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We are happy to announce our new partnership with the Product Customizer.  Yet another great partner – Zakeke –  the perfect Visual Customisation Software to scale your business. 



eCommerce Product Customisation

Since customers expect companies to tailor their products or services specifically for everyone, brands are very aware of personalization.

80% of customers have grown to expect and desire personalized experiences.
McKinsey & Company


Product customisation refers to enabling customers to personalize a product according to their needs and preferences. Add-ons, exclusive functionalities, templates, and flexibility with product design all count as different forms of personalization.


Product personalization is the key to driving customer loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Successful personalization programs yield more engaged customers and make them happier. Happy customers are repeat customers, in such a way customisation drive up the top line of your eCommerce business.
  • Customisation can help you understand how your users use your product and what they expect from it. 
  • Allowing your customers to customize their products is a clever way to stand apart from the competition and thus boost sales and business success.



Are you a busy entrepreneur running your eCommerce business and researching the best product customiser tool? 


Zakeke can help you to customize your products and offer a more personalized experience for your customers.



What is Zakeke?

Zakeke is a Saas tool empowering eCommerce stores to offer their customers live visual product customisation. 





Zakeke empowers brands and retailers to provide consumers with seamless customisation options and product personalization through 2D, 3D, augmented reality, and Virtual Try-on solutions.


Its suite of tools can be integrated into any eCommerce platform or a brand’s back-end to enhance the consumer shopping experience while increasing sales for customers across industries ranging from fashion and jewelry to gaming, gadgets, and sports equipment.


Founded in 2017, Zakeke has over 10,000 customers globally in 120 countries looking to engage consumers with an interactive, visually appealing shopping journey.


Zakeke is cloud-based, cross-platform, and multi-lingual, making it easy for customers of all sizes to easily adapt, grow sales and scale up!



What kind of personalization?

With Zakeke any kind of personalization is possible. Augmented Reality & Try-on: Allow your customers to visualize and wear their customized products before purchasing. Customize, Visualize, Wear, and Buy.


Based on the type of customisation you want to offer, make sure you choose the right Zakeke tool:

  • Product Customizer. This is for businesses in the web2print, engraving, or embroidery industries.
  • 3D Product Configurator. This is for those who sell products that can be configured by the customers by choosing parts, colors, and materials.



How it works

Zakeke is a code-free plug-and-play solution, you only need to create your account and install a plugin.


The plugin integrated into your shopping cart provides you with an admin panel where you can turn the products in your store into customisable products. Your customers personalize your products at your store via an easy and interactive User Interface. And you receive production-ready files.


NOTE: If you’re going to use the 3D/AR Viewer you don’t need to install any plugin! You only need to choose the 3D/AR Viewer tool when you signup.



Can Zakeke be integrated into my eCommerce platform?

Zakeke offers seamless and user-friendly integration with the most important eCommerce platforms:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Etsy
  • ShopWired
  • Coming soon: Shopware, Wix 


NOTE: If your option is not mentioned in the above list or you have got a custom platform, Zakeke provides an API for custom integration.


Once you have got the Zakeke plugin installed, you can start your 14-day free trial by selecting your preferred plan directly from the Zakeke back office.






Where does MageCloud fit in?

As Zakeke partner, we can help you with the implementation of Zakeke software. This means, that if you are a new or existing user, Magecloud can help you enhance your Zakeke usage.


To sum up,  Zakeke is a rocketship empowering their clients to reach new heights; opening up new paths to market, and getting your products out there and into your customer’s hands effortlessly!




If you would like to know how MageCloud and Zakeke can help your business, please contact us to start discussing your requirements. 


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