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Hyvä Themes: user guide for Magento 2 merchants

If you’re a Magento store owner seeking to enhance your store’s performance, the Hyva Themes could revolutionise the world of Magento web development for you.

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If you’re running a Magento 2 or Adobe Commerce store using themes like Luma, Porto, or Ultimo, meeting performance goals and staying competitive may be a challenge. The thought of migrating to platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce might have crossed your mind, but the costs and risks can be discouraging. Adding to the complexity is the evolving Magento landscape post-Adobe’s acquisition in 2018, making the decision even more overwhelming.

With a decade of e-commerce experience, our team has worked on numerous Magento-based web stores, addressing common tasks like performance enhancement, code flaw detection, and dependency reduction.

Recently, we’ve seen a rising demand to build new web stores or migrate existing ones to the Hyva Magento theme. In the upcoming discussion, we’ll explore the Magento 2 Hyvä Themes to evaluate its innovative impact on Magento development.

You might be acquainted with it but uncertain about its suitability. Let’s delve deeper to determine if it fits your needs.

Introduction: essentiality of Hyvä Themes creation

Creating a new Magento website requires selecting a theme. In our practices at MageCloud, we traditionally initiated projects with the Luma theme, the default option for Magento 2. However, we observed that projects relying on this theme occasionally faced sluggish performance. This was attributed to less-than-ideal architectural solutions and an excess of scripts, styles, and third-party integrations required for optimal customer UX.


Consequently, extended page loading times and the management of multiple libraries, like Knockout or RequireJS, escalated development complexities, resulting in a final project that was inflexible and challenging to scale.


Acknowledging the unsustainable nature of this, a group of forward-thinking individuals from Western Europe, well-versed in Magento and focused on simplifying development, introduced the Hyva theme for Magento 2 in 2021.

What is the Hyvä?

What is the meaning of "Hyvä"?

The term “Hyvä” translates to “Good” in Finnish. It serves as inspiration for creating well-crafted front-end projects. The founder of Hyva emphasizes the development of a straightforward, user-friendly theme, ideal for websites or projects seeking a contemporary aesthetic and a superior user experience.

How can I correctly pronounce "Hyvä"?

In IPA phonetic transcription, “Hyvä” is written as [ˈhyʋæ]. For English speakers, the pronunciation is commonly rendered as “hyu-vah” or “hoo-vuh.”

Hyva Themes emerges as an innovative front-end solution tailored for Magento-based websites. Crafted with optimization in mind, its creators aimed to simplify the development process while maintaining a focus on quality. The core principles guiding Hyva’s development are simplicity, quality, performance, and an enjoyable development experience.



What sets Hyva apart is its revolutionary approach to Magento development, constructing themes from scratch by removing unnecessary elements like layout.xml, phtml files, and JavaScripts such as Knockout, Require, and jQuery. This strategic initiative aims to eliminate third-party libraries, provide a streamlined theme for optimal performance, and address render-blocking issues during optimization.



Hyva utilizes ViewModels, Tailwind CSS, and AlpineJs V2 in their construction. By leveraging Inline Tailwind CSS and inline Alpinejs, they effectively overcome render-blocking challenges, contributing to improved PageSpeed Insights scores. This achievement is made possible by directly incorporating Alpinejs into the phtml file and adding Tailwind CSS as inline styles to the elements.

Discover the full spectrum of Hyva's offerings

Hyva encompasses not only Hyva Themes but also introduces Hyva Checkout, Hyva Enterprise, and Hyva UI, forming a dynamic and engaged ecosystem. This inclusive community comprises 3600+ developers and 600+ agencies dedicated to continuously enhancing Hyva.

Technical Variants of Hyva:

  1. Hyva Themes: A revolutionary, high-speed, out-of-the-box front-end solution tailored for Magento. Priced at €1,000, billed once, this license permits theme application for one Magento 2 installation with limitless domains and views. It includes access to the Hyva code and compatible third-party modules, along with a complimentary HyvaUI.

  2. Hyva Checkout: An advanced checkout solution engineered for Magento stores, promising a faster, more intuitive, and seamless checkout experience. Boasting a mobile speed 13 times faster than standard Magento checkout, it significantly enhances conversion rates and overall sales. Priced at €1,000 for five years (or €250 yearly from the second year onward), this solution allows installation exclusively to the checkout of your Magento-based website. A prerequisite is the purchase of the Hyva Themes license.

  3. Hyva Enterprise: Elevating the performance and flexibility of Hyva Themes to an enterprise level, Hyva Enterprise seamlessly integrates with Adobe Commerce’s B2B features and Adobe Sensei services. Tailored for enterprises requiring advanced search, personalization, content staging, loyalty programs, and robust B2B capabilities. Geared towards premium users, this option costs €2,500 (€10,000 for five years instead of €12,500) and is compatible with all Adobe Commerce features, including the B2B Suite and Adobe Sensei. It requires the purchase of both the Adobe Commerce version and the Hyva Themes license.

  4. Hyvä UI: Featuring sleek and user-friendly elements that expedite the web development process, Hyva UI Components contribute to a 50–60% reduction in development time. Integrating fully functional components, such as menus and footers, takes just minutes. Hyva Themes include UI Components at no additional cost, providing a Figma file for designers to use as a foundation for new store designs. Explore the demo store showcasing Hyva UI Components.

Currently, Hyva is gaining significant traction in Western European countries, with expectations of expanding their presence among Magento-powered websites in the United States soon.

Hyva Themes: usage statistics

Introduced in 2019, Hyva continues to establish itself as an emerging technology with a global footprint. Renowned for its notable advantages and its effective resolution of issues associated with Luma, Hyva has undeniably made a significant impact on the landscape of software development.

Hyva Themes has experienced remarkable growth and adoption across various metrics, showcasing its expanding influence in the eCommerce landscape. According to BuiltWith data as of April 2023, there are now 3,082 live stores powered by Hyva Themes, a substantial increase from 1,000 the previous year.

The global reach of Hyva is evident in its user base across 72 countries, with significant adoption in countries like the Netherlands, the United States, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom. This widespread adoption extends across industries and store sizes, with notable brands such as Dunkin’, Volkswagen, and Citizen Watch leveraging Hyvä for their eCommerce platforms.



Remarkably, Hyva has ascended to the 31st position among global eCommerce technologies on the top 1 million eCommerce stores, surpassing well-known platforms like Lightspeed, Drupal Commerce, and Oracle Commerce.

Hyva’s popularity is substantiated by impressive traffic figures and showing a consistent upward trend. Additionally, Hyva Magento themes have permeated various sectors, including:

  • Ecommerce businesses,
  • Corporate websites,
  • Culture and society sites,
  • Entertainment websites,
  • Health and wellness sites,
  • Lifestyle sites, and more.

Industry experts anticipate a continued surge in the adoption of Hyva, given the current positive feedback from users who attest to the solution’s effectiveness and improvements in their websites’ performance and conversion rates.

Why choose Hyva for your Magento 2 store?

Currently, live websites are harnessing the capabilities of Hyva Themes to optimize performance and elevate the user experience.

Speed and Performance:

  • Hyva guarantees rapid web browsing, loading in just 2 seconds, enhancing SEO and user experience.
  • Swift page loading establishes positive first impressions, reduces bounce rates, and boosts engagement and conversion rates.
  • Mobile-friendly design ensures seamless experiences, contributing to overall user satisfaction.
Mobile Responsiveness:
  • Hyva’s modern, mobile-prioritized design captivates a broader audience and drives conversions.
  • Ensures positive user experiences, leading to improved navigation, higher conversion rates, and enhanced SEO performance.
User-Friendly Design:
  • Renowned for its intuitive page builder, seamless navigation, and Hyva Widgets for easy content management.
  • Elevates user engagement, reduces bounce rates, and positively impacts SEO through a user-friendly interface.
Customization Options:
  • Empowers store owners with adaptability, versatility, and personalized storefronts.
  • Compatible with third-party extensions, offering logo and menu customization, and featuring a drag-and-drop layout builder.
  • Prioritizes responsiveness, compatibility with multiple devices, fast loading times, and readability for improved SEO.
  • Aligns with Core Web Vitals and Google’s mobile-first indexing approach, enhancing search engine rankings.
  • Emphasizes website security through regular updates, a security-focused design, and support for secure payment gateways.
  • Includes SSL encryption, PCI compliance, and protection against common security threats.
→  Developer Excellent Experience:
  • Adheres to a familiar Magento structure, streamlines dependencies, and fosters a supportive community for efficient development.
  • Reduces development time, making it a preferred choice for Adobe Commerce developers.
→  Community and Support:
  • Provides access to the vibrant Hyva community for collaboration, innovation, and support.
  • Offers constant updates, addressing historical challenges, and rejuvenating the Magento development community.

→  Cost-Effective Solution:

  • Despite a one-time cost of 1000 Euros, the Hyva proves cost-effective through significant time savings, long-term value, and a competitive advantage.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and ensures scalability, contributing to overall cost-effectiveness.
→  Future-Proofing:
  • Designed with a modular and scalable architecture, ensuring easy updates and expansions.
  • Active community collaboration, adherence to best practices, responsive design, and regular updates contribute to long-term relevance.

Choose Hyva for a performance-driven, user-friendly, and future-proof Magento store experience.

Hyva Themes vs Alternatives

1. Hyva vs. Luma

Developers highlight two key drawbacks of the Luma theme that Hyva aims to address:

→  Luma is “heavy.”  The use of various tools and libraries, including Knockout, jQuery, and RequireJS, slows down Luma-based websites, impacting SEO optimization and lowering Google rankings.

→  Luma is complicated. Luma poses challenges for developers in terms of customization and edits to default files. In contrast, Hyva is designed to accelerate both the development process and the final product, providing a more user-friendly and efficient solution.

Design and customization:

→ Hyva: Excels in page loading speed, enhancing user experience and SEO rankings.


→  Luma: Optimized for performance but may not match Hyva’s speed, making it less favorable for critical loading speed requirements.

Mobile responsiveness:

→  Hyva: Highly mobile-friendly, ensuring optimal functionality across various devices.

→  Luma:
 Also mobile-responsive, adapting to different screen sizes, with Hyva potentially having an edge in mobile optimisation.

Community support:

→  Hyva: Growing community for support and idea exchange.

→  Luma: Established within Magento, benefiting from a larger user base, potentially offering quicker issue resolution and more resources.

Additional features:

→  Hyva: Offers multi-language and multi-currency support, a blog module, and features enhancing user experience and market reach.

→  Luma: Features a user-friendly checkout process and access to a vast library of Magento extensions and plugins.

2. Hyva vs. PWA

Hyva is positioned as an alternative to headless PWA, offering a different approach to e-commerce systems development.

Choice between Hyva and PWA:

Hyva. Simplifies Magento frontend development, prioritises performance, and reduces complexity for a faster website and clean design.

→  PWA. Offers a comprehensive approach to web development with exceptional user experiences, offline functionality, and cross-platform compatibility.

Decision factors:

– Align your choice with specific goals, budget, and technical capabilities.

– Some businesses may find value in combining both, using the Hyva within a PWA framework for the best of both worlds.

Is Hyva Themes the right choice for your business?

Contemplating the Hyva? Here are five key indicators that suggest Hyvä might be the ideal fit for your store:

  1. Magento Environment: You’re currently using Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce with themes like Luma or Porto.

2. Theme Optimization Challenges: Your existing theme is burdened with unnecessary Javascript and CSS, posing hurdles for effective optimization.

3. New Store Launch: You’re in the process of launching a new Magento store and find headless or PWA themes either unsuitable or beyond budget constraints.

4. Exploring Options without Immediate Migration: Considering a shift from Magento to another platform but not ready for a major transition. Simultaneously, you aim to revitalize your store for enhanced competition and improved user experience.

5. Staying with Magento 2 or Adobe Commerce: Content with Magento 2 or Adobe Commerce but not yet prepared to transition to Adobe’s headless/PWA platform.

Adobe Commerce B2B and Hyvä

Thinking about implementing Hyvä for an Adobe Commerce B2B store? Exciting news awaits! Hyvä revealed in August 2023 that Hyvä Enterprise is under development, set to include B2B features and Adobe Sensei support.


After the successful Early Access launch of Hyvä Enterprise in October, which initially supported Hyva Themes, Hyva unveiled the first release of Hyvä Enterprise supporting Hyva Checkout in Jan 2024.


Hyvä Enterprise is a product solution designed to seamlessly integrate with Adobe Commerce, B2B functionalities, and Sensei features such as Live Search and Product Recommendations.

Hyva Themes: licensing and support costs

Navigating the realm of Hyva involves delving into its licensing costs, ensuring clarity for prospective users. As of the latest information, the costs associated with Hyva Theme and Hyva.

Checkout are outlined below:

Hyva Themes: €1,000/domain It’s noteworthy that, at present, there are no subscription fees for the Hyva Theme. However, it’s prudent to be aware that this may undergo changes in the near future.

Hyva Checkout: €500/domain (Post early access: €1,000) Hyva Checkout, with its early access pricing at €500/domain, will see an increase to €1,000 after the early access period concludes.

Support and Update Plan: To complement your Hyva experience, opting for a “Support and Update” plan is imperative. The available options include:

  • €250/year
  • €1,000 one-time fee for a comprehensive 5-year package of support and updates.

Hyva Enterprise (Upcoming): €2,500/year per Magento installation (Unlimited store views and domains) Anticipate the arrival of Hyva Enterprise, a robust offering set to be priced at €2,500/year per Magento installation, boasting unlimited store views and domains.

Understanding these costs is crucial for making informed decisions when incorporating Hyva Theme into your Magento 2 store. Stay abreast of potential changes and leverage the available support plans to ensure a seamless and well-supported integration of the Hyva experience into your e-commerce venture.

Hyva development by MageCloud

The MageCloud Magento 2 developers express their enthusiasm for working with the Hyva Magento 2 theme, praising its clarity, user-friendly interface, time-saving capabilities, and substantial value it brings to eCommerce businesses.

Our experienced ecommerce development team at MageCloud offers a range of Hyva Theme services:


  • Hyva Theme Installation and Configuration: Achieve optimal performance by seamlessly incorporating the Hyva into your Magento 2 store.
  • Custom Hyva Development: Craft a Hyva theme-based interface tailored to your brand’s identity and business strategy.
  • Migrating Existing Solutions to Hyva: Enhance UX characteristics and backend functioning by migrating your current solution to the Hyva Themes.
  • Overall Website Performance Optimization: Leverage the benefits of the Hyva theme to improve your e-commerce website’s speed and responsiveness.
  • Extension Compatibility Testing: Ensure compatibility of extensions with Hyva themes, with our experts providing equivalent solutions if needed.
  • Managed Hyva Theme Support & Maintenance: Receive professional tech support and maintenance for a smoothly functioning, error-free e-commerce website.
  • Hyva Theme Training and Consulting: Empower your web store admins with necessary knowledge and practical insights to maximize the Hyva functionality and performance.

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In essence, the Hyva Themes for Magento 2 is a game-changer for ecommerce sellers, keeping visitors engaged for over 10 minutes on average.

Whether you’re new to web development or an experienced seller, Hyva offers a compelling choice with community support, simplified development, and top-notch performance. For those seeking to make a significant impact on their online store, exploring the possibilities of the Hyva theme could be the key to success.

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