Magecloud’s Story Unveiled at Cloudways Customer Webinar Week

The world of web development is constantly evolving, and only truly innovative and dedicated agencies thrive. Magecloud, led by our visionary CEO, Paul Ryazanov, is a prime example of a trailblazing company that has been leaving a remarkable imprint on the digital landscape since 2014.

Magecloud’s Journey of Building Thousands of Websites Since 2014

In an exclusive event at Cloudways Customer Webinar Week, Paul took the virtual stage to share insights into Magecloud’s incredible journey, titled “Magecloud’s Journey: Building Thousands of Websites Since 2014.” This live session, now available for viewing, uncovered the secrets behind our agency’s enduring success and how we’ve crafted thousands of websites for satisfied clients across the globe.

Paul’s Journey: From Developer to Innovator

Paul, a database engineer by background, embarked on his journey in the early days of the internet, where PHP 3.6 and ASP were the norm. His passion for e-commerce started when platforms like OSCommerce dominated the market.

After a decade as a web developer, Paul switched to internet marketing, realizing the need for businesses to not only have well-developed websites but also to market them effectively. He delved into SEO, Google Ads, and more.

As a speaker at various conferences, including Conversion Conference and Pubcon, Paul has gained valuable insights from industry experts and clients. Magecloud has evolved to not only provide technical solutions but also offer internet marketing advice to our clients.

Magecloud’s Global Reach

Magecloud has a global presence, with offices in Denmark, and the UK and a development facility in Ukraine. Our clientele spans the United States, the UK, and other English-speaking countries.

Magecloud primarily serves small to medium-sized businesses, typically generating one to five million dollars in monthly revenue. Our focus is on helping businesses that have already embarked on their ecommerce journey and are seeking a stable, expert vendor to take them to the next level.

Magecloud’s approach to web development and ecommerce is grounded in our years of experience. Rather than focusing solely on design/development, MageCloud agency emphasizes building long-lasting client relationships.

Cloudways: Partnering for Success

Magecloud originally launched as a platform-as-a-service for Magento instances in the cloud. However, the team realized that Cloudways executed their vision better. The partnership with Cloudways has enabled Magecloud to focus on delivering outstanding web development solutions, leaving the hosting and server management to the experts.

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

Paul offers valuable advice for young entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses:

  1. Find a niche where you are an expert.
  2. Consider partnering with someone who complements your skill set.
  3. Don’t be afraid to work solo initially.
  4. Focus on optimizing processes and outsourcing non-core functions.
  5. Be open to change and anticipate industry shifts.


Partnering with Cloudways has enabled the Magecloud team to focus on our core strengths and deliver outstanding web development solutions.

Magecloud’s journey continues, and the future looks promising as we adapt to new technologies and explore AI’s potential. With the right mindset and a commitment to excellence, we hopefully are poised for ongoing success in shaping the digital landscape.

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