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SERP & SEO: How to Rank Your Site in The TOP 10 of Google [VIDEO]

The SERP is your SEO opportunity to show the user that your site has value to offer them through an engaging title and inviting page description.


On-SERP SEO isn’t a new concept. Ten years ago, when Google was primarily 10 blue links, it made sense to focus on being #1. But today, with continuing changes and additions, the classic organic blue links are becoming less prominent.

Organic search results are often bumped low behind paid ads, knowledge panels, media elements, maps, videos, featured snippets, and the like.


The phenomenon of so-called “position zero” elements is now dominating Google’s “above the fold” sending organic Position 1 down and closer to the Page 2 grave.



As Google SERPs become richer and more interactive, you need your brand to be out there, everywhere, every time a user types in a relevant query.



What is on-SERP SEO and How to Win With it

It is an integrated strategy of fully optimizing the entire Page 1 of a search engine to maximize the visibility of your brand.

Combining SERP features will give you maximum exposure for your brand.




In addition, visibility might lead to better CTR (CTR stands for click-through rate: the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads per number of impressions).


On-SERP SEO is a tool you can use to battle the increase of so-called zero-click searches.



How to start with on-SERP SEO

The process of on-SERP SEO consists of several parts.

First, you need to find out how you are doing. Where are people coming from? How are they finding you? What’s the CTR for your main keyphrases? Plus, how are all these numbers trending?

When you’ve painted a picture of your situation, you start looking at the SERPs and try to find opportunities to stand out.

There are several ways to increase your site’s visibility in search. Let’s go over a couple of ones.

  • –   Improve search intent-based content
  • –   Improve your keyphrase-based work
  • –   Research featured snippets
  • –   Enhance visual and video search
  • –   Manage your social media
  • –   Manage your social media
  • –   Improve your local listing
  • –   Take out ads for your brand

Each Google SERP is unique and requires an original approach to try and get as much exposure for your brand as possible.

Overall, on-SERP SEO represents both a challenge and added potential—including the potential to boost content quality, brand reputation, loyalty, engagement, and more.

That is to say, now it is your turn to take over a few Page 1 elements and win back important presence in the SERPs.



Want to start optimizing today?

While on-SERP SEO is a hot topic nowadays, we decided to bring you a webinar about SERP basics and how to start optimizing your store right now.


Even if you missed the webinar, you still have the opportunity to check out the basic steps required to rank in Google TOP 10.


Topic: “SERP & SEO: How to Rank Your Site in The TOP 10 of Google”.


Questions covered in the webinar:

  • Understand the Modern SERPs & why there’s more to Ranking #1
  • Understand the challenge and status quo of Page 1
  • Learn what is On-SERP SEO and how to increase CTR
  • Acquire a few actionable tactics to boost your search presence starting today


Watch the video below. 



Thanks for watching! We hope you will find this webinar recording useful and get something out of it for your business.




To sum up, the main reason for working on your on-SERP SEO is enhancing the visibility of your brand. Not everything is about traffic!


If you need a hand assessing your Magento store with on-SERP SEO, please contact us to start discussing your requirements. We’re always happy to help.



To get a free video review of your Magento store – click the button right now.





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