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Figma-Fueled: Tailored Web Design for WooCommerce Watch Store

Bloombar Watches

SINCE 2023


Industry: Luxury Watches

Bloombar Watches are one of the UK’s leading pre-owned luxury watch specialists. Bloombar Watches specialise in the purchase and sale of prestige Swiss watches.  constantly upgraded.


Project manager, Web Designer


40K Monthly Visits


Figma, WordPress, WooCommerce

Client Background

Bloombar Watches, a distinguished player in the luxury watch industry, has been curating exquisite timepieces for discerning clientele worldwide. Specializing in unique designs and superior craftsmanship, Bloombar Watches has established a prominent online presence through their WooCommerce store.

Renowned for their curated selection of high-end timepieces, Bloombar Watches caters to a sophisticated clientele seeking exclusivity and style. With a focus on delivering luxury and elegance, the brand has built a reputation for unparalleled quality and exceptional service.

The Challenge

Despite Bloombar Watches’ reputation for luxury, their online store faced design limitations that didn’t fully capture the essence of their brand. Recognizing the importance of a seamless online experience, they sought to revamp their WooCommerce store to reflect their commitment to luxury and provide an immersive shopping journey for their customers.

The Design Process

1. Assessment and Strategy:
  • Analyzing Bloombar Watches’ brand ethos, target audience, and market positioning.
  • Identifying design gaps and areas for improvement in the existing WooCommerce store.

2. Figma-Fueled Design Approach:
  • Leveraging Figma’s collaborative features to conceptualize and refine the new design.
  • Iterative wireframing, prototyping, and visual design capture the essence of luxury and elegance.

3. Customization and Brand Enhancement:
  • Crafting bespoke design elements, color schemes, and visual assets that resonate with Bloombar Watches’ luxury brand identity.
  • Implementing responsive design for seamless user experience across devices.

Collaboration and Achievements

Engaging with Bloombar Watches’ team, MageCloud spearheaded the design transformation:

  • Collaboration with key stakeholders for feedback and iteration cycles.
  • Addressing specific design elements and functionalities to create a visually compelling and user-friendly interface.
  • Fostered a collaborative environment that ensured alignment with Bloombar Watches’ vision and expectations.

Results and Impact

The redesign of Bloombar Watches’ WooCommerce store yielded substantial results:

  • Elevated user experience, leading to increased user engagement and reduced bounce rates.
  • Enhanced brand perception, aligning the online store with the luxury essence of Bloombar Watches.
  • Positive feedback from customers, emphasizing the seamless and visually captivating shopping experience.


The collaboration between Bloombar Watches and MageCloud resulted in a visually stunning and functionally seamless WooCommerce store. The redesign successfully encapsulates the luxury and sophistication synonymous with Bloombar Watches, elevating their online presence and customer engagement.

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