Ecommerce Camp Chester Conf by MageCloud: Recap and Feedback

On September 15th, 2023, Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023 brought together ecommerce enthusiasts from across the UK for a day filled with insightful presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

Hosted by MageCloud, this event showcased some of the brightest minds in the ecommerce industry, offering valuable insights and strategies to help businesses thrive in the ever-evolving world of online commerce. We would love to recap the highlights of the event and share feedback from attendees.

But, first:

A Big Thank You to Everyone at Ecommerce Camp Chester

Before diving into the details of the event, it’s essential to acknowledge the organisers, speakers, and attendees. MageCloud expressed its sincere gratitude to all the participants who made the event a resounding success. The enthusiasm, engagement, and passion for ecommerce displayed by all participants were truly inspiring and contributed to the event’s positive atmosphere.

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Sessions and Presentations

Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023 featured a diverse range of sessions and presentations, each offering valuable takeaways for ecommerce professionals. Here are some of the standout sessions and their key highlights:

1. From £5,000/Month To £250,000/Month: Ecommerce Business Transformation

Roger Firth, owner of A&E Leisure, shared his journey from a small caravan service business to building a successful e-commerce store, eventually generating £250,000 a month in revenue. His presentation shed light on the challenges, victories, and overall journey.

2. Ecommerce Content Structure 101: From Zero To Hero.

Francesco Baldini, SEO Consultant, provided a simple yet effective method for developing a content structure, a crucial aspect of ecommerce success, especially for those starting out or looking to expand their businesses.

3. Achieving Optimal Ecommerce PPC Returns With Performance Max

Ethan Lambert, PPC Executive at Darkhorse, delved into the world of Performance Max on Google Ads, offering insights into regaining control and maximizing returns in an automated environment.

4. Betting 100% Online In A Luxury Segment – The Pen Shop Story

Will McClymont, Head of Ecommerce at The Pen Shop, shared the remarkable journey of The Pen Shop, a business that transitioned from brick-and-mortar retail to thriving in the ecommerce space.

5. From Fighting With Google To £400K Revenue A Month

Eugene Ole, CEO of DroiX, shared his journey from a full-time Software Engineer to building a £400K/month ecommerce business showcasing determination and success despite challenges.

6. Making Your Brand Uniquely You

Del Manning, Founder of Relish Integrated, highlighted the importance of standing out in a competitive marketplace and leveraging uniqueness for business success.

7. How To Get 300% ROI From Email Marketing

Melanie Day, Ecommerce Manager & Mentor, emphasized the power of email marketing and how it can generate up to 300% ROI when done right.

Panel Discussions

Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023 included informative panel discussions on crucial topics.

During the event, we delved into “Ecommerce trends in 2023” with input from our clients and ecommerce mentors: Albie Attias, Managing Director at Evaris; David Lenehan, General Manager at Europe Radwell International; and Dave Solomon, Ecommerce Consultant.

Another significant theme explored was the role of AI in ecommerce, specifically “The transformation of ecommerce through technology and AI.” This discussion featured insights from our technical partners:

Additionally, we placed emphasis on the topic of “Selecting the appropriate technology and marketing partners.

These discussions collectively provided attendees with valuable insights from industry experts.


After the informative sessions and discussions, attendees had the opportunity to network at Chester Market, further strengthening connections within the ecommerce community.

Feedback from Attendees

The success of Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023 can be measured not only by the quality of the presentations but also by the feedback from attendees. Many participants found the event to be highly informative, with actionable takeaways they could implement in their businesses immediately. The networking opportunities were also greatly appreciated, as they allowed attendees to connect with like-minded professionals and potential partners.

“I’ve left with a pocket full of fresh ideas in relation to future market trends, campaign strategy, brand essence, email flows and of course AI transformations.”

Carly-Jay Pardoe

Conference Materials

We’re thrilled to share the presentations from our incredible speakers at Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023.

👉 Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023


Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023, hosted by the MageCloud Team, was a resounding success, providing valuable insights and strategies to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape. We hope our event’s diverse range of sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities left attendees inspired and equipped with the knowledge they need to excel in the world of ecommerce.

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