Black Friday & Cyber Monday SALE: The Best Magento Deals

November 19, 2020

Black Friday 😎  is the most popular shopping day of Thanksgiving Weekend. Consumers have many different ways to shop, both in-store and online, however, online sales have drastically increased over the past few years and especially in COVID times compared to in-store sales. With that said, is your Magento store ready for Black Friday?


Getting your site ready for Black Friday is crucial if you want to be profitable during this time. It’s crucial to have your website and server ready for the increase in traffic on Black Friday. Unless it’s not ready, MageCloud is here for you to help.


But it’s also a high time to save, cause the discounts and deals on a range of Magento products/solutions related may bring you significant SAVINGS.


Below you can find a list of great bargains on industry-leading products/services for your Magento online stores!








Discount: up to 25% OFF
Coupon Code:
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Applicable For: Special Offers  
Valid: till NOV 5, 2020

Discount: 40% OFF for 4 months
Coupon Code: BFCM2020
Applicable For: first 4 invoices
Valid: NOV 23  DEC 2, 2020

Discount: Secret gifts 
How to get: sign up to receive secret gifts
Applicable For: special offers
Valid: NOV 26, 2020




Discount: 15% OFF
Coupon Code: e-black
Applicable For: any Magento 2 extensions
Valid: no info

Discount: 10%OFF
Coupon Code: MAGE20
Applicable For: All products and solutions
Valid: till NOV 30, 2020

Discount: up to 10% OFF
Coupon Code: prices are already discounted
Applicable For: all Magento 2 extensions
Valid: NOV 1 – NOV 30, 2020

Not relevant




Discount: 20% OFF
Coupon Code: BLCMES20
Applicable For: every plugin/extension
Valid: till DEC 5, 2020

Discount: up to 30% OFF*
Coupon Code: FRIDAY25 , FRIDAY30 
Applicable For: Magento extensions/packages
Valid: NOV 18 – NOV 29, 2020



Discount: up 50-75% OFF**
Coupon Code: GETREADY, JOY21
Applicable For: First 4 months
Valid: NOV 27 – DEC 18, 2020



  • ** GETREADY for 50% OFF, JOY21 for 75% OFF
    more info here



That’s all for now! We hope you will find this list of special offers useful. We will try to keep it up to date. Have we missed out on any Magento Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal(s)? Please, let us know and we add it to the list.




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