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We provide full-stack Wordpress & WooCommerce developers in Cologne. Our WordPress & WooCommerce agency support clients around Cologne and surrounding areas

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    • UPWork
    • Adobe
    • Shopify
    • Ans
    • Google Cloud
    • Amazon

    Real People, Real Results

    We create clean, modern & responsive websites that look good, load quickly and most importantly, deliver ROI for our clients.

    Dedicated Magento development team

    About MageCloud

    MageCloud is a full-service WooCommerce agency. We have developed and scaled eCommerce businesses for over 10 years. Our customers span a diverse range of industries and typically operate in highly competitive markets. Our tight-knit team of 50+ designers, coders and digital marketers conceives and delivers high-quality digital solutions and support to our clients worldwide.

    Our Story

    Established in 2014, our WordPress agency has become a certified partner with leading technology providers, including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Magento, and Shopify.

    Our key areas of ecommerce expertise include end-to-end development, consulting, optimisation, integration, re-platforming, design, digital marketing with support for the following technologies:

    • ∘ Adobe Commerce (Magento)
    • ∘ Shopify / Shopify Plus
    • ∘ WordPress / WooCommerce

    Dedicated Magento development team
    Founder and CEO of MageCloud

    Meet Our Founder

    Paul Ryazanov is a highly experienced ecommerce business analyst, consultant and public speaker with 14 years of hands-on experience working with clients in multiple industries and verticals.

    He has spoken at numerous conferences and events including ConversionConference, PubCon, CloudCon and SFIMA-PubCon.

    Our Services

    At our ecommerce agency, we have an in-house team of certified specialists. Each has the skills and experience to offer a holistic blend of services, tailored to your organisation’s needs to ensure we deliver web stores that load quickly and are optimised for marketing and conversion.

    MageCloud Development Services

    Welcome to MageCloud – where Cologne business owners and tech-savvy website designers, merge! If you desire or require a team of highly-skilled website designers to help your online venture generate its maximized ROI, an eye-catching, interactive website can make it happen. As the adage goes: You never get a 2nd chance to make a great 1st impression. Our website designers will make sure your website delivers a dynamic 1st impression with every new visitor, every time! An attention-grabbing website acts as a digital 'business card' for your Cologne organization. It can serve as your permanent advertisement for your bakery, your animal rescue league, your car-repair shop, or your boutique. It can, also, help you gain a competitive edge over your competition. Whatever your mission might be, our website design and development experts can bring your mission to fruition! Be aware: Within seconds, a frustrated website viewer will abandon a site if it proves to be boring, difficult to navigate, or outdated in any way. MageCloud experts can craft a website design that will grab your visitors attention as well as inspire them, engage them, convert them, and keep them coming back for more!

    Back-end Development

    Through the use of back-end development, we are able to assist clients manage their wordpress stores through a myriad of ways. We make sure our customers can manage any physical inventory they might have across multiple warehouses. We track the movement of the inventory from location to location. We also give our clients the ability to segment the price creation process into three basic elements: defining pricing rules, assigning rules to create specific pricing actions, and designating pricing controls. Lastly, make sure our clients have the ability to create multiple stores, with each store accessible on different URLs, though they all remain under the same installation using a shared shopping cart which uses the same backend. This makes all aspects of administration easy to use and manage.



    Front-end Development

    This is what your customers see when they’re on your wordpress site. Every page should be both beautiful and functional, no matter how your customers are accessing your site from. Our team can design mobile-friendly sites that are specifically built for cell phones. We also integrate third party widgets and extensions and offer advanced front-end customization to all of our clients.


    Platform Integrations

    MageCloud is a full-service digital agency with headquarters and development center in Ukraine and branch offices in the USA and the UK, including Cologne. We pride ourselves on being experts in one of the industry leading eCommerce platforms - wordpress Commerce. Our team possesses core expertise in wordpress Community and Enterprise editions and we are proud to be wordpress certified. Moreover, with experts in Strategy, UX, Marketing and Digital wordpress, you’ll have more than just developers at your disposal. From setting up new wordpress 2 websites, to migrating older installations to the latest version – take advantage of MageCloud skilled wordpress development team to take your website idea from start to finish.


    Plugin Development

    If your business, organization, or group has never had a website, there are so many exciting things our website design and development team can share with you. Feel free to give MageCloud a quick, no-obligation call to gather some preliminary information. We guarantee you will feel inspired! Including a website for your Cologne business could be compared to the goose that lays the golden eggs – it would generate financial gains you would never have anticipated! A gorgeous website makes any online site look polished and professional. You, instantly, gain a psychological edge over your competition and visitors will 'drop by' just to see what you have to offer. Websites allow sales to continue, unabated, 24 hours a day – while Cologne entrepreneurs sleep, sales transactions on their websites stay active. Our website designs can include shopping cart options, third-party portals such as PayPal and others, as well as a host of transformational technologies that turn heads and turn leads into cash-flow!