Need an eCommerce Business Idea? Here Are 120.

Working in eCommerce for years and watching most of our clients running their online businesses successfully, I asked myself,  what eCommerce niche would I choose if I wanted to get started an online business on my own?

Now, I put myself in aspiring businesspeople’s shoes. And trust me – it’s not easy. At all…

And as a typical killjoy, I dive into the topic and started searching and deciding, and changing my mind a thousand times … Finally, here is a list of eCommerce ideas I found during my search. Seems that they really work well now and probably will dominate in the future.

  • You are new to the world of digital commerce? You know that you want to start an eCommerce business 100% percent, but don’t know which eCommerce niches are worth pursuing and which ones are not?
  • You’re running your online business successfully, but thinking about expanding your product range?


So, if one of the above is about you, just get a glimpse into this article and hope my small research will come in useful (fingers crossed)!

Some of the below trending niches/products for 2021 might be (hopefully!) a great starting place for new businesses  — or maybe give you an idea for a great product to add to your established online stores throughout the year.

Top trending products to sell in 2021 by Shopify

Let’s start with Shopify research on top trending products to sell in 2021 and have a look at the hottest ones!
  • Kitchen towels with Global order growth – 192.1%. (#8 in our list)
    While on quarantine, people spend more time cooking or at home or at least washing dishes after takeaway meals. Kitchen towels saw huge growth in the last half of 2020, and the new trend doesn’t look like it’s ending soon.
  • Toy kitchens and play food with Global order growth229.1%. (#3 in our list)
    Toy kitchens have been a popular pastime activity for kids since the 1920s. There’s never a new fashion but it’s old. Today, companies are exploring new and fun ways to reimagine the toy kitchen, from chic, non-binary setups to
    Alexa-powered kitchens with imaginary cooking tutorials
  • Hairstyling tools and accessories with Global order growth245.4%. (#1.2 in our list)
    Suddenly barred from hair and nail salons, waxers, barber shops, clothing stores, people have found it much more difficult to maintain the routines that structure their appearance.
  • Household storage containers with Global order growth276.2%. (#8 in our list)
    Similar to other trending products in the home goods department, we’re probably seeing an increase due to the recent work-from-home trend. Storage containers help people organize out-of-season items or clothing.
  • Handheld device accessories with Global order growth – 370.8%. (#10 in our list)
    Handheld device accessories are one of those trending items with consistently high profit margins. The trend is hotter at some times than others, but people usually look for phone and tablet accessories and gadgets throughout the year.
    Among items, you can sell under this category are batteries, chargers, screen guards, cases, headphones, selfie sticks, etc.


Top Trending eCommerce Niches of 2021

eCommerce boomed in 2020 with gains of over 20% and the forecast looks even brighter for this year. The downside for sellers is that e-tail has become increasingly competitive. The only way to stand out is to find your niche.

Some of these trends may be fleeting — only time will tell — however, many of them are likely to continue growing in popularity throughout the year and into next year and stick it out for the long haul. We’ll be keeping an eye on them.

Some of them are trends, keeping at the top for years!

On the one hand, some of the trending products from golden geese niches may not work for you, because everyone is selling them. When everyone sells a trending item it becomes a regular item and loses its charm and for sure, you have to be ready to compete.

On the other hand, if some eCommerce store owners can make profits from these products, why can’t you?


The trending products listed on this page are not necessarily suggested products to sell online. All information should be considered carefully and combined with your own due diligence before making a decision to sell a particular product.

Table of contents:

#0. COVID-related

#1 Health & Beauty

#1.1 Health & Wellness

#1.2 Beauty & Cosmetics

#2 Online Grocery and Foods

#3 Baby Products

#4 Pet Care Products

#5 eCommerce Fashion Industry

#5.1 Apparel & Clothing

#5.2 Jewelry & Accessories

#6 Fitness products

#7 Hobbies & Games

#8 Home & Garden

#9 Smart devices

#9.1 Smart home devices

#9.2 Smart wearable devices

#10 Mobile Accessories

#11 Car accessories

#12 Eco-friendly Products

#13 Recommerce

#14. Subscription Boxes

#15. Launch a dropshipping store


#0. COVID-related

Let start with the COVID-related niche. Nobody expected it to happen, but Coronavirus did. And, while some businesses have failed and bankrupted, others could adapt to the new overworld challenge and use it to their advantage!

What about you?

When it comes to identifying trending products to sell in this category, you should think hard about how long these trends are to last!

✔️  Disinfectant

It’s no secret disinfectants were a best-seller in 2020, but surprisingly the demand for disinfectant products will likely remain strong for a while. At the start of March 2020, hand sanitizer sales rose by 470% compared to the same time in 2019. Even though their popularity began to wane, this trend isn’t dying down as much as you’d think. Seems, that the regular use of hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, disinfecting sprays will become part of everyday life from now on like washing hands or brushing teeth.

✔️  Face masks

Face masks and shields are the new norm and remain among the most highly demanded products. Selling them is an excellent eCommerce business idea. According to Google Trends, the worldwide search for face masks has gone down. Seems, you still have some time before the Coronavirus will retreat!

Nowadays, those fashion enthusiasts, trying to stand out from the crowd, are looking for trendy and fashionable designs.  You can create one-of-a-kind designs to appeal to their needs, but be careful, and don’t compromise on safety for fashion!

You can also sell athletic masks. Many people are exercising outside, and they need a face cover that can keep them safe and let them breathe without difficulty.

✔️  Personal Safety Equipment

Face masks were not the only trending piece of personal safety equipment. Many people were looking for different safety wearables to protect themselves, such as latex gloves, face shields, etc.


#1 Health & Beauty

The health & beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing industries online. And, for sure, it is a profitable one.

#1.1 Health and Wellness

Health and beauty products that help us feel better about ourselves are in constant demand, especially ones that help alleviate some minor health issues.

Focus on catering for the needs of both men and women, with overarching principles like:

1. Preservative-free and sustainable. The health and beauty industry spent many years putting weird stuff in products. Remember plastic balls in exfoliators? Keep your product offer clean and appealing.

2. Made by experts. Nobody wants to buy vitamins you conjured up in your basement. Although you’re looking for trending products to sell, get that professional backing before anything else.

3. Friendly to dietary needs. Come vegans, come celiacs… Don’t sell yourself short. Anyone should be able to personalize vitamins through your company.

If the trending product you sell comes from China but you want to sell it to eco-conscious customers in America, you will need to make sure it contains no toxic or forbidden ingredients.


Wondering which product to sell? There are some ideas:

✔️  Anti-snoring solutions

Do some research on the best remedies to snoring, and you could save marriages everywhere. There are many items on the market, from snoring strips to mouth guards, so plenty of products to try and sell in 2021.

✔️  Posture Correctors

A posture corrector prevents slouching and improves posture. As back problems are quite common and people are taking precautions when working from home, this item has become a huge hit. The number of searches has even peaked a couple of times in recent months. To set yourself apart from the competition, you can look at posture correctors for children instead. Parents always worry about their kids slouching – take this opportunity to market correctors as their solution.

✔️  Vitamins and minerals

If the thriving trend for wellness is teaching us anything, it’s that we should all be taking better care of ourselves. We should all be eating fresh veggies, adding supplements into our shakes and keeping our skin in check. Why not invest in a product offer that takes it full circle? Use Google Trends to establish which specific vitamins people are searching for, and when.

  • Gummy vitamins of all kinds. Gummy vitamins of all kinds are a big trend right now, including ones for hair and nail health, sleep improvement, and ones with CBD properties.
  • Personalized vitamins. The trending products to sell this year. Prevention is definitely better than cure, and having a useful stock of best-selling vitamins is just another step in a long line of trending self-care products.
  • Collagen. A quick tour, around Instagram, Facebook and Google, makes it clear that collagen products are on many virtual and physical store shelves.

✔️  CBD products

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the most prevalent compounds found in the cannabis plant, and it’s all the rage. You can find CBD products everywhere, from online stores to convenience stores down the street. However, you can still find micro-niches that are not as flooded as the overall CBD niche. Here are some ideas:

  • CBD products for pets
  • CBD products for specific conditions (arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, etc.) 
  • CBD edibles
  • CBD coffee or tea

✔️  Superfoods

People will always be interested in popular superfoods for better health or easier weight loss. Either promoted in popular magazines or mentioned by famous influencers on Instagram.

Every year more and more consumers are becoming aware of matcha health benefits. Matcha is a $300M market and expected to grow 8% each year.

  • Kombucha. Kombucha has been around for almost 2000 years, originating from China. But lately, due to its increasing popularity, kombucha products with a twist have started to emerge—namely, hard kombucha.
  • Matcha powder. Matcha green tea is one of the few trending products that have stayed relevant long after their initial hype. Google Trends shows the searches for this item have been going up and down. Since matcha green tea is a caffeinated drink, you can market this product as a coffee alternative. Highlight its benefits, such as increased alertness, less jitteriness, relaxing quality, and more. You can also bundle the product with equipment for making the drink. 

#1.2 Beauty and Cosmetics

Beauty is one of those categories that is considered recession-proof.

You may start an online beauty and wellness store that deals in a variety of products, from fragrances, makeup, hair and nail care to personal grooming products.

✔️  Teeth whitening kits

A top product for a beauty eCommerce store, teeth whitening kits are easy to use at home. Old methods die off while new trends catch on, so make sure you watch Google Trends carefully.

Men’s Grooming Products?‍♂️

Modern men are waking up to and embracing self-care trends. And if you’ve been following retail trends over the last decade, it should come as no surprise to see men’s grooming products (with the market estimated to be worth over $70 billion) on this eCommerce niche list.

Got a product to sell online?

If not, get inspired by these trending products, feature them in your shop, and get in the fast lane to success:

✔️  Grooming and beard care

With more men than ever before growing a mustache or a beard, the need for various styling options is now a thing. Among trending products are beard wax and oils and beard straighteners. Good old-fashioned shaving supplies are still well in demand.

✔️  Skincare for men

Men’s skincare products are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the market. Guys have begun to understand the beauty of a cleansing routine, which means that there’s a newfound demand for skincare products particularly made for the skin of men, e.g. lip balms, moisturizers targeting men, etc. And don’t count out makeup products either. 

✔️  Men’s beauty kits

Target a particular beauty problem that men encounter, for example, acne or a dry scalp. Put together kits of products that work well together and make your clients come back for more by throwing in some product samples too.

✔️  Men’s subscription boxes

As part of the beauty niche, these products also work well with subscription boxes (#5 in the list) — as with women’s beauty products, customers will want to try recommended samples before settling on their favorites.

Note that cruelty-free, natural, organic and vegan items are in great demand in this eco-conscious age. So, feel free to tap this segment as well!


Feminine Care and Beauty Products 

Modern men are waking up to and embracing self-care trends. And if you’ve been following retail trends over the last decade, it should come as no surprise to see men’s grooming products (with the market estimated to be worth over $70 billion) on this eCommerce niche list.



Facial tools

Self-care is finally on; cosmetics and facial tools are some of the top trending products this year. Women’s skincare reaches a new level of professionalism and women are starting to collate serious-looking facial toolkits.

There are plenty of less-niche trending products to sell, too, that will easily fill out your online toolkit range. Almost every product is targeted at women, and prices range from cheap pick-up to investment pieces.

Skin and hair products are fashion items, and there is no better place to advertise your goods than social media. Market them towards a your audience with influencers on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram and you’re looking at lots of sales. You can ask them to create styling tips using the product or simply tag your brand on the posts.



Some tools to consider include:

✔️  Gua sha

Funny, cause it was the thing I was looking for a day or two before doing this research. OMG, seems, I’m the victim of trends as well! Originally referring to the actual method of skin massage, the gua sha tool has been a staple of Chinese medicine for years. Being a staple of Chinese medicine Working to tone, tighten and de-puff the skin, this sculpture-like tool often comes in pretty jade or rose quartz colors that won’t look out of place on an Instagram feed.

✔️  Face rollers

Quartz, jade, and amethyst rollers are a little too 2019. Upgrade your product offer to include a powered-up version that uses sonic vibrations to soften fine lines. Women love gadgets as much as anyone else.

✔️  Face brush

Deep-cleansing brushes have been a part of many women’s toolkits for years now. Hi-tech brushes have hit the trending list for 2021, however. Sell these in sweet pastel colors to ensure broad appeal.

✔️  Eyebrow razor

This Asian craze has, at last,  arrived in the Western world. Eyebrow razors help remove hair from the face and neck without the need to see a beautician. And it hurts a lot less than tweezing or waxing too – it’s almost the perfect product to sell.

✔️  Skincare tools

Pay attention to such trending products as red and blue light masks, facial steamers, microdermabrasion kits, acne patches and pimple patches. (The largest market right now is interested in invisible or transparent round patches in different sizes—but there is some interest in colorful alternatives or ones in fun shapes.)

Try to step aside 10-step Korean cleansing routines. According to beauty insiders, Japanese skincare – also known as ‘J-beauty’ is the movement to get behind for the foreseeable future.

Alongside tools for the face and sustainable packaging, intensive hair products are the trending products to sell in 2021.


Haircare and accessories  ?

Hair accessories are an easy and quick way to get into eCommerce. Stay on top of the trends by tracking search volumes and following popular social media accounts.

If to check the US Google Trend’s Beauty how to’s in 2020, we can see that it’s all about hair:

1) How to cut men’s hair at home
2) How to plop hair
3) How to color your hair at home
4) How to wash your hands
5) How to style curtain bangs
6) How to cut women’s hair
7) How to do knotless braids
8) How to fade hair
9) How to trim your own hair
10) How to dermaplane

Both hair accessories and hair care products are great products to sell because they’re always in high demand.  A new interesting trend is tailor-made shampoos.

Looking for a trending product to sell in the beauty industry? Hairstyling tools and accessories are seeing an increase in interest across Shopify, Oberlo, Google, and AliExpress.

Have your pick from these best selling products:

✔️  Wigs

Wigs are not just for dress-up anymore. While neon wigs will always work as part of an 80s disco Halloween costume, wigs made from natural hair are skyrocketing on Google Trends.

✔️  Ionic hair brushes

These brushes help tame frizzy manes and have really grown in popularity on Instagram. That’s why a solid influencer or video content marketing strategy works so well with trends that start on social media.

✔️  Hair Scrunchies

According to Pinterest, hair scrunchies are making a major comeback – with searches going up by 6309% on the social networking site. They’re also quite affordable to buy or produce yourself. Since scrunchies are small and lightweight, you can also sell them in packs and make the total price cheaper.

✔️  Scarves

A scarf is a fashion statement as much as it is a piece of clothing to keep your neck warm. Scarves branded as hair accessories have seen a spike in the search volume and make for a great cross-cultural product to feature in any fashion store.

Natural Feminine Care Products  ?

The feminine care and hygiene products niche is an evergreen category for online retail. Today, in combination with the trend on all eco-natural, it is a 100% breakout niche with lots of potentials and probably little competition yet.

More and more women shoppers are looking for natural and eco-friendly versions of everyday products, not just for the environment, but for the enhanced treatment on their skin as well such as all-natural washes, wipes, cleanses, menstrual products, etc.

You may think about covering this sub-niche as well.


#2 Online Grocery and Foods

We could not resist adding this eCommerce niche to our list. The online grocery market is kicking off across the globe. It was a big hit during the Coronavirus lockdown. And, what’s more surprising, over 43% of respondents said they are likely to continue buying edibles online in the future years.


Seems, this niche will continue to be a great eCommerce startup idea in the coming years. You can start small with just the local produce and products at your store and scale up the business later to make it more profitable.

List of top trends in the food industry nowadays:

✔️  Alcohol-free alcohol

“Sober curious” is a new trend as drinking-age adults are looking towards non-alcohol drink alternatives to replace or supplement their usual alcohol intake.

✔️  Vegan options

One of the biggest trends of the last few years, veganism is sure to stick around. Widen your appeal and make it easy for people to find options to suit their dietary needs.

  • Macadamia nut milk. Milk alternatives are nothing new—from ubiquitous options like oat, soy, almond, cashew, hemp, and coconut milk—we’re likely all very familiar with what’s already on the market.

✔️  Baked goods

You could either find your niche with one item or expand your product selection to sell a whole range of delicious baked goods online. Worldwide searches for cookie deliveries are at an all-time high, so it’s definitely one of the hottest products to sell online. You may think about different flavors, e.g. botanical flavors like lavender, basil, and hibiscus are trending for 2021.

✔️  Superfoods

Snack boxes are a fun way to consume candies or treats—or even a unique presentation of charcuterie boards that people can order online and have delivered to their homes.

✔️  Snack, grazing, candy boxes

Snack boxes are a fun way to consume candies or treats—or even a unique presentation of charcuterie boards that people can order online and have delivered to their homes.

✔️  Meal box services

Food meal box services such as HelloFresh are super popular at the moment. These meal boxes are usually sold on a subscription basis, and they’re often positioned as an alternative to ordering in while making at-home cooking simpler and less time-consuming.

✔️  Subscription boxes

Monetize your product in a more permanent way and don’t just sell in 2021, but in 2025 too. A nice way to engage your subscribers is to precede each box with an email, shouting out that month’s trending product, and maybe even throwing in a recipe or two.

So, if you are thinking of selecting this eCommerce niche for your business, it is likely to be the right decision.

#3 Baby Products

If you already sell any baby-/children-related product, you always can spice things up and add more categories, (for example, while selling baby clothes, you may diversify to maternity products, or baby toys, or children’s clothing). Remember, that such a variety always will allow your store to become an online one-stop shop for parents.

Some products to consider include:

✔️  Baby clothes

Baby clothes will always be in need. Everybody loves them which is why they prove to be a great product as they’ve proven to show strong search volume. If you have an online store that covers the infant/baby cloth niche, you can search for the most trending products and add them to your store.

✔️  Toys and games

Concerning toys, it’s a kind of new stereotype that children nowadays don’t value traditional toys and games anymore, because they have new gadgets and it’s more than enough. However, some reports state that toy sales are increasing now and are expected to increase in the future. Start with internet research to figure out which toys are widely famous nowadays (e.g. toy kitchens with Global order growth – 229.1%) and add them to your toy store, if you have one!

✔️  Baby caries

A baby carrier helps parents carry their infants while keeping their hands free. It’s also an excellent device for traveling with a baby since you won’t have to bring a stroller. This kind of item is receiving more attention recently due to innovations to the product. Parents now look for ergonomic carriers that support the baby’s natural posture. When selling the product, you can highlight studies that show babywearing’s psychological and health benefits to convince customers – turn them into infographic content for social media or blog posts to gain traffic.

✔️  Baby swings

Baby swings are a lifesaver for busy caregivers, especially for parents who work from home. The rocking motion can calm infants down when they’re crying, giving parents some well-deserved quiet time. Google Trends reveals that the search volume for baby swings worldwide is relatively stable. However, the number of related searches jumped up rapidly earlier this year. Like carriers, baby swings have undergone some changes over the past few years. These have resulted in higher market demand and product variety, so you have more options to consider. You can sell manual baby swings with hanging toys for entertaining the infant. An electric variety with extra features such as adjustable rocking speed and built-in lullabies is also a best-sell.

✔️  Baby Playmats

Playmats are another trending product in the baby accessories group. Busy, work-from-home parents need a dedicated area for their infants and toddlers to entertain themselves. According to Future Market Insights, playmats have become popular due to rising awareness of their health benefits, like physical development. The growing number of daycare centers and preschools also contributes to market growth. To sell this product, focus on marketing on social media. Many young couples browse the internet looking for parenting advice, so take this chance to educate them about using playmats. You can also set up ads on Facebook and Instagram to target parents with infants.


#4 Pet Care Products

The niche of pet products has always been strong in online retail. As the number of pets has grown, so has the pet industry.

This product category is more resistant to recessions since for many people pets are as much family as humans themselves. Pets are so special and humans want to ensure their health and happiness. Pet owners love to shop for their ‘fur babies’  and especially they love to do so from the comfort of their couches.

Pets are made for Instagram. Cats, dogs, pigs – you name it – have already found their way onto your Instagram feed and the influencer game is strong in this niche.


Check what kind of pet food most customers look for that isn’t available in your region. If there are high demand and low competition, your business can be highly profitable.

But when they buy, they pay particular attention to what their pets’ products are made of. So aim for top-shelf quality and include some new trending products in your store.

For example, the trend for natural products extends into the pet sector. Combine pet products with the trend for natural products, and you adequately fulfill two pet retail trends: healthy pet treats and organic pet food.

Moreover, don’t forget that today’s shoppers are extremely conscious about environmental impact. So, try to be careful when deciding on your packaging materials and shipping methods.

Wondering what the best products to sell to pet owners are? Here are some of the top trendings products at the moment:

✔️  Dog bowls

The demand for dog bowls is increasing, making it a trending item. As seen on the Google Trends chart below, the searches for dog bowls have sharply spiked earlier this year. Dog bowls come in different forms and sizes. Plastic bowls are cheaper to buy, but if you want to target health-conscious owners, stainless steel or ceramic bowls would be preferable. They are less prone to building up bacteria or causing allergic reactions. Since there are many dog micro-influencers on Instagram, try working with them to promote your product. Though they have fewer followers, they usually have a higher engagement rate and are more affordable to hire.

✔️  Cat beds

Naturally, the increase in cat ownership has also led to more demand for cat beds. Since they sleep more than humans, they will need a comfortable place to rest for a long time. According to Google Trends, the search volume for cat beds looks pretty steady over the years. However, the number has peaked several times in recent months. People view pets like family, so they’re not afraid to invest more in accessories. Leverage this fact and start selling unique and innovative cat beds, instead of a regular cushion. If you’re pretty crafty, try making the product yourself and charge a higher price as a handmade product. Or, look for orthopedic beds for older cats.

✔️  Pet carriers

Traveling with pets can be tricky without the right accessories. To make life easier, pet owners buy carriers to bring them around. There are several types of pet carriers you can sell online: e.g airline-compliant carriers for pet owners who frequently travel by plane or some in the form of a backpack for bringing pets on hikes or walks. On average, the demand for this trending product is stable. The Google Trends graphic for this item experienced a dip this year, but it has gone back up since then.

✔️  Pet bathing products

These trending products make it more fun for everyone to keep the pets clean. Consider adding shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and towels to your trending product range.

✔️  Pet accessories

This category has become trending during covid, cause a range of web portals to assure that during periods of great stress, it’s a lot easier to maintain good mental health for pet owners. And since we can’t be confident when the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak fade away, the demand for pet products, including pet clothing, pet collars and leads, is supposed to be stable.
New products come to online stores all of the time, so you need to stay on top of the best-selling products at all times. Check out Google trends from time to time, to be informed.

#5 eCommerce Fashion Industry

The health & beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing industries online. And, for sure, it is a profitable one.

#5.1 Apparel & Clothing

Wondering what the best products to sell? Here are some of the top trendings products at the moment:

✔️  Print On Demand Apparel

Print on Demand (POD) clothing is all over the internet. The most popular category of POD apparel is t-shirts. However, it’s a market that is saturated. Going micro-niche is essential for less competition and successful selling.

Consider these micro-niche products:

  • POD fitness/workout apparel
  • POD pet clothing
  • Specialized POD categories, such as food, maps, professions, dog breeds, etc.

✔️  Loungewear

Ever since more people have started working from home, loungewear has replaced workwear as everyday apparel. According to Google Trends, the search queries for this product category have drastically increased. The typical loungewear looks more stylish than the regular clothes you wear at home. This is so that remote workers can look presentable during video calls, while still feeling comfortable. The clothing items typically include matching sets, jumpsuits, pajama dresses, robes, and so on. Women tend to be the target audience of this trending product. To nail this market, consider partnering with female fashion bloggers to promote your loungewear. They can model the item for you and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Sweatpants. This year, consumers continue to embrace 2020’s hottest trend in wear… Sweatpants! And when people say that the world will never be the same, it won’t, because of sweatpants! Just toss on one of these hoodies, shirts, or sweatpants and bask in the snuggles. And it’s my favorite trend, 100%!

✔️  Home wear

  • Sleepwear. Silk pajamas are a new trend. If your audience leans towards more premium tastes, then silk pajamas are a perfect substitute for sweatpants.
  • Slippers. Shoe sales during COVID-19 were hit hard, but the same can’t be said for slippers. This trend shows us that the world’s key trend in everything is adaptiveness ability! Adapt your business to new challenges!

✔️  Shapewear

Shapewear is a foundation garment used to shape the body into a preferred form. It’s a common fashion item to wear under tight clothing, but many women have been sporting it as regular apparel. Emerging brands have made this fashion item a trending product.

  • Bodysuits. They are designed to support you in all the right places. Paying attention to sizing and attractive product photography will help you differentiate your online store. 
  • High-waist shapewear. Belly fat is one of the most common concerns for people of all ages. However, you don’t want to end up with a product that reminds your buyers of granny pants.
  • Underwear. With the rise of social media, everyone is striving for the perfect holiday snaps. Rather than spending hours on Photoshop, shaping underwear helps to conceal any problem areas while making any outfit look fabulous.


Shapewear has seen a steady increase in popularity ever since the Kardashians took over the internet. So, you could help women all over the globe to achieve their perfect body goals with high-quality shapewear.


Pay attention to detail: lace and satin finishes add nice feminine touches to the finished product.


Double-check the sizing if you’re using overseas manufacturers. Depending on your target market, your average buyer’s body types might differ.

#5.2 Jewelry & Accessories

Wondering what the best products to sell? Here are some of the top trendings products at the moment:

✔️   Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is a niche that’s been around for a long time. While it isn’t growing as fast as it once was, it is holding steady. There are some micro-niche ideas within the handmade jewelry category that are still on the upswing:

  • Personalized jewelry (allowing customization with names and materials)
  • Statement jewelry (for example, bracelets with personal mottos engraved)
  • Pop culture jewelry (think Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Marvel themes)
  • Jewelry for specific populations (kids, men, teenagers, etc.

✔️  Men’s engagement rings

This product slants towards the gay market. Women can propose to men, too –  right? The target audience is crystal clear. Gay men in a serious relationship. But the prosperity of this niche depends on the country and its government’s permission for same-sex marriages directly.

✔️   Watches

How many times do you pick up your phone to check the time, only to get distracted by a notification? In the midst of digital detoxes, watches are returning, too. Actually, they will always be a good niche. Watch lovers typically own multiple ones. The trick is to find an area within this niche that is untapped and give them something new to add to their collection.

Since there aren’t too many variables to the general watch design, consider offering complementary services like repairs as part of your overall service.


Find your unique market position by specializing in products like:

  • Men’s watches. These are some of the few accessories that men truly tend to appreciate. Include stylish designs and tailor your eCommerce store and branding towards your target market.
  • Smartwatches. You can resell or private label a smartwatch that could fix all that’s wrong with the big brands. With a bit of research, you can offer a more budget-friendly version of an Apple Watch that ticks all the boxes, but for half the price. Challenge accepted.
  • Kids’ tracking watches. Learning to tell the time is more fun with your own timepiece. For the children’s market, you want to develop an easy-going and approachable brand and have a selection of different designs available. A GPS tracker will be a unique selling point that’ll appeal to parents.
  • Minimalist watches. The minimalist watch category is a trending one worth looking at. Minimalism, in general, is picking up steam.

#6 Fitness products

Wondering what the best products to sell? Here are some of the top trendings products at the moment:

✔️   Fitness Fashion Items

Activewear has become fashionable. Style experts have been calling this new trend “athleisure.”This trend won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Forbes has found that customers are valuing convenience over appearance – driving more demand for comfort-oriented products like activewear. There are tons of fitness fashion items to sell online – from sports bras, t-shirts, gym shorts, leggings, to yoga pants. 

✔️  Water bottles

Reusable water bottles are one of the best products to sell online. According to a study, environmental concerns over single-use plastics have driven more consumers to start using them as part of their lifestyle. Many innovative products have come out on the market due to high potentials, such as the smart water bottle and collapsible cup. It’s best to pick an item that isn’t popular in your area yet so that you can be the go-to person for the product. The target audience for these trending products will be the sustainability community. For marketing, you can publish educational content on the harms of single-use packaging.



New products come to online stores all of the time, so you need to stay on top of the best-selling products at all times. Check out Google trends from time to time, to be informed.

✔️  Home Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment has long been a solid online seller, but it experienced a major uptick over the past year. In 2021 it’s going even further as many gyms have not reopened.

Thus, at-home exercises becoming the new go-to fitness routine. As many fitness fans discovered that they actually prefer their home gyms, this trend seems to be lasting long. Another sub-niche to zone in on is new moms – women who care about their health but no longer have the time to get to the gym. So if you can find a reliable supplier, you should definitely throw your hat in the ring!

You could start to sell a full range of workout accessories. Naturally, you might have trouble shipping treadmills or heavyweight sets, so online retailers fare better with smaller equipment:

  • Yoga mats. As at-home workouts, usually include yoga, pilates, and aerobics, typically require a mat to prevent slipping or getting bruised during practice.
  • Humble kettlebells,
  • Roller wheels,
  • Skipping ropes,
  • Slam balls,
  • Chin-up bars,
  • Single dumbbells,
  • Weighted vests,
  • Resistance bands, etc.


Serious gym-goers prefer to stay faithful to trusted brands. So, check which popular workout brands you can work with for trending products set to sell.


#7 Hobbies & Games

✔️  Books

Books niche includes a number of different categories, starting with fiction and nonfiction, all the way down to micro-niches like vegan Cajun cookbooks in Spanish. Biographies or memoirs about current political leaders seem to be a more frequent category. Moreover, books on race have been trending since last summer, specifically since the start of the George Floyd protests and due to the BLM trend.

At the same time, our reading habits have changed hugely in the last decade and ebooks are here to stay. According to some reports, ebook sales are likely to grow this year and further, which means that this niche can turn out to be a profitable one!

So, I think you may consider selling digital content and ebooks via an online store.

✔️  Online games

Since Zoom became part of our everyday lexicon, so have games that can be played via online chat and video apps. Online board games are a fun and effective way for friends and families to stay connected with each other during the pandemic.

  • Gaming glasses & blue light glasses
  • Tabletop Activities

✔️  Board games

Board games are showcasing an increase in popularity. These days, families are looking for ways to pass the time without looking at digital screens when they’re home. They’re also a popular product for the holiday season. Google Trends indicates that searches for board games increase between October and January. You can also look for antique ones from eBay – a popular tactic is to get these for cheap and resell them at a much higher price. Better yet, consider making your own board game from scratch. Launch it on Kickstarter to get funding. To promote your business, join different communities, participate in the forums to make yourself known, and mention your products when necessary. 

  • Chess. Since The Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit launch, the New York Times reported a 125% rise in chessboard sales, with some retailers reporting increases as high as 1000%!

✔️   Toys for adults

Did you know that toys are not just for kids anymore? But it’s not just about fidget spinners and collectibles toys. There’s more to the toy industry. Think about the various trending niches that are currently underserved.
Got a product to sell already? Great. If not, it might be worth looking at selling a trending product like:

  • Stuffed toys. Whether it’s for toddlers or grown-ups, it’s hard to go wrong with stuffed animals. Plus, they’re collectible too. Depending on your target market, you could feature Japanese cartoon toys in your online shop. 
  • Toys for adults with special needs. Unique physical or mental needs are rarely considered in the toy industry. The Google Trends for this product should set you right. Think about stress relief, learning motor skills, improving communication, and perfecting life skills.
  • Specialized toys. Architectural toys, anyone? People who have hobbies that resemble obsessions will spend lots of money on purchasing more products and they will do so regularly.

✔️  Fishing Gear

According to Grand View Research, fishing is one of the top growing trending niches on the market. Not only that, but the pandemic is also driving more people to fish since the activity is already advantageous when social distancing.

You can sell various items in this category, such as fishing rods, hooks, lures, and so on. If you want to include live bait, you will need the right equipment to stock and ship it fresh.

To get people to buy this product, reach out to fishing content creators on YouTube or Instagram. Start a giveaway with them on their platform to spread awareness about your business.


✔️  Craft kits

Welcome to 2021: knitting is now trending, embroidery is everywhere, and crochet is officially cool.

Craft-based products have rocketed into trending lists in 2020, with Google Trends showing a steady rise in search terms like ‘crochet’ and ‘yarn.’ It isn’t surprising that these activities have such broad appeal.

Take advantage of this growing trend: create an online store and start selling craft supplies. Target as many people as possible by stocking up with exciting, trending products that cover a whole range of techniques.

  • Yarn bundles. People appreciate the convenience. Create a selection of yarn balls in many different colors – bearing in mind seasonal fashion trends. Sell these in bundles with small savings to the customer.
  • Tools. The most essential products to sell are needles, hooks, and all the technical accessories. Get your tools branded to make your business look like the real deal.
  • Craft kits. Pull in those new customers with activity kits. Fill it up with everything they need for a project – you can sell kits to both novices and experts.
  • Bits and bobs. It should be fun for budding crafters to shop at your store. Beads, buttons, and paints are nice additional products to sell and will pick up custom from people who don’t want to get too committed.


Marketing tip. Want to get people doing your marketing for you? Think about selling a tote bag with each purchase or creating a gift-with-purchase scheme instead. Gifting your shoppers with a freebie is a compelling way to carry favor, and helps keep your brand visible to them – hopefully, you’ll secure some repeat sales.


Build, brand, and grow your business with MageCloud


#8 Home & Garden

✔️  Sofa Beds

Sofa beds have long been on the market, however, they’ve recently become popular products among apartment renters.
You can sell many types of sofa beds – from daybeds, futons, to pull-out couches. Research the market to see which ones are bestselling, then expand the product selection as you grow your business.

✔️  Pillows

It seems that in 2021, the so-called sleep optimization will be more important than ever. Workers, students, parents – millions of people around the globe suffer from low sleep quality. Surely, not all of them can afford branded memory foam and gel pillows, but does it mean they don’t deserve proper sleep care?

✔️  Boutique Rugs

To be honest, we’re not exactly sure why boutique rugs are trending now. According to Google Trends, keywords related to “rugs,” in particular “boutique rugs,” are surprise breakouts.

Rugs are convenient to store and can be sold at various price ranges, depending on your customers. There’s also a variety of niches to target, depending on your brand, although “boutique rugs” seem to be the most popular eCommerce niche.

✔️  Couch covers

You’ll find that Amazon is currently saturated with couch covers.  A simple, nearly one-size-fits-all product, the couch cover started out as a hit for Airbnb hosts. And it’s still trending, as viral posts have transformed the couch cover into a highly desirable product beyond the hospitality industry.


For exacerbated parents, pet owners, and the indecisive among us, sofa covers could be the answer. Although now is the time to sell, you should find a point of difference for your store.


Get ready to sell the following:

  • Cushion covers. A thrifty way to use up leftover fabric, and an easy way to sell an add-on product. Look into dropshipping as a space-saving solution if you want to sell the full cushion instead of just its covers.
  • Ottoman covers. You could almost convince your customers to cover everything in the room.
  • Bed linen. Become the best resource for Airbnb hosts and sell coordinating bedding products. This is particularly useful for studio spaces.


Marketing tip. Put together quick, engaging videos for your website and social platforms, showing exactly how your product works. It helps your target audience see that you are confident in what your store is selling.


✔️  Home office supplies

The world is waking up to the idea of working from home more often. If you want to go big with the products in your eCommerce store, start selling office supplies and the sales will come rolling in. Desk chairs, laptop risers, and noise-canceling headphones are all trending products this year.


At the top of the list of trending products to sell, you’ll find desk chairs – Google Trends has reported a staggering 156% increase in searches in the last year. There’s also demand for more premium products in this category, such as posture-correcting furniture. 
You could sell:

  • Portable sit-stand desks. Small enough to wheel into the corner of a room, this product is great for home working. Sell it as the best option for keeping that posture strong during video meetings.
  • Desk chairs. If you’re looking for a common household product to sell online, establishing yourself in the chair market is a good idea. Ergonomic office chairs are particularly in high demand in this product category. They support the back and neck during long work hours, which is crucial for long-term health. 
  • Seat Cushions. Instead of buying new office chairs, some people opt for cushions to make their existing seats more comfortable. Seat cushions are quite affordable from suppliers like Alibaba
  • Footrests. No more having to label your footrest and hide it from an office full of friendly thieves. Target customers looking online for the best lumbar support, and sell these at high volume.
  • Small items. Smaller office accessories are trending too. Google Trends shows a peak in online searches for laptop risers this past month, and products such as ergonomic mice are also set to sell in 2021. See which product is missing from your favorite influencer’s office pic: a calendar in a trending font? Does a pastel-colored tablet stand?
  • Laptop stands. Remote working has risen exponentially in 2020 for obvious reasons, and that has many people working from their laptops. A useful accessory to lessen back pain and assist with better posture when working from home is the simple laptop stand.
  • Standing desks. Many workers turn to stand desks as a way to stay active, alert, and keep better posture while they work.


Marketing tip. Selling your product through a platform like Amazon Marketplace is a viable way of reaching a huge potential customer base. It will also give you the option to process orders with the help of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. And if you want to target businesses that may be thinking about covering employee expenses for office supplies, try simple email marketing. Make the effort to sell your store well, with an amazing product image selection and a clear price list.

✔️  Organization Helpers

Along the same lines as boutique rugs, there’s an increased interest in personal organization products — in particular for garages and closets (maybe we have the quarantine to thank for this trend, too).

Although not as stylized as the other product niches on this list, organization helpers are more of an essential purchase than an impulse buy.


Organization products like below can move great on their own, not to mention they’re ideal for cross-selling.

  • wall organizers
  • DIY simple shelving
  • pegboards
  • storage units.

If you’re specializing in fashion, you can also offer closet organizers like

  • shoe racks
  • jewelry bins
  • hangers.

✔️  Kitchenware

Kitchens represent the heart of the home, with consumers likely to spend between one to two hours per day in the kitchen. Kitchens are the second most popular communal room in the home and consumers are likely to not only cook, but also eat and entertain guests in their kitchens.


The kitchen retail space is still in its infancy when it comes to fully tap into the power of the technology available, so there is a real opportunity for forward-thinking brands to emerge as pioneers. 


Moreover, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, people have started to spend more time cooking at home. So the demand for kitchen utensils has increased significantly. In 2021, this trend is highly likely to go on. Retail value sales of kitchen products, including kitchen sinks, kitchenware, cookware, kitchen and dining textiles and kitchen furniture, are expected to outpace historic growth.


We recommend selling trending products like:

  • Air Fryers. An air fryer is a new trending product in the home appliance market. As implied by its name, this device can cook various dishes by using heated air, such as french fries and cookies. Google Trends reveals that the demand for this item has been steadily escalating. It’s also a common holiday gift, as searches peak towards the end of the year. This device’s main selling point is the ability to make food crispy without using too much oil. You can highlight this quality to promote the product to the health and wellness niche. Create an infographic post that compares the calories of dishes cooked with the air fryer and those with a traditional frying method. Or, start a healthy recipe blog – complement the articles with a video to demonstrate its versatility.
  • Salad Spinners. Due to shelter-at-home policies, more people are learning how to cook for themselves. As a result, many are looking for kitchen products like salad spinners, as illustrated by the Google Trends chart below. Therefore, the target audience for this item is home cooks. Market the product to this group by creating a food blog and post easy salad recipes, cooking tips, buying guides, and so on. Link these articles on social networks and implement best SEO practices to gain traffic.
  • Zero-waste courses. Many people want to learn how to cut down the amount of waste they produce. Create an online course and sell it as a digital product, and do your bit towards helping the planet.
  • Tea accessories. More and more people are ditching coffee for more hip options. Matcha tea anyone? Matcha tea whisk known as chasen is an irreplaceable tool when preparing this hot brew at home, but matcha tea powder, cups, and tea towels are also good products to sell. And don’t forget about the Latin American drink of mate, which comes with a set of its own accessories too – we told you the popular product options are endless.
  • Reusable bags. In an increasingly climate-conscious world, reusable bags have become a popular product category in online stores. Focus on a sustainable supply chain and nice designs, and you’ll quickly dominate the niche.
  • Dining mats. From simple plastic mats to textured fabric mats, there is no shortage of designs available to you. 
  • Kitchen towels.


Most people will look for shortcuts in the kitchen, so start by thinking of ways to solve the dullest kitchen chores. And then check if you can outdo your competitors too by having a product to sell that’s simply too hard to resist.

✔️  Bathroom accessories

Kitchens represent the heart of the home, with consumers likely to spend between one to two hours per day in the kitchen. Kitchens are the second most popular communal room in the home and consumers are likely to not only cook, but also eat and entertain guests in their kitchens.


The kitchen retail space is still in its infancy when it comes to fully tap into the power of the technology available, so there is a real opportunity for forward-thinking brands to emerge as pioneers. 

✔️  Gardening supplies

Focus your new eCommerce store on gardening supplies (one of the hottest trending products right now) and get selling.

Two trends set to go wild in 2021 are huge plants and homegrown vegetables. Products like seeds and spades are already top-selling items as people start to think more about how to help the environment.


Great items to have available in stock include:

  • Packets of seeds. Research shows the most popular options are chilies and beans. Selling an easy-to-use product such as seeds will get even the most novice gardener into your store.
  • Superfoods. Tap into the healthy eating trends of 2021. Pea milk is now trending as the new oat milk, so start selling those peas.
  • Accessories. Hobbies can quickly become obsessions. Your customers will want to perfect their vegetable garden with the right accessories. Boost your sales with products like seed vaults and plant labels.
  • Starter kit/subscription box. Boxes packed with supplies are easy to sell to people who want to be a part of a trend but don’t know where to start. Or launch a subscription service, complete with seasonal seed packs, accessories, and grow guides.


Marketing tip. Get your gardening supplies trending on Pinterest, where users are already talking about zero-waste living, garden rooms, and microgreens. Try marketing via affiliate ads, or design a profile and share helpful gardening tips alongside aspirational imagery. Don’t forget to take advantage of the importance of seasons in gardening. Create a dynamic email schedule so you can help your customer base constantly find relevant, related products in your store.


#9 Smart devices

Smart devices are booming on the market right now! Selling smart products is one of the best niche e-commerce store ideas to try in 2021.

#9.1 Smart home devices

Despite the huge potential and growing demand for smart home products, few online business owners are selling these devices. Choosing this niche idea for your e-commerce store will create a profitable opportunity to sell these products online while making huge profits.

  • Smart home assistants. Alexa and Google Home have been great for turning on the lights, telling you the weather and playing your favorite radio stations. But they’ve also been quietly taking over the eCommerce industry. Around 20% of smart speaker owners use them for shopping-related activities, whether that’s ordering products, creating a reminder, conducting research or tracking deliveries. This figure is expected to jump to 52% within the next four years. If you’re not currently optimizing your eCommerce and fulfillment processes for voice search, get moving or get left behind. How can you benefit? If this year has told us anything, it’s to always prepare for the unexpected. Whether you agree that these eCommerce trends will take off in 2021, or you think they’ve got a few years left, preparing your sales, marketing and fulfillment strategies for tomorrow’s world of eCommerce will ensure your business isn’t left behind.
  • Smart Lamps or AI light products. The increasing number of automated homes has resulted in the rise of smart LED bulbs. Google Trends indicates a growing interest in this product, and search volume usually peaks later in the year. This trending item lets users customize the lamps’ colors and brightness to set the right mood for any situation. That’s why they’re great for people who have a hard time going to bed. Take advantage of this fact by creating blog posts using sleep-related keywords. You can mention the product while educating readers on how to get better rest.


#9.2 Smart wearable devices

Wearable devices are gadgets you can use as accessories, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers. Most people buy them to monitor their physical activities, keep track of their health, and get instant message notifications.


The wearable device trend hasn’t picked up as fast as other gadgets, but sales are slowly growing. According to Nextpit, more adults in the US are purchasing smartwatches, and the numbers will keep rising.


Since these gadgets are quite expensive to produce, look for dropshipping suppliers for electronics. Alibaba has some affordable smartwatches and fitness trackers for you to sell.


  • Smartwatches. In 2018, the smartwatch sales figures hit the 141 million unit mark globally. The smartwatch industry almost grew up to an astonishing $19 billion in sales internationally. The prediction for 2020 is that this product will earn up to $53.2 billion in sales across the globe. Whether you use it to track the footsteps or planning your day, innovation is the name of the game for smartwatches – which is why the demand will also increase in the following year. It’s safe to say that this particular startup idea has great potential and can be your winning product for 2020.

#10 Mobile Accessories

Give shoppers a reason to choose your store as their go-to place for smartphone accessories. And don’t forget to give them a little fashion appeal, too.

Stay ahead of trending colors and style movements. Stock your offer with failsafe options that feature the most on-trend details, like pastel shades and metal trims.

Consumers love a smart gadget, so adding in a trending product from the tech category – a Bluetooth speaker, for example – could extend your reach from light-hearted shoppers to those searching for quality goods.


Mix up your product offer with some variety:

  • Phone cases. As the number of smartphone users keeps growing, so will the need for phone cases. They can be cheap and easy to make, making them one of the best trending products to sell for beginners. To sell phone cases successfully, make sure to come up with unique designs. Patterns, gradients, pop-culture-inspired phone cases – absolutely anything goes. Look for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram to guide you. You also need some visually appealing product shots.
  • Phone tripods. A Tripod is another top product in the phone accessories category. Due to the rise of vlogging and live-streaming, many people need these trending products to shoot videos hands-free. TikTok has also made tripod demands go up. Naturally, content creators are the primary target market for this product.  Alternatively, consider targeting smartphone photography hobbyists.
  • Wireless chargers. Wireless charging pads are recently becoming more acknowledged for their convenience.  Google Trends shows that queries for the product have been steadily moving upwards. To market this product, partner with tech review bloggers or YouTubers to get more exposure for your business. Provide an affiliate link to your website for them to feature.
  • Car Phone Holders. Since digital maps have become a necessity for most when driving, many people are buying cell phone holder mounts for their cars. This device enables attaching your phone to a car’s dashboard, making it easy and safe to view your screen while on the road. Car phone holders have been a best-seller on Amazon. Selling this product allows you to have a high profit margin. If you look for car accessory suppliers on Alibaba, you can purchase phone holders for as low as $1. Ensure that both the vendor and the item have good ratings to guarantee the product’s quality.
  • Music sleep mask. You’re going to appeal to wellness shoppers with this product. Designed as a soothing sleep gadget for a good night’s sleep, this eye mask is fitted with speakers and a connector cable, ideal for listening to music while you drift off.
  • Bluetooth Headphones. Wireless headphones have been around for a while, but the demand for them keeps increasing. This is because many smartphones are removing headphone jacks from their design. What’s more, people are now valuing the convenience of wireless devices, especially during commute or exercising. This report says the market will grow by 12.3% in the next five years.


Marketing tip. You’re going to great traction by promoting through social platforms. Market your product by gifting it to influencers – it might be hard to give things away for free, but consider setting up a promotional campaign to give your product some direction to success.

#11 Car accessories

The car accessory market has been booming and is worth over $500 billion. And the really great news is that this product category is ‘on trend’ all year round, rather than being in demand only during the holiday season, for example.

To get started, consider featuring any of the best trending products in your store:

  • Rear-view cameras. Not only do these help you park in tight spots, but a rear-view camera can also save you money. How? You’ll never have to make an insurance claim for a smashed rear light, just because there was a pole you didn’t see.
  • LED lights. There’s no denying that LED headlights are brighter and make driving in the dark a much safer endeavor. Plus, they last longer than old-school headlights – saving money is what it’s all about.
  • Car covers. Useful for the gentlemen with a classic car collection and a vast garage, or for the thrifty person with street parking only. Car covers keep the cars clean and protect against the elements. And pigeons – yuck.


Marketing tip. You can find a car-loving audience pretty much anywhere you turn. Why not try to offer your trending product selection to an audience of car aficionados on Facebook? Chances are, these customers will be ready to pounce on an accessory when they see an ad for it, especially if they’ve been thinking about it already.

#12 Eco-friendly (vegan-friendly, cruelty-free) Products

Consumers are more conscious of the world around them than ever before. This change in consumer behavior has cut a path for eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan variations of many traditional products. Consider products that are popular and provide ecological alternatives.

In 2021 introduce new environmentally-conscious alternatives to common items:

  • Cloth diapers or reusable diapers. The reasoning here is the same as other reusable products — significantly reduce your personal trash by washing and reusing the same set of diapers. It may require extra cleaning, but you’ll save more than just the planet, you also cut down on the cost of buying new diapers over and over again.
  • Bamboo toothbrushes. Bamboo toothbrushes are becoming quite popular as a way to curb plastic usage — made from fast-growing bamboo, these toothbrushes are biodegradable and can even be composted at home.
  • Reusable Q-tips. There are several advantages to adding this eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to the traditional cotton earbud to your eCommerce store. The most obvious is that they’re small and light, so they won’t cost a lot to ship.
  • Reusable food wraps and reusable drinking straws are still in demand.
  • Eco-friendly pads.
  • Reusable menstrual cups.
  • Cruelty-free cosmetics.

Think about this trend, seems it’s powering through 2021.

#13 Recommerce

ReCommerce, also known as second-hand commerce will see a renewed revival.

Recent research predicts the second-hand market to double within the next five years. This presents an interesting opportunity for brands to open up their own reCommerce marketplace and turn second-hand shopping into an exciting shopping experience.


Not everyone has a pocket or mindset to purchase new goods. Some people don’t mind using pre-used products as long as they are in good shape.


Moreover, textile waste is a huge issue. Instead of gathering more stuff, clearing out items you never used and passing them along to someone who wants them is good bargain. When you engage in reCommerce, everyone, including the planet, wins.


  • Vintage clothing. You can start an e-commerce store by selling any type of vintage clothing online, but focusing on a niche from the very beginning will help you out. Select a specific style (casual, formal, etc.), price mark (affordable, expensive, etc.), or product type (vintage tees, accessories, etc.)
  • Selling once-loved products. reCommerece is not only about clothing. You can generate huge revenue while dealing with pre-owned products. Sell furniture, gadgets, or anything else. Focusing your second-hand goods store on a particular location can also work magic!

Probably, this is not a trending product you want to miss out on.

#14 Subscription Boxes

The subscription box industry is growing by 200% annually.

Want to sell out your entire inventory every month? It’s possible with subscriptions. The global subscription market has experienced continual growth over the past few years and is projected to increase even more in the coming years. In the last three years alone, the subscription boxes selling websites have seen a whopping 800% increase in their sales. 


Subscriptions are popular because they save time and brain space. Moreover, customers love receiving surprise packages on their doorstep. Offering samples, especially ones that are curated to consumers’ specific wants and needs, is a great way to land yourself loyal customers.


  • Online educational courses. After the COVID rampage, the demand for online education courses and digital learning is going up consistently. That’s why selling online educational courses and training programs will be a great niche business idea in 2021. There are so many digital learning fields and vocations that one platform cannot provide them all! Focus on the niche that you are most familiar with.
  • Online Fitness Coaching. Many private tutors have already begun to offer online fitness coaching classes, and you can take advantage of this too. Start off by offering home workouts and gain a few followers before you eventually start marketing your business in earnest.

  • Preplanned Meals. People are busy. People want convenience. People are health conscious. There are a variety of micro-niche options to consider with preplanned meal delivery:
    • Gluten-free meals
    • Vegan meals
    • Kid-friendly meals
    • Diet or low-calorie meals

And you can create a subscription box around any type of passion. Coffee, makeup, lingerie, personal care, etc.


#15 Launch a dropshipping store

Running low on budget? No worry, our next online business idea is made just for you! Dropshipping is a great way to sell on a small budget. All you need to worry about is selling the product through your virtual store. The supplier will take care of packaging, fulfillment, and other pesky tasks!


Online dropshipping stores eliminate the risk of finding out the unavailability of a product after placing an order with a manufacturer or supplier. Also, there is less of an upfront cash risk. Plus, you can run this niche online business from anywhere. Is it going to be your bedroom or the phone while you travel the world, you decide!


Ecommerce has become more popular than ever before. Millions of people are getting in on the action by starting their very own online business. If you’re one of these entrepreneurs, consider focusing on a particular niche product. You’ll have less competition, save some money, and create a brand you can be proud of.


After choosing an eCommerce niche, you’re ready to take on the tasks required to run a business. But, managing finances, fulfillment, shipping, multichannel listings, and other difficult jobs may take up a bulk of your time.


If you’re targeting upcoming and trending niches, timing is everything. If you can strike at the right time, you can establish your brand as a niche leader before all the copycat brands hop on.


If you would like to know how MageCloud can help your existing/upcoming online business, please contact us to start discussing your requirements. 

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