How to Push Your Reviews to Google [VIDEO]

eCommerce businesses need to understand how crucial online reviews are for driving sales. Let’s pay attention to the quality of your business’s reviews together.


The importance of reviews for eCommerce merchants

If you’re from the 21st century, you are likely to never purchase the first item that pops up after a Google search.


  • A staggering 97% of people read online reviews while shopping. And almost half of those interviewed will only trust 4-stars or better.


Reviews for eCommerce stores have never been more important. So it’s clear that customers are evolving and want to know more about the products they are buying.


Key benefits of online reviews for eCommerce business:

  • – Competitive advantage
  • – Building trust online
  • – Increase the quantity and quality of traffic through SEO
  • – Online reviews lead to sales
  • – Brand loyalty


Knowing how to generate both high quality and a high quantity of reviews can contribute immensely to your future eCommerce success.


Why does it matter to have a star rating?

Star snippet is a special Google search result that includes additional information stored as structured data. It looks like stars just under the page title and tells users that this website is trustworthy.



Review rich snippets are eye-catching and help any site stand out from the crowd. They provide people with additional information about the product and the whole website. 

Furthermore, google review rating enhances traffic to the website, boosts people’s engagement. Depending on the average starting position, it may increase CTR by up to 30%.

The effect is great, and you’ll be impressed by how easily it can be achieved after implementing reviews snippet on Google.





How to get a Google rating in search results?

There are few ways to make a review snippet for a website. In the majority of cases, it is necessary to code, but by means of certain tools, you’ll be able to show reviews without having to program.


  • Way 1. Make a custom widget
  • Way 2. Add schema markup to HTML code
  • Way 3. Add a fragment of JSON code
  • Way 4. Apply Google Tag Manager without rewriting the code
  • Way 5. Use Google Structured Data Markup Helper

How to examine if the review snippets are executing appropriately

Before posting the website with added markup, verify everything. 


1. Rich Results test

Rich Results Test is a rapid and simple tool to facilitate your check the performance of the schema markup. See if your website can produce rich results. The test will show which rich result types can be discovered on the web page, along with warnings or recommendations for your structured information. You can access this tool over here.



2. Google Search Console

This instrument is going to support you to discover all the warnings occurring in your schema markup. Only open the report in the navbar of the Search Console. Bear in mind that you’ll see a report merely if you have code for review snippet on the website.


In Feb, Google announced new reports within Google Search Console to help you with your review snippets.


A star rating is one of the best examples of rich snippets, that helps any website stand out among search results. In this video, we are going to have a closer look at the review snippet and how to push your reviews to Google. ⬇️⬇️⬇️



Thanks for watching! We hope you will find this video useful for your business.


Bottom line:

The use of review snippets has become a standard of SEO-optimisation. Star ratings make your website outstanding and let it distinguish itself from the majority not using it. If you don’t use this instrument, you’re losing traffic now.


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