Successful migration to Shopify Plus and ongoing maintenance of a medical web store

Medical Supply Depot

SINCE 2022


Industry: Medical care tools and equipment

Medical Supply Depot is a US-based e-commerce provider of durable medical equipment and disposable home health care supplies at discounted prices. 


Project manager, two Shopify developers


100K Monthly Visits


Shopify, Klevu, Seal Subscriptions

About the client

Medical Supply Depot is a full-line, full-service distributor of medical supplies and equipment. It was established in 2005 by Meir Tsinman. In his work as a volunteer EMT service after the 9/11 tragedy, he soon noticed that if patients had appropriate medical supplies, they could avoid overweighing emergency services with excess emergency calls. 

The company took that niche and quickly grew to serve tens of thousands of people, won prestigious awards, and was featured in industry publications.

In December 2018, Medical Supply Depot increased its scope and service when it was acquired by TwinMed, LLC. TwinMed is one of the largest full-line medical supplies manufacturers and distributors in the United States focused on the post-acute care market, with 12 or 14 warehouses and over 500 employees.

Behind the scenes

The Medical Supply Depot website went through multiple variations over the years. The most recent round of changes was done in 2011 and it was already well overdue to redo the website. Medical Supply Depot decided to update their store and were trying to migrate their shop from the NetSuite platform to Magento Enterprise Cloud.

They had been working with a local agency for about two years, who ultimately failed to complete the project. They never ended up going live with the Magento website because it was never finished. 

Correspondingly, the client left Magento and started looking for a new more competent agency with a more effective solution. The choice was between Bigcommerce and Shopify. Since the client intended to use our Magecloud team, which doesn’t work with BigCommerce for now, he decided to go with Shopify.

In January 2022, Medical Supply Depot started working with Magecloud. 

Why the client chose us

It’s interesting, the encounter started long before we started to work with them. Magecloud was recommended to the client by one of his technology partners somewhere around 2018 when he was looking for a Magento developer.

And it’s interesting because I didn’t realize that until later on, after I really spoke to Paul about it, that we communicated years earlier. And then, afterwards, Magecloud was recommended by another third-party agency as well as one of the employees of TwinMed, our parent company. 

So that’s how the whole thing came about. I said, okay, fine. I have all these recommendations from years ago, from current and I just felt it would be a good match. And I’m happy I did because it definitely was a good match.

Meir Tsinman

VICE PRESIDENT, Medical Supply Depot, TwinMed, LLC

Work process and solutions

After an initial scoping call and some discovery work, we were able to define a prioritized roadmap for the completion of the tasks within the required budget and timescales.

I like Magecloud for the quality of work, but more importantly for their honesty and responsiveness, which is important. I feel that Magecloud cares about the success of the project and treats every client as an individual person.

I’ve worked with many companies in the past and unfortunately today there are only a few companies out there where you can actually talk to somebody. So that’s really important for me. And that’s really important for anybody.

Meir Tsinman

VICE PRESIDENT, Medical Supply Depot, TwinMed, LLC

A. New design implementation

We implemented the design provided by the client with a few changes here and there.  It’s the first website redesign since 2011.

The new website is more tablet and mobile-friendly, and much easier to navigate. The Medical Supply Depot website is well-curated and the products are nicely listed under specific categories. In addition to upgraded product images and descriptions, the website offers an easy check-out process.

The good thing about having the website well organized is the fact that it becomes exceedingly convenient and easy to look for something, thereby saving both time and effort.

B. Auto reorder feature

The client had a kind of reorder feature on the old NetSuite website. After speaking to our team, he decided to go with a third-party solution called Seal Subscriptions for the Auto-reorder feature on the new Shopify-based website. Our Shopify developers customized the app to the look and feel of what the client wanted the website to function like.

The new Auto-Reorder tool lets customers set up their orders ahead of time, thus they’ll never be without the items they need every day.

The client wanted to offer a great search experience and relevant recommendations to website visitors on search, based on AI. The old site had a solution called UNBXD which worked well; but this time, the Klevu on-site solution for Shopify was chosen, then configured and customized by our team to match the website look and feel.


The old site wasn’t efficient on the mobile, because, as mentioned before, the last update to the site was done back in 2011, when that site was designed mobile wasn’t as prevalent. Due to the new responsive mobile version of the website, we find most of our customers today come via mobile. 

We got a beautiful site. We got beautiful results. The experience was excellent. I’ve recommended Magecloud several times. It’s just a well-good-run company, there’s always somebody to talk to; there’s somebody who gets the job done. Once I found a little bug that was kind of urgent. It was over a Holiday weekend. No problem. It was taken care of. I mean really, A-1 service.

Meir Tsinman

VICE PRESIDENT, Medical Supply Depot, TwinMed, LLC

Now the client sees better conversions and solid revenue pick-up coming on mobile and overall the site is performing better than it did with the old website.

Beyond the development

Right from the start, our relationship with Medical Supply Depot, as with each and every client, actually, it was always more than just “develop me what I need”. The client turns to us for consultancy support. 

Since this project is still in progress, we’re providing ongoing maintenance on the website from time to time to tighten up the code, make speed optimizations, and do A/B testing to improve the conversion rates and revenues to the maximum extent possible. 

Even in the midst of the Ukrainian war, the team only took off one week and kept working diligently to get this project done.  It was done within 7 weeks!  WOW!

Meir Tsinman

VICE PRESIDENT, Medical Supply Depot, TwinMed, LLC

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