore

Shopify has been growing so fast in the last couple of years. It is a game-changer that offers a secure and scalable eCommerce environment.

Shopify platform has certainly changed the way eCommerce stores are developed and marketed. From start-ups to well-known brands, Shopify has enabled businesses to go online with eCommerce websites backed by powerful tools that can help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day business.

And we believe that only top Shopify expert developers can help you explore all the features and decide which ones fit the best for your retail business.

Why You Should Hire A Certified Shopify Developer?

Being a business owner often carries with it many responsibilities when running your business. You need to focus on sales, customer service and digital marketing. It’s easy to be caught in the mentality of ‘figuring things out yourself’ but this is not an efficient approach to running an eCommerce business.

By hiring a Shopify developer you are leaving the work to professionals who will tackle every task and project efficiently. It may cost more upfront but often the speed at which something gets done can easily justify the expense and the benefit be realized much sooner.

Our team at MageCloud can partner with you to be a web development resource so you can get on with other important business activities.



How to Hire A Developer for Your Shopify Store

When looking for a Shopify certified developer in Chester, Copenhagen, LA, or elsewhere, you need to know what to look for in a Shopify developer.

For sure, every Shopify developer worth his salt should have extensive knowledge of the platform’s API as well as a great understanding of PHP and JavaScript.

Apart from these essentials, you should also try to find a developer that has:

  • Responsiveness and excellent communication skills. You want to be able to know what the status of your project is at any time. Avoid unresponsive developers that take days or weeks to respond to your messages. A good developer will let you know what you can expect to be accomplished over the next week or month, as well as set milestones and create a timeline.
  • Clean site and an amazing portfolio. Your developer’s/agency’s portfolio should be filled with plenty of Shopify projects, preferably for eCommerce businesses in your industry. Take some time to check out the websites’ load speed, functionality, and accessibility features.
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers. Look for developers that have a decent number of testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers.
  • A unique and innovative approach. Avoid hiring developers that pump out cookie-cutter websites that have very similar designs with minor differences.
  • A satisfaction guarantee. Look for a developer that’s willing to redo the project an unlimited number of times until you’re happy. These types of developers are rare, but they’re worth every penny. (Upon our clients’ words.)
  • A post-development support plan. Even if a developer sets up your website correctly, a variety of different problems can occur down the road. You’ll want a developer to be available for maintenance and support after he’s finished the project.‍

Hiring Process

Searching for top Shopify developers to build scalable, robust and performant eCommerce Stores? You have landed just where you should have!

At MageCloud we deliver Shopify development services and offer flexible models to hire Shopify developers. As a Shopify certified developer in UK, USA and Denmark, we have an experienced team of web developers that have specialized knowledge in Shopify development.


Whether you are looking to revamp an existing shop or get started with your entire new business, MageCloud has the expertise to assist you.

  • 1. Have an idea of what you want to accomplish

    While you don’t need to have all the minute details figured out, you should still have a general idea of what you want the developer to do.
    – How do you want your store to look?
    – What functions and features do you need?
    – Are there any issues you need to be solved?
    – What are a few examples of different online stores whose elements you’d like to incorporate on your website?

    Put all of this on paper so that you have talking points ready when you start interviewing candidates.

  • 2. Set a budget

    You’ll need to figure out how much money you can afford to spend before you go looking for a developer. Decide on a few features that you absolutely can’t do without, and then list some that would be nice to have.

  • 3. Do extensive research

    Don’t settle on the first developer that leaves a good impression. There are thousands of Shopify developers out there. Ask people in your industry for recommendations, browse the Shopify forums, check portfolio, testimonials and reviews of potential candidates. You may email their clients to ask what kind of experience they’ve had working with the developer.‍

  • 4. Interview the best candidates

    Create a shortlist of candidates that fit your criteria the best and schedule a call or in-person meeting with each of them. During the interview, let developers know what your goals are and then ask them what kind of technical knowledge your project will involve. Look for developers that can clearly explain what they know, what they can do, and how they plan on approaching your project to help you achieve your goals.

  • 5. Discuss the project with your chosen developer

    You’ve found the right developer for your online store. Great! If you haven’t, just contact us! Now it’s time to have a meeting to discuss the project in more detail. Get the developer on a video call and discuss your entire project from start to finish. Create milestones to make the project more manageable and help keep things moving forward.

  • 6. Start the project


Hire a Shopify Developer to develop a fully functional eCommerce store that your customers will fall in love with.

If you are looking to hire a certified Shopify developer, MageCloud is here for you! Contact us to get started!

We are certified by Shopify

Our certified developers on Shopify have experience working with startups through to global brands and with high growth companies so we can adapt to your needs. Looking for a dedicated Shopify Maintenance team, we are here to partner with you.

Some of the Shopify services we can offer:

    • Shopify Theme Development: We have plenty of experience in creating original Shopify themes for our clients.
    • Shopify Migration: We can assist in migrating your store into Shopify. Optimize and increase your website’s speed by requesting a full website check-up by MageCloud quality analysts.
    • Shopify Store Setup and Configuration: We offer a complete Shopify store setup for new businesses, no matter the size. Themes, product listings, payments & shipping get all your store requirements set up specific to your needs.
    • Shopify Support and Maintenance: Once the development process is completely done, we are still here for you.
    • Shopify SEO: At MageCloud, we specialize in optimizing websites for the best possible performance in every situation. Our approach to search engine optimization is performance and results-driven.

Access a deeper pool of talent

You don’t just need a fabulous-looking eCommerce store for your business, you need much more than that! You need a Shopify website that is both sales-oriented and SEO-optimized so that online shoppers can find you.

For over a decade, we have been working on developing and promoting eCommerce businesses of various sizes and maturity to maximize their online and eCommerce potential. We’ve built and managed numerous eCommerce stores that successfully generated millions of dollars on an annual basis in very competitive markets.

How can we help your business succeed?





If you would like to know how MageCloud can help your business, please contact us to start discussing your requirements. For more information, email us at [email protected].


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