Security Tips to Keep Your Magento Store Safe from Hackers [Webinar with Astra]

Security has remained the primary concern for all eCommerce store owners. The best advantage of using Magento for eCommerce stores is the out-of-the-box security of the platform. However, some store owners are still wondering how to secure their Magento stores. Because the criminals that prey on their store are mature.


But not everyone cares. Too many merchants don’t take the risks seriously. Unfortunately, the majority of companies don’t invest in security until it’s too late, they invest only after a compromise is detected.


While it’s impossible to guarantee that your store won’t be targeted by a cyberattack, there are a lot of steps you can take to lock down your store, and protect it against the most common attack vectors and security flaws.



Want to learn how to secure your Magento store from being hacked?

The most important reason you need to protect your Magento store is that you should also protect the client’s data.  If your customers’ private data is compromised because of the hacker attack, it may seriously affect your reputation and credibility as well as harm your clients.


We held a webinar in partnership with Astra Security – complete website security suite! We share some essential tips that will keep your data safe and sound. 


Even if you missed the webinar, you still have the opportunity to learn key Magento security tips & tricks from our experts on how to prevent your Magento store from hackers attacks, as this webinar was recorded.


Topic: “Security Tips to Keep Your Magento Store Safe from Hackers”.

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Questions covered in the webinar:

  • What is CDN? Ways to avoid CDN issues.
  • Why would someone hack your store? 
  • How would someone hack your store? 
  • Security attacks & their symptoms 
  • Best security practices for Magento stores



Watch the video below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️



Thanks for watching! I hope, you will find this webinar recording useful and get something out of it for your business.

And, I hope you’re doing good despite what we are facing today. Stay safe! ?




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