You have less than 3 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention. Is your site ready?

The design of your ecommerce store can make or break your business. Visitors land on your website seeking solutions to a problem or need they have. Your store should be designed thoughtfully to allow them to find the information, product or service they require, quickly and easily.

At Magecloud we create website designs that are focused on conversions. Our websites are functional, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing and will effectively set your brand apart from the competition. We stay clear of the clutter and visual distractions that hamper the user experience. Every page element matters and should serve a purpose.


We believe web design is an iterative process rather than the one time approach favoured by many other agencies. Technology never stands still and neither should your website. We like to form long standing relationships with our clients ensuring we constantly analyse their stores for improvement opportunities and prevent the site from becoming obsolete, outdated or dysfunctional. 



The MageCloud Website Design Process

We typically start by choosing a theme that aligns with your brand’s values. Once you’ve settled on a theme, you’ll work with our designers and development team to customise it specifically to meet your needs. As well as designing websites, our team creates email marketing templates, custom landing pages, UI/UX designs, Web, apps, banners, promotional materials, social media posts and many other creative assets that convey powerful visual impact and will help you establish and build your brand. Work with MageCloud to create memorable branding with strategically placed calls to action that keep customers engaged on your website and drive consistent repeat traffic to your store.


When designing an ecommerce website from scratch, we follow a well-defined, systematic process.


Research and Strategy

While some clients provide us with this type of strategic foundation, most trust us to develop it for them.

This includes:

– Profiling the target audience;

– SEO keyword research;

– Understanding your key objectives and expectations



– Factoring user journey based on target audience(s);

– Capturing functional requirements;

– Documenting search and content requirements;

– Defining technical and SEO requirements;

– Finalising the creative brief.


Information Architecture

– Building the navigation tree;

– Creating a detailed functional design;

– Developing user experience and accessibility guidelines.


Website Design

We combine the above data to finalise the below assets

– Visual concept;

– Visual design;

– Visual style guide.


Once you have approved the designs, we forward the assets (defined via the above process) to our web development team to build the site.




The MageCloud Website Design Difference


Developing a mobile-friendly website is now crucial for an effective online presence. An increasing percentage of visitors to your site are using mobile devices. MageCloud ensures your website is responsive and mobile-optimised, no matter where your customers are connecting from. This means fast page load times and regular speed tests to keep your customers on your site instead of seeking out a competitor while your website takes its time to load. As well as loading quickly, your site must be designed thoughtfully to function well on both desktops and mobile phones. We ensure your website is easy to navigate and provides visitors with an intuitive experience to optimise your conversions.


Website conversion is the most important factor in the success of your online marketing strategy and goals. Our developers will provide you with a custom design that will attract customers to complete your desired business goals whether that’s to buy your product, sign up for your newsletter, register for a webinar, download a whitepaper or fill out a lead/contact form.


Our main objective is to find the best approach for your business. Not only do we create thoughtfully-designed websites, we constantly work to improve them. Our team regularly completes usability testing on your site to learn how easily users navigate and convert on the site, and uncover any problem areas. This helps us consistently deliver and maintain the highest quality and professional code for the best user experience.

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