Magento 2 Upgrade in 3 Easy Steps

July 07, 2019

Magento has officially announced that they will continue Magento 1 support until June 2020. Now for every Magento store, it is essential to upgrade to Magento 2 version to continue Online store. Magento 2 has improved a lot in functionality that will help to improve the user interface, faster loading time, shopper experience and many more. However, changing your Magento store is complicated. You need a guarantee ensuring that your store can work normally after being upgraded. The easiest and safest way is that using LitExtension Tool. It can help you perform Magento 2 upgrade in only 3 simple steps.

Advantages of using LitExtension Tool for Magento 2 Upgrade

Firstly, here are the advantages you must know if you want to use this tool to upgrade to Magento 2:

  • Friendly: The tool is designed for any users without technical skills required. You can use it easily by following very clear tutorials provided.
  • No maintenance mode requirement: You can upgrade your store without putting in a maintenance mode. It means that your store can work normally. Customers can visit your site, purchase, and register a new account during the upgrade process.
  • High level of accuracy: Transfer all data accurately without any interruption. Your entities will be displayed correspondingly on the new store.
  • High security: All private information is protected under LitExtension’s GDPR Compliance.
  • Highly level of automation: The preparation and cart setup step are very simple. You just need to provide some necessary information, such as Cart URLs only. Then the rest of the process will run automatically.
  • Free demo: You can try the demo many times for free to test the upgrade before performing official migration to ensure that your data can be preserved perfectly.
  • Low cost: The cost is reasonable and competitive.
  • Quick support: The support is available when you need it. The dedicated team will handle your issue as fast as possible.
  • Many benefits offered: Litextension always tries to reduce the cost for users, gives many free additional options, free re-migration, free recent migration, etc.

You also can read more information at Why should you upgrade to the latest Magento version?

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