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Users come to your site with a problem, and they’re looking for a solution. The goal is to find users whose problems will be solved by choosing your product.  Even the cleverest designs applied in the wrong places can fail to achieve this goal. That's why we provide nothing but a conversion-driven design.

The website design of your eCommerce store can make or break your business. Did you know, in a typical online interaction, a brand has less than three seconds to grab the attention of its audience?


Here at MageCloud, our creative designs set your brand apart from the rest of the online world which is cluttered and filled with distractions that could easily whisk your customer away to another site. When your brand’s website is responsible for attracting customers and ultimately selling your products or services, having a website that is functional, intuitive, and aesthetically-pleasing is a necessity. 


Other agencies set up their clients’ websites and then leave them behind, allowing their site’s design and code to become obsolete, out-dated, and dysfunctional. MageCloud, on the other hand, builds relationships with our clients, offering ongoing support, constantly analyzing our clients’ eCommerce for growth opportunities, and then implementing solutions.



The MageCloud Website Design Process

The typical website design process starts with choosing a theme that aligns with your brand’s values. Once you’ve settled on a theme, you’ll work with one of our developers to customize it specifically to fit your needs. These tasks require a deep knowledge of website design to perform correctly in the long-term and offer the stability you need for peace of mind. On a daily basis, our team creates email marketing templates, custom landing pages, UI/UX designs, Web, Apps, banners, Promo, social media posts, and other creative assets that contain memorable branding, impactful imagery, and highlighted calls-to-action to keep customers on your website engaged and coming back for more.


When designing an eCommerce website from a scratch, we follow a well-defined, systematic process.


Research and Strategy

While some clients provide us with this type of strategic foundation, most have us develop it for them. It includes:
– understanding the target audience;
– SEO keywords research;
– managing objectives and client expectations; etc.



– Prioritizing of the target audience;
– Functional requirements;
– Search and Content requirements;
– Technical and SEO requirements;
– Creative brief.


Information Architecture

– Navigation tree;
– Detailed functional design;
– User Experience guidelines; etc.


Website Design

– Visual concept;
– Visual design;
– Visual style guide.


After you approve the designs, we forward the visuals along with a comprehensive style guide to our web development team to build the site.




The MageCloud Website Design Difference


Developing a mobile-friendly website has become a critical aspect of having a productive online presence. The majority of users coming to your site are likely to use a mobile device to do so. That’s why MageCloud specifically works to ensure your website is responsive and mobile-optimized, no matter where your customers are connecting from. This means fast page load times and regular speed tests which will keep your customers on your site instead of seeking out a competitor while your website takes its time to load. This means thoughtful web design that not only functions on a desktop but is also specifically designed to be accessed from a mobile phone which will optimize your conversions.


Website conversion is the most important factor in the success of your online marketing strategy and goals. Our developers will provide you with a custom design that will attract customers to buy your product, sign up for your newsletter, register for a webinar, download a whitepaper, or fill out a lead/contact form. Our main objective is to find the best approach for you. Not only do we make thoughtfully-designed websites, we constantly work to improve them. Our team regularly completes usability testing on your site in order to see how easily users navigate and convert on the site, and also to see where they encounter problems or experience confusion. This helps us deliver the highest quality and professional code for the best user experience.

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