Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester by MageCloud & Partners: Recap

On February 29th, 2024, Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester 2024, brought together ecommerce enthusiasts from across the UK for an intensive ecommerce workshop filled with insightful presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

Let’s delve into the event’s key moments and gather feedback from participants.

But, first:

A Big Thank You to Everyone at Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester

We want to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for everyone who was a part of this memorable event. Your energy, involvement, and dedication to the world of ecommerce were incredibly motivating.

A special acknowledgement goes out to our partner and event host, hosting provider Ans Group Limited, and a big thank you to Ryan Martin for not only providing us with an outstanding venue but also for orchestrating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Our gratitude extends to the speakers and esteemed SEO experts from DarkHorse, along with the ecommerce professionals from MageCloud.

Last but not least, a heartfelt thank you goes to our exceptional paparazzi team, who skillfully captured the most memorable and entertaining moments from the event.

Sessions and Presentations

Delve into the abundance of valuable insights generously shared by our expert speakers at Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester 2024.

How Technologies And AI Will Transform Ecommerce

Ryan Martin, Head of Indirect | Ans

Ryan shared his thoughts about AI and the technology landscape, mentioned the newest trends in the ecommerce market, and how it will be transformed soon.

30 Website Usability Changes You Need To Implement

Paul Ryazanov, CEO | MageCloud

Paul presented game-changing usability tweaks to revolutionize your customer experience, from seamless navigation to conversion-boosting strategies.

Ecommerce SEO Is Evolving: How To Prepare For Success In 2024

Henry Smith, Head of SEO | DarkHorse

Henry delivered an engaging presentation on the following topics:
– The evolving organic SERP landscape;
– How to best optimise your PLPs;
– UGC (User Generated Content) for ecommerce SEO; 
– The small things that brands overlook.

Mastering Ecommerce PPC: Ethan’s Top 5 Strategies For Optimal Performance

Ethan Lambert, PPC Executive | DarkHorse

Ethan presented key insights and actionable tips to elevate your PPC game, including:
– Seasonality Adjustments;
– Best Landing Page Tips;
– Asset Group Splitting Based on Audiences;
– PMAX Shopping Only / Search & Shopping Only;
– Tackling Automated YouTube Assets.

Email Marketing: Crafting Effective Campaigns That Convert (P1)

Melanie Day, Head of Ecommerce | Magecloud

In this session, Mel covered crafting compelling subject lines, audience segmentation, and success measurement in email marketing. She shared a comprehensive strategy to connect with the audience, nurture leads, drive specific actions, and build brand loyalty.

Email Marketing: Crafting Effective Campaigns That Convert (P2)

Tom Mcilvenny, Director | Avenue 85 Ltd

Tom shared practical approaches to enhance the effectiveness of email campaigns, making it easier for businesses to achieve tangible results while maintaining customer engagement with minimal effort.


After the informative sessions and discussions, attendees had the opportunity to network at Ans Group Limited, further strengthening connections within the ecommerce community.

Feedback from Attendees

The success of Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester 2024 can be measured not only by the quality of the presentations but also by the feedback from attendees. Many participants found the event to be highly informative, with actionable takeaways they could implement in their businesses immediately. The networking opportunities were also greatly appreciated, as they allowed attendees to connect with like-minded professionals and potential partners.

“What an inspiring event it was. 👀✨ Ecommerce Boost Day was a very intensive event, covering topics such as AI, usability, SEO, PPC, and email marketing, how to effectively implement each into e-commerce, and why they are important. Thanks to all the speakers for the information-dense sessions.”

Mari Yanase

Workshop Materials

We’re thrilled to share the presentations from our incredible speakers at Ecommerce Boost Day 2024.

👉 Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester 2024


Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester 2024 was a resounding success, providing valuable insights and strategies to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape. We hope our event’s diverse range of sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities left attendees inspired and equipped with the knowledge they need to excel in the world of ecommerce.

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