Maintenance and scaling of a Magento 2 health store


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Industry: Health & Personal Care

Based in Canada, Vitamart is an online store selling health products such as vitamins and sports supplements. The company’s mission is to help clients achieve their wellness and health goals by supplying them with the highest quality products at fair prices.


Vitamart Canada


Project manager, 2 Magento certified developers


210K Monthly Visits


Magento, BoostMyShop Embedded ERP, Klaviyo, Canada Post


The client’s shop was working on the X-Cart framework. It didn’t work correctly, and it was impossible to scale the business with this solution. Vitamart had increased the number of warehouses around the country, and they were going to launch the loyalty program. The challenge came from migrating all their current products, categories, customers, historical transactions, static pages, and content.

We planned this very carefully as we were aware: if it wouldn’t be done 100% correctly, then any SEO efforts made to this point would be depleted, and we would be starting from scratch.

Why client chose us

After many years of unsuccessful work with local companies, the client posted a job on Upwork. MageCloud turned out to be the only company offering to arrange a call and discuss everything before creating any estimates.

After a disappointing number of years of working unsuccessfully with local e-commerce agencies, the Vitamart team posted a job on Upwork. Magecloud was shortlisted; after that, we turned out to be the only company that offered to arrange a call and discuss the project in detail before creating any estimates.

The rest of the companies were doing offers and waiting for my answers to offers. MageCloud just suggested having a call. We talked to Magecloud CEO, Paul, and I immediately liked his honesty and openness. Anyway, it’s better to talk than to read all those offers.

Mark Holowaychuk



A. Magento 2 migration

The first step in any platform migration is to get the data correctly ported over. We used our technical partners Cart2Cart who specialise in shopping cart data migration. Next, we installed the Boostmyshop ERP module (which allows Magento to manage the different warehouses centrally) and extended its functionality to meet Vitamart requirements.

The migration to Magento 2 allowed us to create a mobile version of the store.
As a result, the client’s website started to acquire mobile users. Currently, half of the store’s traffic (55%) comes from mobile.

B. Warehouse logistics

Each of the Vitamart warehouses in the network has its team. We created the functionality that divides the orders between warehouses and prepares separate delivery if it’s needed.

In addition, we have made an integration with the Canada Post service to store tracking numbers in the Magento system and display each available CP delivery method in the store checkout.

C. Inventory management

As some products are perishable and have expiry dates, we were required to show them to the user and allow a warehouse team to monitor them conveniently.

The new ERP allowed Vitamart to work with a broader range of suppliers. With the ability to review stock history reports, warehouse teams can define the number of necessary items, order them at any given time, and easily track these orders.

Moreover, we added the functionality for admins to create custom reports based on their needs. The reports show inventory movements at each of the warehouses by categories or by custom periods.

D. Checkout and Delivery

Vitamart has several warehouses, so we’ve built a custom checkout to optimise the work order process and the customers’ experience.

Here’s how the checkout works.

  • It checks which warehouse (according to the user’s location) contains the necessary goods.
  • If selected goods are distributed among the few warehouses, the system makes separate deliveries. The changing of the total amount and the delivery options is visible to the user instantly.
  • It synchronises the order with the ERP system and the necessary warehouses.

E. Marketing and SEO-optimization

Magecloud was tasked to help Vitamart with its SEO and marketing efforts. As part of our campaign, we implemented Klaviyo to harness the power of email marketing. As well as a host of other features, Klaviyo allows for deeper segmentation and targeting. We developed additional features for Klaviyo to extend the marketing campaign effectiveness further.

By working with our “month-by-month” methodology focusing on SEO and conversion optimisation, we have increased important metrics for Vitamart, such as Average Order Value, Reduced Cart Abandonment, Average Session Duration. Besides, we doubled up the total conversion rate of the store.


average order


Average Session Duration


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