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PeachPay: Ultrafast Checkout for WooCommerce

On average, 75% of shopping carts are abandoned. It doesn’t matter, whether you’re a huge enterprise or small startup, selling digital services or physical products – cart abandonment costs you a tonne of money.


And if you sit around and do nothing, it’s only getting worse…


And so I ask you: “Are you battling cart abandonment, but always to no avail? “


PeachPay is the fastest checkout solution for your WooCommerce store. But we’ll get to that later.

Why Visitors Don’t Convert

The visitor of your WordPress/WooCommerce store while navigating through different pages and choosing products to buy, should have a remarkable experience. That’s the ultimate goal of creating a well-managed web store, as experienced online buyers are looking not only for products but for a well-organized shopping experience. And even one small error therein can turn out to shopping cart abandonment.


Imagine, even though managing your store exceptionally diverse and engaging, more than half of your visitors don’t bother to finalize their checkout process. One of the major reasons behind that is a non-stimulating checkout page.


Too many online shoppers have become familiar with such unwanted surprises as ten to fifteen minute checkout times and unreliable, inconsistent auto-fill functions. As a result of lengthy and complex checkout processes cart abandonment has become ever more common, frustrating merchants to no end.


Conclusion: Rampant checkout complications need to be addressed and resolved immediately.

A simple checkout page is self-explanatory and the more the user finds it comprehensive, the higher are the chances they will complete the transaction.


Not every e-commerce site is capable of offering the convenience of Amazon or AliExpress. That is why we have Peachpay was developed as a seamless, rapid checkout solution for traditional and up-and-coming retailers making their first foray into the world of online commerce. 


PeachPay offers a one-click checkout solution for your WooCommerce store. Install PeachPay WordPress plugin to reduce cart abandonment.

PeachPay: Ultrafast Checkout for WordPress/WooCommerce

PeachPay Background

Founded by Aaryaman Anerao, John Jago, and David Mainayar, PeachPay is a WordPress plugin designed to make online transactions faster and more convenient for consumers. Consumers can download the PeachPay application on their smartphones to connect with online merchants to complete their purchases. 


Seamless Shopping Experience

PeachPay is an effective, fast way to purchase items online.


FACT: PeachPay users enjoy checkout times as low as 4.5 seconds (2000% faster than the average online checkout time!)




How does it work?

Step 1.
Fill out the PeachPay form that is generated. NOTE: You do it only once. 


Step 2.
That’s it. You now have access to one-click checkout the next time you hit the PeachPay button, no matter what site you’re on. 


Step 3 (OPTIONAL).
Download the PeachPay app. You can bypass account creation by making a purchase, scanning the QR code in the confirmation screen, and pre-loading into the app with all your information and order history.


It’s that simple!

To sum up, PeachPay makes the online checkout experience extremely fast and simple.


Seamless Selling Experience

PeachPay is a flexible invoicing solution for freelancers and businesses of all sizes. The platform allows businesses to sell their products conveniently during a time when online shopping is overwhelmingly popular.


It’s a one-click checkout, which may increase your store’s sales by reducing friction in the checkout process.


Moreover, PeachPay also offers a post-checkout experience in the mobile app, which is optional for customers. With the app, customers can reorder items easily and connect with your store, making them repeat customers.


It is as easy as possible for merchants to join the PeachPay ecosystem.

Installation to WordPress/WooCommerce

PeachPay online ultrafast checkout solution has been built for WordPress sites with WooCommerce-powered stores. PeachPay modernizes the online checkout experience, cutting the checkout time down from the average 5-10 minutes to a mere 4.5 seconds. No time for a customer to have second thoughts, to get frustrated, or to reason that a smoother checkout awaits on Amazon.

As mentioned above, PeachPay accomplishes this by generating a streamlined form that saves users’ information, ensuring that they never have to re-input their information again.


All you need to start accepting payment quickly through the simple and accelerated checkout method PeachPay offers is activating the PeachPay WordPress plugin:

    • Step 1. Go to your WordPress dashboard, Plugins, and click Add New.
    • Step 2. Search for PeachPay and click Install Now. Activate the plugin.
    • Step 3. Connect with PeachPay using your Stripe account.


On having inputted an authorization code issued by PeachPay customer support staff, the PeachPay button appears on each item page as well as the cart page.


Moreover, PeachPay offers a post-checkout experience. PeachPay app allows users to find sites equipped with the PeachPay checkout solution and to access their complete order history.



To conclude,  PeachPay is a flexible invoicing solution for freelancers and businesses of all sizes that provides customers with a speedy and secure shopping experience. To try this ultrafast checkout solution for your WooCommerce store right now, you should contact PeachPays sales.





If you would like to know how MageCloud and PeachPay can help your business, please contact us to start discussing your requirements. For more information, email us at [email protected].


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