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Ecommerce Pulse: June 2024

Discover the pulse of ecommerce: fresh takes on industry news, updates, and cutting-edge product launches in June 2024.

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Discover the pulse of ecommerce: fresh takes on industry news, updates, and cutting-edge product launches.

Stay in the loop with the latest developments in e-commerce and omnichannel businesses. This roundup highlights a range of updates, from advancements in generative AI assistants, inventory management solutions, and live streaming capabilities to marketplace enhancements and international shipping innovations.

We intend to maintain this post as a regularly updated resource.

Latest Industry Partnerships, Updates and Innovations

Mastercard partners with Trulioo to enhance digital onboarding: Trulioo will use Mastercard’s Identity solutions to improve its Person Match and Risk Intelligence products, offering better identity insights and risk scores. This partnership streamlines consumer onboarding and enhances Mastercard’s Onboard Risk Check with Trulioo’s global business identity verification services.

PayPal announces plans to develop an advertising platform and advance consumer product innovation: New leadership appointments have been made to spearhead this initiative, aimed at assisting merchants in boosting sales. The forthcoming advertising business will leverage customer insights to create a personalized platform, enhancing merchant performance and presenting consumers with attractive offers.

Google Search Console now offers ecommerce data on product listings: Merchants can track their Image Search product listings through the Performance report under the Google Search Image tab. This new feature provides key metrics like impressions and clicks, giving businesses a comprehensive view of their product visibility.

Intuit Mailchimp previews AI-powered revenue intelligence system:  This new technology uses predictive and generative AI models to help marketers. By leveraging data from Intuit QuickBooks and marketing performance, it benchmarks customers’ marketing efforts and recommends optimal targeting times, generating personalized, revenue-boosting content. Additionally, Mailchimp is expanding its SMS features in the U.K.

Klaviyo introduces a new integration with TikTok to enhance ad efficiency: This integration allows businesses to synchronize their Klaviyo lists and segments with TikTok Audiences, enabling brands to increase their return on ad spend, create personalized ads, and develop high-impact lookalike audiences to attract new customers.

Sendbird introduces an AI chatbot for Shopify merchants: Using OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model, the no-code chatbot connects to merchant store data via Shopify’s APIs. It can answer FAQs, recommend products, and provide support contact information, enhancing customer satisfaction and transactions. Merchants can customize and test the AI chatbot before deploying it on their Shopify stores.

Amazon to broaden drone deliveries after receiving FAA approval: The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has granted Amazon Prime Air expanded permissions to operate drones beyond the visual line of sight, allowing it to reach more customers and scale its delivery services. Later this year, drone deliveries will be incorporated into Amazon’s delivery network, with drones launching from facilities adjacent to its same-day delivery sites.

Amazon extends Subscribe & Save to seller-fulfilled orders.:  This program now includes discounts on regularly purchased items when buyers schedule future deliveries. Eligible products will be enrolled automatically at the default discount, previously applicable only to Fulfillment by Amazon Subscribe & Save. This expansion for seller-fulfilled Subscribe & Save selections begins on June 27.

Shopify acquires Checkout Blocks to enhance checkout customization.: Checkout Blocks, known for its no-code solution that allows Shopify merchants to tailor their checkout process, has been acquired by Shopify. This acquisition enables Shopify Plus merchants to add custom fields for data collection, display delivery and payment options as desired, and create fully branded checkout experiences. Checkout Blocks is offering its starter plan free of charge to all Shopify Plus merchants.

Helio enhances its Solana Pay plugin for Shopify, facilitating crypto payments: The upgraded plugin supports multi-token payments, enabling buyers to use Solana or other cryptocurrencies. Automatic swaps convert payments to stablecoins like USDC, ensuring merchants receive their preferred currency. Solana Pay empowers Shopify merchants to engage with active communities by accepting meme coins for purchases in their online stores.

Pinterest has partnered with Shopify to broaden their inclusion fund, now extending support to small businesses: This collaboration merges the Pinterest Inclusion Fund with Shopify’s Build Black and Build Native programs, aiming to assist small enterprises, independent publishers, and boutique creator agencies from historically marginalized communities.

Bluehost’s WonderSuite introduces AI Website Creator for WordPress users: This tool leverages AI to build personalized websites with relevant content, images, and pages. Included in Bluehost’s WordPress hosting plans, WonderSuite offers intuitive AI onboarding (WonderStart), content creation (WonderTheme and WonderBlocks), ongoing AI help (WonderHelp), and ecommerce support (WonderCart).

eBay introduces an AI-powered background enhancement tool for product images. : This tool helps sellers transform everyday snapshots by removing the background and placing the item in an AI-generated backdrop chosen by the seller. Currently available for iOS app users, it will soon be available on Android.

eBay adds Venmo as a payment option: With over 90 million users, Venmo is popular among Gen Z and millennials. Buyers can use their Venmo balance, bank account, debit card, or credit card. Sellers just need to offer Venmo as a payment method. This move is part of eBay’s strategy to attract a younger demographic.

TikTok unveils upgraded location pages for local shopping and destinations: Enhanced for select U.S. cities like Boston, New York, and Texas, these pages categorize content into “shopping” and “food & drink,” streamlining user discovery of relevant videos. A new “explore more places” button integrates with Apple Maps, offering insights into local businesses, including addresses and prices.

Meta launches new tools to enhance business and creator engagement. : These include an AI chat feature on Messenger powered by Meta Llama 3, enabling seamless product purchases and customer support. Advertisers can also utilize Ads Manager to create and manage paid marketing campaigns on Messenger. Additionally, Meta introduces the Threads API, facilitating scalable management of business and creator presence across its platforms.

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