An innovative B2B2C wedding marketplace on Magento 2


SINCE 2021


Industry: Wedding Services

Emporella is a B2B2C marketplace focused on the wedding industry. Their USP is that they provide the opportunity to sell and buy physical wedding accessories, to book and sell services relevant to weddings. For example, you can book the time of a stylist or a hairdresser.




Project manager, 2 Magento certified developers


<1K Monthly Visits


Magento, WebKul Store, Etsy, Stripe


The store’s founder is an owner of a small bridal salon and is a dressmaker by profession.

There are a lot of offline stores in the UK that has been affected by the pandemic and would like to go online but do not have the opportunity, often it is not profitable to invest to set up their store. Such companies become partners of Emporella.

Why client chose us

The previous local agency failed to meet the challenges of development. After a lot of back and forth, Emporella’s founder had a consultation call with Magecloud. After that, the client decided to work with us.

I really liked the way you guys actually just work. There’s no pussyfooting around, just crack on and just get on with it. And that’s a bit like how I work in my bridal shop.

Claire Amelia



A. Tech side

We used the WebKul Store module for the marketplace, customised for Emporella.

We carried out integration with ETSY for automatic synchronisation. The integration allows Emporella’s partners to manage products they already sell on Etsy.

B. Business side

As with all clients, for Emporella, we prioritised tasks to stay within the monthly budget so that the store would grow and develop. We constantly shared our suggestions on promoting the store in different directions during the project.

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Plans for the future

The Marketplace plans to become an all-in-one tool for preparing wedding ceremonies in the UK and then scale this solution to other markets.

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